You have the right to have the most secure lockscreen in the world, but there’s always the opportunity that at some point, someone’s going to have actually your unlocked phone call in your hands. If and when the happens, wouldn’t it feel reassuring to know that your most sensitive apps are hidden from view?


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There space plenty of factors why you can be wondering how to hide apps on your Android phone. V mobile payments coming to be so popular, many world have sensitive financial data on their phones, available to anyone that gets previous the lockscreen.

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Parents generally use content-locking technology on your children"s devices, and hiding apps ~ above Android is a great way to keep youngsters from spring at things they shouldn’t. Or maybe you’d merely prefer for some points to stay private as soon as lending her phone come a girlfriend or family member.

In any case, you will do it be relieved to recognize that it’s an extremely much possible to hide apps on her Android phone. In this article, we display you a range of methods to conceal and disguise apps to protect against others indigenous accessing them.

Step-by-step instructions to hide apps ~ above Android

1. Use a third-party app

The simplest technique is to install a third-party application that’s been produced specifically because that this purpose. These “app-hider apps” can aid you change the names and icons for the apps on your screen, or hide your apps completely. Several of these mystery app hiders can even disguise themselves as another kind of inconspicuous app, favor a calculator or calendar.

Let’s take it a watch at two of the most popular options out there — and also as us do, mental to always practice responsible Android application safety as soon as installing third-party software. Launchers (which aid you personalize your phone) and also app hiders usually call for a many sensitive permissions on her device. Some may also be malware in disguise, so be mindful when choosing one.

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher, available in cost-free and payment versions, is a instead of home display for everyone looking to track up your user experience. We like that the doesn’t require root accessibility to your phone, so girlfriend don’t have actually to give the application full control over your device. After installation Nova and setup it together your default launcher, friend can edit the names and also icons of her apps in the application drawer so that they appear however friend like.

Swipe increase to open up your app drawer, long-press top top the app you desire to edit, then pick Edit.

Rename the app to anything friend like, then tap Done. Friend can additionally edit the application icon through tapping it.
The paid variation of Nova Launcher allows you come hide apps from your app drawer, though they’ll still it is in searchable if anyone to know what come look for.

App Hider

App Hider is another popular cost-free (and ad-supported) selection that, together the name implies, will assist you conceal your selected apps native view. Together a bonus, it likewise hides itself as a calculator. Anyone having actually a casual browse with your phone will certainly be far less most likely to doubt that you’ve engaged in any sleight of hand.

Install and open app Hider, climate tap the + symbol to choose an app you’d favor to hide.


For this fast example, we’ve liked to conceal Slack. Leave your work-related at work!


Once you’ve imported her selected application into application Hider, tap that in the app Hider food selection to one of two people hide the or operation multiple instances of it v the dual feature.

From the app Hider menu, girlfriend can additionally choose to conceal the application itself together a calculator.

You’ll be triggered to set a PIN. Once you get in this PIN into the Calculator+ app, it’ll open application Hider. Otherwise, it’ll behave together a fully functional calculator!

Looking ago at our app drawer, we check out that app Hider is gone, changed by the seemingly innocent Calculator+.

2. Create a guest account or use your phone’s exclusive mode

Rather than install a third-party application hider, you can go the stock Android route with a guest user account. The a bit much more cumbersome and also conspicuous, as it entails switching over to the guest account when sharing her phone, and so it’s most likely not the ideal option for ultra-secrecy — though for parents wishing come child-proof their phones or otherwise try to store their kids safe online, that an efficient solution.

The process may vary slightly depending upon your Android version and phone manufacturer, and it’s not easily accessible on every devices and also Android versions, particularly newer ones. Some phone manufacturers market their very own take top top this “borrow my phone” snoop-proofing.

Our Samsung Galaxy S7, to run Android 8.0 Oreo, provides something called Private Mode that lets you prevent unauthorized customers from viewing selected files and also content. Here’s how it works:

Swipe down to slide open up your notifications drawer, then tap the cog icon to open up your Settings.

