A step-by-step accuse with pictures on just how to frost a class cake. Ns walk you through the straightforward steps in frosting a layered cake and provide the devices you will certainly need.


Hi friends! One thing you’ve inquiry for more is How-To type posts. Instructional write-ups that share some baking and cooking approaches for beginners. I’d share through you a couple of basic approaches in this group to assist you feel much more confident in the kitchen. I think in trusting your intuitions and also being creative in the kitchen but I additionally think some straightforward techniques will aid you feel an ext comfortable. Over the next few months, I’ll share v you some simple baking techniques beginning with today’s just how to frost a layer cake.

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I was always intimidated by frosting a class cake yet after breaking under the actions I establish it was no as challenging as that seems. I’ll go you with the steps of how I frost a great cake. Through a couple of tools, patience and also practice, you will be decorating beautiful layered cakes in no time.

I must start off by saying that i am not a professionally trained baker or pastry chef. Everything I understand I’ve learned on my own and also I’d happy share with you to present you that nothing in the baking and also cooking world is as intimidating together it looks. You just need to have actually a enthusiasm to learn.

Ok, let’s gain started. Just how do we acquire a beautiful frosted layered cake?


First, friend will have to gather up her cake decorating tools. Here are the basics I use daily and think are essential for every home baker.

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Tools you will certainly need: 

A revolving cake decorating stand – this is the largest investment yet it is worth it. I’ve used this was standing for over 4 years.Angled spatula – this helps you spread your frosting and also can also aid smoothCake leveler – come get also layered cakes. Usage to eliminate domed top of your baked cakesCake carry plate – for straightforward transfer the sliced cakesCake Knife – for smoothing frosting roughly a frosted cake

Materials needed:

2 8-inch or 9-inch round baked cakes1 recipe of your favorite frostingoptional: cake pour it until it is full of her choiceoptional: sprinkles. Every the sprinkles!

For this demonstration, i am using my favorite cacao cake for a two-layered 8-inch round cake.

I likewise used this perfect whipped vanilla p frosting.


Tip #1: having a whipped and also stiff buttercream is crucial for a smooth finish. It additionally ensures your piping decorations will hold.

To start, girlfriend will need to ensure friend have flat cakes. If your cakes domed if baking, level the tops v a serrated knife or a cake leveler tool.

On the other hand, if your cakes caved (like my demonstration below), friend don’t must level the cake. You deserve to fill that cavity with frosting. (Did I mention I am not a perfectionist?)


Position the an initial cake ~ above a cake board or on a cake plate using a cake lifter.

Top with around 1/2 cup frosting and using an angled spatula.

Tip #2: measure out your frosting because that each great so girlfriend have also frosting between cake layers.


Spread the frosting over the cake layer making use of the angled spatula. You desire an even layer of the frosting pushing any type of excess towards the edges. View below.


Place the 2nd layer on height of the first cake. Repeat the procedure until your last cake layer, ensuring you use equal parts frosting.

If this is her last layer, place the critical cake down with the flat bottom of the cake on height (see below).


Top the last layer with about 1/2 cup frosting.


Similarly, evenly smooth the frosting on peak of your cake, pushing any extras come the side.


Using the angled spatula, covering the sides of the cake in a slim coat the frosting.


Smooth the sides and also top as much as possible. This is a crumb coat that will lock in all the loose crumbs of her soft cake.


Chill cake because that at the very least 30 minutes to collection the crumb coat.

Next, spread about 1/2 cup frosting on optimal of the cake. Again, evenly spread the frosting end the top of the cake.

Next, frost the political parties of the cake through as much frosting as necessary to cover up the cake.

Slowly spread out the frosting around the cake till you have actually a smooth frosting.


With the cake on her cake turntable, use the cake knife to smooth the sides of the cake. Organize the cake knife straight versus the next of the cake and rotate the cake gently. This take away a few practices to gain smooth edges.

Tip #3: if you frost your cake through a thick coat the frosting, the is much easier to smooth with the cake knife.

After smoothing the political parties of your cake, usage the same an approach to smooth the top.

And that’s that friends!! You will have actually a empty canvas for your cake decorating!!


Finish your cake through your decoration of choice. Ns love piping simple edges making use of Wilton 1M tip and lots the sprinkles.

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There you have actually it, friends!

Here’s a video link ~ above Youtube the walks you through these measures as well, if girlfriend need added steps.