With Amazon being among the many used virtual shopping apps, you have the right to quickly accomplish privacy through learning how to hide assignment on Amazon. This is a critical account feature that every user must learn and also take advantage of for a simplified shopping experience and also for surprise gifts. Below are basic tips on just how to hide orders on Amazon in 2021.


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Can you hide Amazon order from her family?

The answer is correct! The platform permits its users to hide any type of item that they are no much longer interested in referencing during their virtual shopping experience.

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Furthermore, some reserved items can be fairly embarrassing. Girlfriend no longer have actually to concern every time your significant other supplies the joint account in fear of lock finding something mystery that friend bought. The hide option is qualified of removing particular items from prompt view, for this reason keeping it your secret.

So, just how do i hide an stimulate on Amazon? The procedure on exactly how to hide orders on Amazon is simple. One of the methods to hide her purchases from your family is v an Amazon family members Account. However, this choice is easily accessible only because that Prime members. The will provide an opportunity to save your acquisition history, recommendations, and lists private.


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These choices include archiving orders, regulating browsing background and recommendations, an altering your shipping address, and using an Amazon Locker for delivery. You just need to archive your orders. Archiving an stimulate is the easiest means and just takes seconds to complete.

What does it median to archive an order on Amazon?

This method that you gain an opportunity to hide your find list native the default search history view. This avoids others from learning your online requests, which could end up spoiling the beautiful, to plan surprise. It additionally saves friend from embarrassment as soon as it entails an embarrassing product.

How come archive orders on Amazon

Go come Amazon.com and login. Photo: аmazon.com (modified by author)Source: UGCStep 2: Go to the "Returns & Orders" symbol that is situated at the top right side of the dashboard and also identify the particular searched item that you desire to hide.

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Click ~ above “Returns & Orders” and the "Archive order" tab. Photo: аmazon.com (modified by author)Source: UGCStep 3: Select the option "Archive order," and you space done.

The selected item will instantly be removed from the watch of your online shopping list. In various other words, the is eliminated from the default history.

Can friend archive Amazon orders native the app?

No, you cannot! however you can archive them from her phone. Follow the listed below steps:

Open the browser on her iPhone or Android phone and go come Amazon.Open the choices for your browser and select "Request desktop Site". The will aid you to fill Amazon together if you space on a desktop computer.Log in to her Amazon account.Locate the "Your Orders" section.Select "Archive order".

How to discover archived order on Amazon

The best component is that you deserve to still discover the same covert item whenever you desire to make an additional online purchase. This is by just typing the surname of the hidden item in the key search option.


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The other option for the town hall your surprise items is v the Account option:

Step 1: Click the "Account & Lists" option.
Go to “Account & Lists” and select “Archived Orders.” Photo: amazon.com (modified by author)Source: UGCStep 2: select the "Archived Orders" option.

How come restore surprise orders

You can likewise restore any type of hidden item for it to be obtainable in your default background search view. This is by simply choosing the "Unarchive Order" choice that is also obtainable under "Your Account." The purchase site has a digital document of every the transactions it provides with that is clients.

Note: The reality that you hide an item from her default background list does not necessarily median that you have actually deleted the background permanently from your Amazon search history.

How to hide orders on Amazon: extr options

Want come buy a surprised gift for her spouse, partner, or kids on Amazon? These attributes will assist you through this.

Is it feasible to delete order background Amazon?


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As an virtual shopping platform, all its digital transaction histories and records space easily available based ~ above the automated item search background provided by the find engines and applications.

Access to such details by either your family members members, spouses, or even intruders can spoil most surprises or reveal some secrets. If you want to know how to delete order history on Amazon, that is impossible. The Amazon delete order background option is not listed by the virtual shop.

Managing your browsing history

Despite the reality that the virtual shopping applications does not administer an incognito option, you have the right to still hide your find history. This is v a simplified 2-step history management process:

Step 1: click on your “Browsing History” from the menu.
Edit and manage your searching history. Photo: amazon.com (modified by author)Source: UGCStep 2: Select “Remove native view” for an item in the find history. If you want to delete the whole history, choose the option “Remove all items native view.”

Additionally, girlfriend can achieve this by turning off your browsing history. This is through accessing the choice “Manage Your searching History”.

Editing her recommendations

Amazon’s recommended List might spoil your surprised gift. Therefore if you want to exclude part purchases native being thought about in your recommendations, open up the "Improve your Recommendations: section. Uncover the article you want to delete and also select "I choose not to usage this because that recommendations" or "This was a gift."

Using an Amazon locker

You deserve to avoid spoiling your surprise gift and also receive her order through the help of one Amazon locker. Exactly how do you usage an Amazon locker? girlfriend can acquire your order shipped to your surrounding Amazon locker. When an object is delivered, you will get in your pickup code and also receive it.

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Turn off notifications for your Echo device

Turn turn off notifications for her Echo an equipment to make sure Alexa will not automatically announce delivery updates for her order native Amazon. Open the Alexa app, click on "Settings" and then choose "Notifications" come disable the feature.

Now friend know exactly how to hide assignment on Amazon. This feature provides users v joint account or individuals in publicly scenarios to attain privacy and also it is accessible on both desktops and mobile app platforms.

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