We’re all adults here, right? so let’s acquire real. Sometimes we take it and/or download image we’d rather not share v anyone else. We don’t desire someone looking end our shoulder and slapping us in the head after what they just saw. We should hide this sacred photos to see them later when nosey people aren’t lurking around, searching for an excuse come pop us in the head again.

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In cases like these, to avoid potential conflict, the capacity to hide photos on your phone i do not care invaluable, specifically if you have children or girlfriend who use your device often. Here, we’ll information how come hide your photos on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch — the techniques are close to identical. We also have a couple of third-party apps we’d imply for those photos you yes, really don’t want getting out.

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Use the photos app

The quickest way to hide image on her iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch is to use the indigenous Photos app. That essentially gets rid of the selected pictures from all available views within the photos app, but it doesn’t tuck them away in a locked vault. Anyone with access to your an equipment can still tap the Hidden folder detailed under Utilities in the Albums tab and see what you’re hiding. You have the right to even accessibility them ~ above a Mac.

How to hide photos





Step 1: tap to open up the Photos app.

Step 2: Tap top top the Album that includes the photos you should hide. If the application opens to Library by default, skip this step.

Step 3: madness the Select switch located in the height right corner.

Step 4: Tap on every Photo you need to hide.

Step 5: madness the Share icon presented in the bottom left corner. It each other a box with an up arrow.

Step 6: role down and also tap the Hide option on the pop-up menu.

Step 7: insanity the Hide <#> Photo(s) alternative on the pop-up menu. This alternative will review differently based on the variety of photos you selected to hide.

The selected photos will now “move” to the Hidden album listed under Utilities top top the Albums tab.

How come unhide photos


Step 1: tap to open up the Photos app.

Step 2: madness the Albums tab listed at the bottom.

Step 3: role down and also tap the Hidden folder provided under Utilities.

Step 4: insanity the Select switch displayed in the optimal right corner.

Step 5: Tap on every Photo the you desire to unhide.

Step 6: insanity the Share button located in the bottom left corner. It resembles a box with an up arrow.

Step 7: madness the Unhide choice on the pop-up menu. The photos will certainly then “move” earlier to their original destination. Alternatively, you can tap Add to Album to relocate them to a certain album.

Use third-party apps

As previously stated, utilizing the Photos application isn’t the many secure way to hide photos. No matter how much we’d favor to believe that the machine in ours pockets is secure, the truth is, it’s not. Thankfully, there room a variety of apps that have the right to do a far better job the hiding her photos and also videos, thus rendering them inaccessible to prying eye or otherwise.

Many third-party apps enable you to collection up passcodes or various other security measures, making your photos harder to access. Listed below are 2 of ours favorites, which room both cost-free to download yet do sell optional paid premium services.

Private photo Vault

Private photograph Vault resides up come its name. The app enables you come lock away her photos behind a PIN, Touch ID, or challenge ID therefore that only you, or who you trust, have the right to view them.

When you an initial use the app, you’re prompted to income photos from the Photos application or usage your camera to take snapshots. ~ that, the application prompts you come delete the now-hidden photos native the image app. Girlfriend can include photos native the native app or the camera at any type of time through tapping the huge blue Plus symbol in the bottom right corner of any album.

What’s interesting around this application is the it includes a built-in web browser. Insanity the Web tab in ~ the bottom and enter any kind of URL in the attend to bar top top the following screen. The idea below is come privately download images from the internet and store castle securely in among the app’s galleries.

While the app provides straightforward features for free, you’ll need the premium variation to accessibility everything it needs to offer like endless photo albums, wireless photo transfers, a break-in report for as soon as others attempt to accessibility your covert photos, and the capability to develop a decoy password. Unequal the next app on our list, premium functions are a one-time acquisition of $5.


Keep Safe picture Vault

Keep for sure helps millions of world easily and also securely stow their photos by locking castle behind a pin code, Touch ID, or confront ID. Overall, it gives three method to hide her photos: pull them native the picture library, take it a photo by accessing the camera, or record a video using the camera.

At first glance, you can not watch a difference between this app and any various other standard picture app. Girlfriend can select a photo and also share through others, move it to a particular album, article it to Facebook, and so on.

What differentiates it from Apple’s proprietary Photos application is the you deserve to restrict accessibility to images or albums the you don’t want simply anyone to check out if lock scrolling through your phone. Restricted albums are password safeguarded with her personal combination of letters and numbers. These albums will have a blurred cover picture too. Also more, you have the right to toggle top top a decoy vault and also create its very own PIN or Pattern.

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You’ll acquire the volume to certain albums at no cost, yet there room so many added features worth paying because that in their subscription offerings. Premium features encompass securing up to 10,000 items, freeing up an are on her iPhone, recovering deleted items, and also removing advertisements. The prices room $10 every month, $24 every year, or $150 for a lifetime. Yikes.