Scroll down and also tap Lock screen and also security.

Scroll with the choices until you uncover Private mode, climate tap it.

Activate Private mode through the toggle in ~ the top-right.
Select an access mode for exclusive mode: pattern, PIN, password, or fingerprint.
After did you do it configured your desired access mode, you’ll have the ability to turn Private mode on or off together needed. Your preferred content will only be obtainable to individuals who have the right to activate personal mode. If you’re around to lend your phone to an untrusted party, simply toggle it ago off to safeguard your secrets.

3. Disable apps

Lots of phone call manufacturers and carriers “augment” Android v their own supporting apps, recognized affectionately as “bloatware.” If, like many Android users, you’d like to get these (often) unnecessary mechanism apps out of the way, you’ve got a couple choices ahead of friend — principally determined by even if it is or not you’re ready to root your phone.

Rooting, or “jailbreaking," is a procedure that enables you to download apps or make alters that would certainly otherwise it is in prevented by a manufacturer’s inbuilt limitations on the device. With this increased versatility comes better risk, as you can no much longer rely on her phone’s inherent security systems to protect versus unsafe apps and also malware.

Choosing come root her phone will also void your warranty and may additionally prevent friend from using internet banking and other gaue won apps choose Google Pay.

Non-rooted devices

If girlfriend don’t want to take the plunge into rooting your maker just yet, you deserve to still do something about apps you don’t desire to be seen. Countless system apps can’t be totally uninstalled without rooting your device, however you deserve to disable them. This will remove them from your home screen and additionally prevent lock from to run in the background. Sadly, they’ll still take up a little of warehouse space, yet it’s far better than nothing.

Disabled apps may still appear in your outcomes when searching for apps within her phone. Depending upon your device’s manufacturer, lock may additionally appear in ~ the list of apps in your Settings. Google Assistant may additionally be may be to open up disabled apps on some phones. Disabling an app is primarily about not having actually to look at it on her home display anymore.

To disable an app, first open her Settings menu by swiping down and tapping the cog icon.

Find the Apps menu and also tap it.
Once in the Apps menu, choose an app that you’d choose to disable. Because that this example, we’ve chosen Facebook. Madness the Disable button to disable it.
Confirm the you’d like to disable the app by tapping DISABLE.

If at any kind of time you’d choose to usage the app again, simply repeat the actions you simply followed, but choose Enable this time instead.


Rooted devices

With a rooted phone, you deserve to go additional than simply disabling device apps. Now, you can remove them totally from her device, netting you an increase in both performance and also storage space. If this appeals come you, be affected by each other in mind the rooting is a really risky process that can reason many much more problems because that you than it solves.

Rooting leaves the door large open because that malware, especially if you’re not an competent phone surgeon. You could wind up having to remove malware from her phone along with the comparatively not authorised bloatware that gained you here. And also as pointed out earlier, rooting your phone will void her manufacturer’s warranty.

If you decide to root, when you’re done, you’ll need to choose from the wide range of apps out there that deserve to remove system apps v root access. Since you’ve removed your phone’s defense measures, it is in extra-careful when researching and also picking one come use.

Protect her privacy digital too!

Protecting your personal data indigenous anyone through physical accessibility to your phone is simply one part of the all at once privacy picture. As lengthy as your phone is associated to the web — so, pretty lot all the time — there’s the possibility that somebody might be able to intercept her traffic. This is especially usual on unsecured windy Wi-Fi networks, such together those in airports and also cafes.

See more: How To Steam Hot Dogs Without A Steamer, How To Make The Perfect Hot Dog Nathan'S Style AntiVirus because that Android protects you from privacy risks with comprehensive mobile security. If her phone is stolen, you’ll be able to lock or wipe that remotely to avoid your sensitive data indigenous falling right into the wrong hands. Meanwhile, keep internet snoops out through for sure VPN— that is end-to-end encryption safeguards your online activities, making it her own an individual tunnel v the net.