So, you freshly signed up because that DIRECTV and also now, you’re stuck to how to affix DIRECTV to WiFi. Have you found a pair of travel guide online but you’re uncertain of their effectiveness?

Do you want to read a overview that can give you the finish walkthrough on exactly how to hook DIRECTV come WiFi? If this is every Greek come you, climate you’re simply on the ideal page!

It’s been just one of the most asked questions and we’re right here to put an end to that!

Connecting her DIRECTV receiver come the web is simple. To perform it, press on the

switch on the remote. Then, navigate come Settings and also find net Setup. Once there, choose the attach Now option.

Wait because that a few seconds together the mechanism is checking connection status and also press the collection Up Wireless option. Select the WiFi network to attach to. Log in in enter the password and you’re all set!

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You’re no alone in asking this question. As a matter of fact, thousands of subscribers asking this question every single day!

That’s why we’re crafting this overview up so that you have the right to answer it all in one place!

Did you know, though, the there are details requirements your network requirements to meet for friend to have the ability to link her DIRECTV to your network?

Requirements to obtain Online through Receiver

Here are some of the things that you must be able to affix your receiver to the network:

Receiver Model

First and foremost, the DIRECTV recipient you have should be the Genie 2 model, the HD DVR Genie H44, or the HD DVR Genie H54.

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You can uncover out what the design is if you press + host <INFO> ~ above the controller. You’ll watch the information & Test screen, and the version will it is in right alongside “Receiver.”

Router or Gateway

The next need would be the existence of a functioning router or a gateway associated to her internet.

You would require a router, not just a continual modem because there room TVs that could not be got to by the modem.

Therefore, you’ll need to utilize a router so the it consists a lengthy distance.

Minimum Internet link Speed

The minimum internet connection speed the you have actually should it is in at the very least 750 Kbps. However, as per the company, in order for you come watch her favorite shows and also programs without any buffering, a link speed of higher than 2 Mbps would certainly be the best.

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These are the key requirements in order for you to be effective in connecting your DIRECTV receiver come the internet.

Now that you understand them, she already collection to learn just how to connect DIRECTV come WiFi network!

How to connect DIRECTV come WiFi

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