Most guys uncover it an overwhelming to to express themselves once they are with a girl, all of a suddenly it looks as if their tongues room tied, also when they have looked front to such conference for such a long time.

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If there is one point that bothers most men, it is using the best word, just how do i go about it? What carry out I phone call her? What sort of words would certainly she like to hear? females love to hear sweet words and also comments, yet all have to be moderate and also not overused. Here is a list of points to say come a girl friend like.

100 things To Say come The Girl girlfriend Like

1. I love the means your skin feels so soft as soon as I operation my hands end it.

2. I want to invest the remainder of my life trying to make you happy.

3. Don’t ever change, since I love you just the means you are.

4. You make me feel choose an excited kid at a theme park as soon as I’m through you.

5. It hurts me more to check out you sad.

6. If ours love where choose the climbed it would have to be a new breed that has no thorns.

7. I understand why civilization stare at us; that is since you are more lovely than the moon.

8. Time has actually no worth unless it is time spent with you.

9. Any time I start feeling short I simply think the you.

10. Organize my hand and I will hold your heart and also keep it for sure for all eternity.

11. You make me desire to it is in a far better man just so I have the right to be more worthy of your love.

12. I get butterflies in mine stomach once you operation your hands over my face.

13. You look for this reason beautiful and also angelic, ns feel favor I’d dirty you simply by touching you.

14. I think God to be high when he produced you since there’s nobody else who comes for this reason close come perfection.

15. Ns love the means you to speak you love me once I kiss friend goodnight end the phone.

16. You do my sore disappear v your beautiful smile.

17. No, you’re not fat. She perfect and also just the way I favor it.

18. You can have any type of guy in the world, and also yet you made decision me.

19. You do me feel weak in the knees once I touch you.

20. A day without you feels prefer a year.


Sweet points To Say to The Girl you Like

21. Ns think we are choose swans, in that us met and also we room meant to be with each other forever.

22. Eternity, forever, unending are all words that average a lot an ext since ns met you.

23. I wish ns were an octopus so the I would certainly have more arms to host you.

24. If my days started with a kiss native you, I would never ever drink coffee.

25. You are the queen of my heart and also you make me shine favor a diamond once you room near.

26. Ns love that we met, I prefer it the nobody acquired you before I did.

27. If love is a warm cup that coffee, climate ours would certainly be a mocha latte, hot, sweet and full of pep.

28. You space the perfect balance of tart and sweet and also as an excellent as cold lemonade ~ above a hot afternoon.

29. We organize hands and also our hearts join, our lips meet and also our souls unite.

30.The way you look at every time i say goodbye renders it so hard for me to walk away from you.

Nice points To Say come The Girl you Like

31. You’ve made my dreams come true.

32. Ns haven’t met a human being who’s as nice and also caring as you.

33. Ns love friend so lot I can’t explain it even if i tried.

34. She the many beautiful girl I’ve ever before met.

35. Exactly how do you look for this reason beautiful every the time?

36. You do me feeling so lucky once I’m around you.

37. You constantly know exactly how to surprised me.

38. She the factor my life feels for this reason perfect.

39. Friend look therefore cute once you laugh.

40. Girlfriend brighten up my day every time I view you.

41. I dreamt of you last night.

42. If girlfriend asked me come I would walk mile to be through you but please never ever tell me to walk away.

43. If ns were asked to describe the colour you represent, then i would need to go through rainbow since you space beautiful, magical and also being through you is like finding a treasure.

44. I am woeful without you and also awesome when I am through you.

45. I’ll love friend till death.

46. I love the method you smell.

47. You do me feeling so happy when I’m v you, mine jaws hurt.

48. Security time through you is the to mark of my day.

49. You are such a great dancer.

50. You understand me so well, it’s like you can read mine mind.

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Things come Say to A Girl You like Over Text

51. Ns love the method your hair feels together I operation my fingers through them.

52. I love the means you feel in mine arms once I hug you goodbye.

53. I want to kiss every customs of you.

54. I begin my day with you on mine mind and also end mine day through you in mine dreams.

55. Ns love friend so much I can worship you.

56. I can stare at you forever and I’d still feel favor I i can not use had enough of you.

57. Ns can’t wait to invest the rest of mine life v you.

58. I feel for this reason happy just spending time through you.

59. You my ideal friend.

60. When you laugh my heart beats together if ns ran a mile and also it keeps me happy because that a long while.

61. The day we met is just one of my life’s best.

62. Ns am glad the we grew up together so ns did not need to miss even one awesome minute of ours time together.

63. My love feels favor a bird acquisition off in the wait every time you laugh upon me, mine dear.

64. Our love is like the tide in the sea, sometimes calm, occasionally tempestuous but constantly there.

65. You do me believe in spirit mates.

Things come Say To obtain A Girl you Like

66. Girlfriend give definition to mine life.

67. Ns can’t imagine my life without you in it.

68. Ns think the you and kiss my pillow prior to I autumn asleep every night.

69. I want to make time was standing still when I’m through you however time always finds a way to fly past.

70. Ns wish I might have met you year ago.

71. Simply hearing her voice in the morning provides my day.

72. Your cute smile renders me melt.

73. Your eyes space so expressive and beautiful i can’t assist but obtain lost in them.

74. If there to be something such together an academy award because that being the cutest couple, then ns am certain we would get it.

75. If someone asked me to define perfect joy then i would need to say every minute I spend with you!

76. You are cute as a rabbit, as chirpy together a lovebird, as cuddly together a kitten, as pretty as a peacock and simply so wonderful.

77. I wish I could simply shrink you to pocket-size so that you could always be v me

78. If loving somebody too lot is a crime then ns am guilty and wish to be sentenced to a lifetime of you.

79. I never feel the must watch the sunrise together seeing you laugh feels much more beautiful and brighter than any kind of sunrise.

80. Currently that I have met you i wish we could end up being immortal so the we deserve to be with each other for all eternity.

Funny things To Say to A Girl you Like

81. I think you might have miscellaneous in your eye. Oh, hold on, that’s just a twinkle.

82. I’m a lot shorter than this in reality but I’m just sitting on my billfold.

83. I lost my call number. Have the right to I just have actually yours?

84. Exactly how are you? i didn’t ask just how you looked, girl.

85. You must be a Snickers bar. You accomplish me, baby!

86. Stop name her legs Thanksgiving and also Christmas and I’ll visit in between the holidays.

87. Have you ever been arrested? Really? It’s got to be illegal to look the good.

88. Perform you believe in love at first sight, or must I pass by friend again?

89. Have you ever been come Antarctica? Me neither! We have so lot in common!

90. Ns am walk to need your name and also number for insurance purposes. i just fell over and also injured myself once I experienced you!

91. If I had actually a nickel for every girl ns had ever seen who was together gorgeous together you are, I’d have 5 cents.

92. My following drink is top top you! I witnessed you and also dropped mine.

93. You’re for this reason stunning the I simply forgot my pick up line.

94. I’m favor a Rubik’s cube. The an ext you play through me, the harder i get, baby.

95. You’re together sweet as Skittles and I want to taste the rainbow.

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96. I’ll make you a deal. I’ll offer you a kiss and also if girlfriend don’t prefer it, you deserve to return it.

97. Yes sir something wrong v my bed. You’re no in it.

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98. Room you indigenous Tennessee? since you’re the only ten ns see.

99. You should be an internal decorator because when friend walked in the room was all of sudden beautiful and also perfect!