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When you watch videos or read articles on details websites, it it s okay publicized and also your girlfriend on Facebook deserve to all see it. It’s straightforward for those who space not even so close to you to monitor each and every task you do somewhere else on the web apart native Facebook. This regularly happens due to the fact that you’ve granted that details site to access your on facebook data and post on her behalf, girlfriend can’t reference them.

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No website would write-up on her wall, publicize write-ups your check out or show videos you clock to her friends unless you told the website to perform so without knowing. You’ve granted certain applications permissions you shouldn’t and that’s why friend think her privacy has actually been compromised. When this happens, friends can see write-ups you read and videos you watch on your news feed and also right over there on her timeline. However, if friend really want to stop this, there’s a simple method to solve it.

– go to your Privacy Settings

– walk to Ads, Apps and Websites and also click Edit settings

– on the following page, click the Edit Settings button

– now you can see a perform of every the apps you use on facebook From here, girlfriend must locate the application belonging to the of the news site or video clip website. Normally, the app you’re searching for should have the name of the website.

You’ve viewed the app? Now click on Edit and you deserve to see the options you have. You have the right to either completely stop the application from posting on your wall or set visibility that your interaction with the app to Only Me.

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With this done, videos you watch and articles you review on other websites have to be now concealed from her friends ~ above Facebook.


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