Buying megalodon teeth have the right to be confusing. There space so countless grades, shapes, colors, and sizes. What is important? am I obtaining a great deal? These and other questions might be going with your head when buying a meg tooth.

For me the most vital factor is “why are you buying this tooth?” The factors are as varied as the selections in teeth. The perfect this for her needs may be quite various than those the another. If you space buying a tooth as a gift it might be a small more difficult than buying because that your own collection. The considerations room the same. An example may illustrate the ends of the spectrum.

If i were purchase Megalodon teeth for a 10 year old child who loves fossils and also has a usual fossil collection and also does no have any type of megalodon teeth in it ns would try to obtain the biggest tooth the fit within my budget. A 5 inch tooth that was 50% finish can be purchased for in between $15 and $30. This would make a great starter tooth. In a slightly greater price variety a 3 to 4 customs tooth that had actually some damage yet was 90% intact would run in between $30 come $90. A tooth from either group would delight a ten year old.

If you offered the same tooth come someone v an already impressive collection of Megalodon this they would certainly not be so thrilled.

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If you space buying megalodon teeth for yourself all of the over is moot. You currently know what friend want. Read on for a couple of tips on obtaining the best tooth for your money.

Megalodon teeth are very much prefer a super-sized variation of the an excellent White Shark teeth. There are some differences. The many notable of this is the darker chevron shaped area between the root and also the tongue of the tooth. This area is called the bourlette. Other differences are the serrations at the leaf of the tooth. These are finer than in the white shark and more regular.

SizeMegalodon teeth are very prized by fossil collectors, especially huge teeth in fantastic condition. Two to five inch teeth are relatively common. Teeth over 5 inches space sought after ~ by collectors due to the fact that of your rarity. This of this size in excellent condition sell because that one to countless thousands of dollars. Seven inch megalodon teeth have been found however these are extremely rare.


ColorFossilized megalodon teeth can be almost any color because they take it on the color of the sediments in i beg your pardon they space deposited. Most commercially easily accessible teeth room dark gray, black, or brown in color. This is due to the fact that they come from comparable areas; tidal rivers of the south east United States. This rivers often tend to be wealthy in phosphates that color the fossils. Various other colors are much more rare and therefore commonly command a greater price.

Only A Mega-Dentist Knows because that SureWhat component of the shark’s mouth a tooth originates from determines that is shape, size, and also of course price. The classic huge triangular this come native the prior of the mouth. This are an ext popular v collectors and also command a higher price. The megalodon this from the behind of the mouth often tend to be quick and large and sometimes offset to one side.

Rarity has A Price TagThe defining characteristic of megalodon shark is size. So it follows that larger megalodon this are more sought after ~ than smaller ones. In addition very big teeth (over 6 inches) room rare. This gives us the general dominion of thumb: the bigger the this the higher the price. Perfect and near perfect teeth space rare. Why? castle have withstood millions of years. To acquire through that without a nick or scrape is virtually impossible. In addition teeth are frequently damaged while quiet in use. Imagine the bite power this awesome pet had. Therefore the 2nd rule of ignorance is: The closer to perfect condition the greater the price. Particular qualities that influence price are:

Is the enamel intact?Is the root complete?Are the edges chipped?Are the edges and point of the this sharp?Are the serrations complete and also well defined?Is the Bourlette visible and also complete?Is there distinct coloring? (gray, brown, and black space common) various other colors room usually in ~ a premium.

Price RangesAdding megalodon this to your collection will take some commitment on your part. They space not cheap. It is feasible to choose up a little (3 inch) tooth with significant damage for $20 come $50. A yes, really nice one of this size can run $200 to $250. Teeth in the 4 inch selection run native $30 to $100 with damage and also $150 come $400 for high high quality specimens. The price because that 5 inch teeth jumps significantly. Damaged this of this dimension are $60 come $250. High top quality teeth the this dimension run in between $250 and $500 or more. For big teeth (6 inch) mean to pay over $300 if they are beat up looking and $800 to countless thousands and more for a high top quality 6 customs tooth.

The need for big high high quality megalodon teeth much exceeds the supply. Together a result the price that these rarely teeth has actually been steadily raising year ~ year making this fossils great investments that will obtain value over time.

Note: This post was composed in 2006. While the info is still usually true the prices have actually gone up considerably.

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