Impeachment isn’t simply for presidents. The Constitution permits other public representative to be impeached, consisting of Supreme Court justices. No justice of the court has been properly removed through impeachment—yet.

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The procedure has the same two actions as for presidents. The residence of Representatives have the right to vote, through a straightforward majority, come impeach a justice or other federal official. Then the Senate stop proceedings comparable to a trial, then votes on even if it is to convict. If two-thirds that the Senate vote to convict, the justice is eliminated from office.


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In enhancement to gift impeachable end “Treason, Bribery, or various other high Crimes and Misdemeanors,” judge “shall host their offices during good Behaviour.” follow to the Brennan Center, 15 federal judges, consisting of justices, have actually been impeached—some successfully, part not. The most common grounds for impeachment were “false statements, favoritism toward litigants or special appointees, intoxication ~ above the bench, and abuse that the contempt power.”

In 1801, can be fried Court justice Samuel follow was impeached, after ~ then-President thomas Jefferson accused him of prejudice in his decisions. The house voted come impeach, but the Senate voted come acquit.