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Switch your tv to the appropriate input and also turn top top the PS4. If you view the Sony logo on screen, climate you recognize it worked.

You can not always need a converter. Some third-party companies create HDMI-to-composite cables that execute not usage a converter. The quality cannot be guaranteed through these cables, and also you may experience audio issues.

usage an HDMI to DVI Converter

HDMI and DVI room both digital signals, so if your tv or monitor has a DVI entry you will see far better results than with one of the types of converters noted above. You should additionally be may be to avoid loss that audio or low-quality audio like you would suffer with one HDMI to composite converter.

Plug the DVI cable right into the converter and then plug the other end of the DVI cable into the display screen or television.

Switch your screen to the ideal input and turn top top the PS4. If you check out the Sony logo, climate it worked. Rotate up the volume and test whether sound come through.

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If neither of these approaches work, think about purchasing a new television. HDMI-compatible TVs have actually dropped in price and can it is in purchased because that as small as $20 through second-hand retail outlets choose Craigslist or via the facebook marketplace. Although effective, the methods listed above room not guaranteed to occupational every time. Even if castle do, you will not have actually the same top quality gaming experience with a converter that you would have actually with a typical connection.