There is no escape from embarrassing media in this life. Whether it"s a selfie in the shower, that snapshot of your companion in your underwear, or just the time you were practicing her guitar an abilities on video to iron the end the kinks in that George Harrison part you"ve been functioning on, there might be ingredient on your phone you"d rather stayed private. Here"s exactly how to hide folders and images ~ above Android.

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Set up a private space on your smartphone

One the the most all-encompassing ways to hide files, photos and also videos on your smartphone isto produce a exclusive space. What this will essentially do is produce a 2nd version of your OS that is protected by a different password or fingerprint 보다 your key one. That is extremely valuable for parental who want to permit their youngsters use their phones without opening specific apps or seeing particular pictures or videos in your gallery. It"s also useful if you must lend her phone to a particularly mischievous girlfriend if you are worried around pranks. Each manufacturer has a contempt different way of setting this up, yet we"ll display you an example on a Huawei P10 because that reference.

Go come Settings and climate Security & PrivacyYou can discover the Private Space options thereEnable a brand-new Private Space and collection a password (different to your main one)

Hide details folders native the gallery app

If you don"t wantto go with the hassle of setup up a whole new Private Space, girlfriend can also hide specific folders containing personal photos or videos from your Gallery app on Android. Doing is really simple, back the choices might it is in in a slightly different place depending upon what sort of Android customization you space running. To show you one example, we"ve provided Huawei"s EMUI over Android Oreo.

Go to her Gallery and find the folders the you want to hideTap the 3 dots and the bottom that the display to open up the Settings bubbleFrom here, you deserve to tap Hide albums and also toggle which persons you want to be displayed in the Gallery or notIf you want to view them again, simply toggle lock back

How to hide photos in your gallery on with document transfer

So your music app has downloaded album covers because that all your MP3s, and there are hundreds of pictures the have immediately downloaded native WhatsApp. Here’s what to execute next:

Connect your smartphone to your computer system to enable document transferNavigate to the WhatsApp directoryCreate an north text record and rename it to .nomediaDo the same in the music directoryCheck the result in her gallery app and in VLCLook forward to a tidy gallery

Even once you nothing have accessibility to her computer, you can also rename any type of other record in .nomedia and move it to whereby you need.


How to hide separation, personal, instance photos and videos in Android

Every now and also again, you might need to hand your phone over to family and also friends. This have the right to be a tiny unnerving if you must keep some papers private. In this case, you can move those into a concealed directory, adding them right into ‘.nomedia’ file.

Navigate come the DCIM directoryCreate a folder named.hiddenCreate an north text record and rename it to .nomediaMove the picture you great to hide right into .hiddenCheck to view if this has operated in her gallery and in VLCEnjoy surprise content

You can also rename individual images so that they carry out not have the dot at the beginning. This is simply the Unix conventional for naming files, and also how files are called in the Linux-based Android system.

Show covert videos in VLC

VLC has actually a pretty elegant way of handling of surprise files, directories and also videos. By default, the hidden video clip should not appear in the video clip category.After this, you have the right to only access the content with a trick and also therefore will certainly not be obtainable by others utilizing your phone. The cheat is to walk to the directory where your hidden folder is, and then update to disclose it.


Encrypt files

Several smartphone manufacturers provide additional apps that have the right to encrypt files in Android. However, you should treat these with caution as they bring some risks. Because that example:

You could forget the passwordThe application may no be easily accessible in the future, for this reason your files can no much longer be decrypted

In addition, over there is already an present encryption scheme in placesince Android 5.0, i m sorry is offered on many of the smartphones released since 2014, where Android gadgets are totally encrypted therefore thatno-one can access your data before you unlock the smartphone.

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With the on-board tools alone and also without added apps, you have all the devices you need to hide and encrypt files on Android.