This page will display you the various means to get your Nintendo Entertainment mechanism 2 up and also running!




This port is supplied with the RF Converter box to hook the unit increase via her cable/coaxial link on the TV. One end of the cable has a typical 1/4″ plug (to the NES) and the other finish is a coaxial cable that screws top top the TV CABLE IN connection.

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This is the strength supply harbor for the NES-002 power Supply AC unit.



Plug the NES RF Box cable right into your game Nintendo Entertainmanet System. You usage the cable through the end that just plugs in, not the end with the screw on it.


Attach the other finish of the NES RF Box to your television cable port. (see diagram) If girlfriend are at this time using this harbor for your Antenna, Cable or Satellite TV, and you only have actually one harbor (unlike the diagram), unscrew the cord, screw in the RF box, and also then screw the TV Cord come the port provided on the RF box (shown ~ above bottom of illustration). This way your TV source will continue to work.


Plug the Nintendo NES-002 power Supply right into the video game system.


Plug the Nintendo NES-002 strength Supply right into the wall.

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Plug in a game and also turn on the Nintendo to chat System, also if you don’t watch it ~ above the TV yet. You have to see the strength light top top the NES light up (a good sign) and also doing this an initial will help in finding the ideal TV settings. As soon as you’re searching for the appropriate channel or input and you view the game, you acquired it right!


Turn the TV come the channel you picked on the earlier of the video game system. If you have actually a newer version TV, girlfriend probably have actually several intake SOURCES obtainable from COMPONENT, video 1 2 & 3 and so on. If this is the instance you will most likely need to readjust it come AIR, which friend may additionally have an ext than one choice (AIR 1 or 2 or A and also B, as displayed on the above diagram). To adjust to this different video signal options, friend usually have actually an input or resource button on your remote or television. If whatever went best (and your game works…) you must be in business!


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