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Distance, obstacles, antenna type, the number of antennas in use, and also TV tuner sensitivity all affect TV reception.Improve agree by removing obstacles, checking antenna connections, to run a channel scan, or making use of a signal amplifier.Consider trying a new antenna. Switching from an at home one to an out one have the right to improve TV reception, for example.

Cord-cutting has boosted internet streaming and also given new life come receiving TV signals making use of an antenna. Rather of paying high cable or satellite bills, you have the right to receive complimentary TV over the air. However, over there is an ext to receiving TV signals than buying an antenna and randomly placing the somewhere at home or outdoors.


You may be too much from one or more TV terminal transmitters, which prevents signal reception. If you space too far, you"ll suffer the digital cliff, i m sorry is an abrupt TV signal drop-off. This is a by-product of the analog-to-digital TV transfer transition.

With analog TV signals, as street increased between the TV transmitter and also the receiving antenna, there was steady fading. Return you could be too much to obtain the ideal quality, you might still watch a low-quality signal v a fuzzy picture if the didn't bother you.

TV signal are now transmitted digitally (1s and also 0s), and there"s no progressive fading as street increases. You receive full quality all the time, intermittently, or no all. Together you method the digital cliff, the picture may appear blocky, or it may reduced out and come back.

If you're also close come a TV transmitter, the signal might overpower your TV tuner or DTV converter crate and, in part cases, damage those devices.


TV signal are affected by physical obstacles, including hills and trees. Some materials used in house construction, such together stucco, concrete, aluminum siding, metal roofs, foil-lined ducts and conduits, and solar panels border the efficiency of at home or attic-placed antennas.

Weather (such together wind and also rain), interference from certain types of electric equipment, and also LTE cabinet towers sometimes temporarily reduced off a TV signal.

Antenna kind

You might have several station transmitters in your regional area, yet these transmitters might not it is in in the very same location. One station might transmit native the north, an additional from the west, and another native the east.

If you have actually a directional antenna, it might not obtain signals indigenous multiple transmitter locations. If you have actually a multi-directional or omnidirectional antenna, interference is more likely.

variety of TVs using the very same Antenna

If more than one TV is connected to the exact same antenna making use of a splitter, the signal loser strength. If three or four TVs are linked to an antenna, one or two can look fine, and the rest may only obtain signals intermittently or no at all. You may develop a homemade cliff effect.

TV Tuner Sensitivity

The sensitivity of her TV"s tuner or a DTV converter box likewise affects antenna reception.

procedures to enhance TV Antenna agree

Knowing what reasons antenna agree problems, you have the right to use one or more of the following options to boost your TV signal.

Remove obstacles. Remove obstacles, if possible. Make sure your antenna has actually a clean shot in the direction of the TV terminal transmitter.

Check and replace antenna connections. Make sure the antenna and also TV relations are secure. Inspect for brittleness and also fraying.

If you have actually an the end antenna, cables can gain worn once exposed to the elements. At home antennas deserve to be chewed by pets.

Make certain the antenna link terminals aren't rusted, and also check the entire length the the cable, if possible, for division or cuts. You may not be able to check the part of the cable the runs v a wall.

If the cable is left end from the analog TV era, it might be 20 AWG (American cable Gauge) RG59. Think about replacing it v a more thickness 18 AWG RG6 cable. RG6 go a better job with digital TV signals, together it supports broader bandwidth, long-distance runs, and holds up much better outdoors.

Costs that cables vary depending on brand and length. Prices start at a few dollars for a three-foot or six-foot length.

Run a channel scan. After check the antenna placement and connections, go into the TV or DTV converter crate setup menu, then operation a brand-new channel scan. Brand-new channels may be included that weren't easily accessible previously. If a terminal registers, you should be able to watch it.

Use a rotor. If you have actually an the end antenna and receive TV signals from numerous directions, including a rotor to the antenna can help. However, this solution is expensive, through prices because that a finish kit ranging from around $100 come $200 or more.

If you understand the terminal transmitter locations, usage a rotor to direct the antenna come the new channels and also manually add those channels to your TV channel listings. Keep in mind the rotor position for the new channels.

If you relocate the antenna using the rotor and also rescan the channels, the TV might no longer list the formerly scanned channels if the antenna doesn't receive those networks in the new position.

Move the antenna. If you have an at home antenna, placing it near or ~ above a home window avoids the materials used in wall surface construction that interfere v the signal. Also, place it together high as possible. If the length of the cable the goes native the antenna come the TV is also long, the signal may be weakened. Come assist, you might need a signal amplifier.

Use a signal amplifier. If you have actually trouble receiving TV signals, place a signal amplifier (also called a signal booster) between the antenna and TV to an increase the signal. This additionally helps v low-sensitivity TV tuners and DTV converter boxes. Attach the cable indigenous the antenna to the intake of the amplifier, then affix the output to the TV"s antenna input. You likewise need come plug the amplifier into power.

Use a circulation amplifier because that multiple TVs or usage a separate antenna for each TV. If friend have more than one TV, ideally, you should have actually a different antenna for each. Splitting the signal decreases the signal strength, particularly if the cable distance from the signal splitter and one or an ext TVs is long.

A more practical systems is to usage a distribution amplifier. You affix the main feed native the antenna to the intake on the amplifier and also connect the outputs that the amplifier to her TVs.

Distribution amplifier price vary depending upon the brand, model, and also the number of outputs provided.


Voxx International/RCA

Antenna prices vary and selection from much less than $10 because that a straightforward indoor antenna to end one hundreds dollars for a long-range out model.

Don't assume that the street range noted or advertised for your antenna is accurate. Ratings may be based on optimum conditions.

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