on the old layout Google Maps there was an option to remove the "labels" overlay so in satellite watch you would just see the map.

In the new version the Maps ns can"t it seems to be ~ to uncover out exactly how to remove this layer.

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Click the "hamburger" symbol on the optimal left corner:Click Satellite (the 2nd item that the menu) to rotate Sattellite mode on if it"s not on yet;Click brand on under Sattellite. It alters to Labels turn off afterwards;Enjoy!


Click the menu symbol on the peak left corner;Turn on earth mode (first item of the menu) if it"s not on;Click on labels on. It alters to Labels off afterwardsEnjoy!



Complaints about the lack of together a function (I think maybe on "Earth" check out rater than satellite) are current so i think over there is, as yet, no simple method to eliminate the labels. However there is this advice from man Mee June 24 (presumably 2014):


a) fight the "?" top top the new maps and also select "return to the old google maps". ~ above the old maps in the "map/traffic" widget at the optimal right of web page you can uncheck "labels". In the left sidebar click "get it now" to go back to the new google maps (or "dismiss" the "remember I want old maps" notification and close/reopen the browser.


b) download Google Earth and also turn off every the "Layers"

I"ve no tested this but it seems to have been upvoted an ext than downvoted.

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Stylized Google Maps

You have the right to use the Google Maps Styled Map sorcerer’s which allows to eliminate labels and do other sorts that personalizations (Roads, Landmarks, color Styles, elements coloring and fill, etc):


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In planet view ~ above the new Google Maps, if friend hit the setups cogwheel in ~ the bottom right-hand corner (between the ? and also the Street see Pegman), the alternative to toggle brand is currently available.

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