If a woman"s anatomy were Disney world (not to do Disney kinky or anything...), she clitoris would certainly be the Magic Kingdom—the main event where every the fun and also fireworks happen. And also her G-spot, a tiny hotspot deeper within her, ahem, "park," would be Epcot: certainly worth a visit, but slightly less interesting on its own.

Why? The G-spot orgasm is, sad come say, much less reliable 보다 the clitoral type—but it"s quite magical if you"re maybe to acquire there (or better yet, experience both in ~ once, via a blended orgasm).

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Quick anatomy lesson: your G-spot is actually component of the whole structure of your clitoris, i m sorry extends 3 to five inches inside you along the vaginal canal.

And when everyone"s G-spot is in a different, um, well, spot, it"s commonly located around two to 3 inches inside her vagina along the front wall, states Sari Cooper, certified sex therapist and director of the facility for Love and Sex in brand-new York City. (Since blood flow to the area reasons it to swell, the an ext aroused you are, the easier it is come find.)

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Speaking of recognize it, that"s miscellaneous that"ll take part time and exploration, says Wendasha Jenkins-Hall, PhD, a sex educator, researcher, and trainer. She argues lying on her back, inserting a finger or two into your vagina and also bending your fingers forward. "Kind of choose a come-here motion," Jenkins-Hall explains. If that doesn"t work, she argues a G-spot stimulating toy. They"re commonly curved at the head and also will struggle that upper vaginal wall where the G-spot"s commonly found.

"Not every woman will have a G-spot orgasm, and also that"s completely normal," says Cooper. But if you"re able to have one, possibilities are, it"ll be entirely unique to you and also your body. Part have described theirs come Jenkins-Hall as a much more intense quality contraction than their various other orgasms, rather say the feels a lot choose a clitoral one, and for some, they squirt every time.

Of course, girlfriend won"t recognize until girlfriend try. ~ a tiny solo time finding out where your G-spot is and how you prefer it stimulated, says Jenkins-Hall, you"ll have a far better sense of i beg your pardon partnered sex positions space the primo persons to get you to that climax.

Or, if you desire to simply go for it, ask your partner to aid you uncover it. Worst instance scenario, you finish up through a night the super-steamy sex. No a negative consolation prize, if you ask me...

1. The Soft Serve


This position offers the perfect edge for your partner"s cock or strap-on come reach the front wall where your G-spot is, says Cooper. What renders this move also better? girlfriend both have actually easy clit access, so use your hands or a vibe to have a clitoral orgasm first—that blood flow will cause the G-spot to swell, making it larger and also easier come reach for a second big O.

Do It: get into the spooning place with them together the huge spoon. Lug your knees up slightly and have them go into you from behind.

2. Girl on Fire


This sex position gives you manage over the speed and depth that thrusts, enabling you to much better control i m sorry spots they"re hitting. Come make sure that spot is the G-spot, says Jenkins-Hall, you can have to experiment through the angle of your top body. "If the partner"s cock or strap-on is curved, you deserve to sit up rather than leaning therefore far earlier since the curve will an ext easily reach the vagina"s top wall." Oh, and not for nothing: your partner has easy accessibility to her clitoris, so you deserve to work on that elusive mixed orgasm.

Do It: This place is as with cowgirl, however with a twist. Climb on top and have her partner get in you. Then, lean earlier and location your hands on the bed because that support, developing a 45-degree angle through your partner"s legs.

3. G-Whiz


If the surname alone isn"t a dead giveaway, this sex place is awesome due to the fact that when friend raise her legs, the narrows the vagina and also helps target her G-spot. Want to increase the ante? questioning your partner to begin rocking friend in a side-to-side or up-and-down motion. That should lug their penis, strap-on, dildo, or finger into direct call with your G-spot. To deepen penetration, try putting a pillow underneath her hips, says Jenkins-Hall. Or, to avoid ago strain, put an additional plush one beneath your shoulders.

Do It: Lie ago with your legs resting on every of her partner"s shoulders.

4. The Snake

This variation of doggy format offers a much better angle to reach that front wall, states Cooper. And even though your partner"s in fee of the movement here, you can adjust the angle by elevating your hips higher or putting a pillow underneath your hips so your partner can much more stroke downward and also hit her G-spot, defines Jenkins-Hall. If you uncover the fit"s as well snug, shot spreading her legs.

Do It: Lie under on her stomach, and also have your companion lie under on height of you and also slide in from behind.

5. Turning back Scoop

This sexy position has all the exclusive right of spoon, however with more face time. By tightening your legs, you have the right to make because that shallower thrusts, and by widening them, friend can allow for depth penetration, claims Jenkins-Hall, so you and also your partner have the right to experiment v a few ways the locating and also then stimulating your G-spot. Plus, you deserve to grind her clit against their pelvis in ~ the very same time.

Do It: Lie under on her sides dealing with each other.

6. Gee, Cowgirl

When you"re on top, you"re in charge, so relocate (bounce, swivel, grind) together you check out fit to make the G-spot orgasm happen. Don"t be fear to use your partner"s knee for assistance either, states Jenkins-Hall. Shot keeping her lower back arched, i m sorry will carry that O in ~ reach.

Do It: Straddle them, encountering forward, and bend earlier slightly while holding onto their thighs for support.

7. Great Doggy

This position almost guarantees G-spot stimulation, since it"s virtually difficult for them not to penetrate deep. Quite than going right for one in-and-out motion, have your companion "rock girlfriend from side to side," claims Jenkins-Hall, and see how that feels. Bonus: from this position, lock can also stimulate your breasts or her clit come amp up your arousal, which increases blood circulation to her G-spot.

Do It: Get on your forearms through your butt in the air. Have your partner kneel behind you and enter girlfriend from behind.

8. The Wheelbarrow

Wanna make things interesting? try this warm standing-sex place that"ll hit her G-spot in seconds. If you gain tired, just modify it, says Jenkins-Hall. Lean on a table or the next of the bed to offer your eight a break, she suggests.

Do It: Get on your hands and also feet and also have your companion pick you increase by the pelvis. Then grip your waist v your thighs.

9. The large Dipper

With this sex position, you obtain the depths penetration and also G-spot stimulation that doggy, when still being able to do that important eye contact and communicate what feels an excellent and what doesn"t, claims Jenkins-Hall. Have your partner massage your clit and stimulate your nipples as they thrust for extra ooooomph.

Do It: Lie on your ideal side; your companion kneels, straddling your appropriate leg and also curling your left leg approximately their left side.

10. The Gee-Shell

This sex place is hot-hot-hot! The views, the angles, the...flexibility—how have the right to you both not get off? If lock "ride low"—a.k.a. Emphasis on an ext shallow thrusts—the head of their cock will directly stimulate her G-spot. For clitoral action, walk to job-related with her (conveniently) totally free hands.

Legs don"t stretch back that far? No big, states Jenkins-Hall. Just draw them ago as much as you can. Beware though, if you"re no one for super-deep penetration, this is no the relocate for you, states Jenkins-Hall. The partner on optimal controls just how deep penetration is, therefore if you"re taking care of trauma, pain, or simply prefer shallower penetration the doesn"t fairly hit your cervix, opt for a different position or shot a tool prefer the Ohnut i beg your pardon helps control depth the penetration, she suggests.

Do It: Lie earlier with your legs raised all the method up and also your ankles crossed behind your very own head (or yet far you deserve to reach them), then have actually them go into you from a missionary position.

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