specifically, I desire to buy a 360 but I additionally want to be able to download games from the marketplace. The cheapest console is 4gb, i m sorry won"t be sufficient to hold even one premium game, for this reason I"m curious if it"s a far better idea to spend the extra $100 to obtain the 250gb console or if the is cheaper to change my hdd with a enlarge one once I require to.

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Cost is not the only variable (a major one though). Room there various other disadvantages to replacing the tough drive (such together loss the warranty? the factor I"m to buy a new console is for the warranty, after all).

Also, a valid answer could explain how I could use an external hard drive that I already own to store and play games purchased native the xbox live marketplace.


Hmm, standard meaning A/V (yellow, white, red: not composite) No mention of a headset, and also no point out of hdmi or hi-def audio. Not really appropriate to your question around storage, but still a worry worth noting
sorry ^ no component video, definition no high definition wire... Messed mine comment up and also can't edit it :S
The cheapest alternative is certainly going to it is in the USB path as discussed by others.

Ignoring the reality that Microsoft"s hardware prices are inflated and also overpriced, if you walk strictly turn off a cost per GB, climate buying the console with the 250GB drive is your ideal bet for the money. Utilizing the averages prices this days

GB complete $ $ per GB250 $100.00 $0.40 (w/console)250 $130.00 $0.52 (standalone drive)120 $100.00 $0.83 (standalone drive)60 $70.00 $1.17 (standalone drive)16 $20.00 $1.25 (USB Drive)I would certainly assume the independent drives have a warranty of their own, and also the one through the console would be part of the console warranty, however I"m not sure on those.


You can constantly use a USB hard-drive together a expense efficient systems to the lack of space. Two things to note with this. When this is the cheapest systems to upgrading hard-drive space consider these: You deserve to only execute a 16 gig thumb-drive for an are (xbox will certainly not recognize anything over this size), it frequently leads to room gaps wherein you have a 5 gig game to be downloaded but only 4 gigs available on each thumb-drive instead of one huge hard-drive whereby continuity isn"t one issue, and finally your xbox will look yes, really hack-ish with all the thumb-drives sticking out of it and also utilizing all your ports.

Or upgrade your console with a bigger hard-drive (though its important to note that the slim xbox supplies a various hard-drive climate old xbox making it harder to find cheap hard drives for it.)

I can speak from an individual experience that my life was significantly improved upgrading native the Xbox Arcade come the Slim. If you have actually the money save yourself the headache and skip the low cost models, if you don"t have actually the money yet it could be worth saving an extra month because that it.

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Replacing the tough drive has actually no result on the guarantee at all so if you select at a later on time to upgrade the hard-drive girlfriend can.