Today our daycare asked united state to give much more milk throughout the day for our 7 month old. My it is provided has already dropped considerably to possibly pumping 20-25oz a day where she’s spend closer to 30-35.

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Is there any way this so late in the game to boost my supply??

I’ve tried every kinds the supplements, tea, cookies, etc. Ns pump with a medela symphony hospital grade at work and spectra S1 at home, both the which ns love. Ns pump 3 times during the day, once at night and BF her when at bedtime.

At this price my freezer supply will obtain us to 11 months however if she increases the milk in ~ daycare then probably closer come 9 :( ns really desire to do it come a year if ns could!

Has anyone else effectively done this v a LO this old??


at Target the honest company makes a short article natal lactation pills that I uncover have helped increase my supply

Nice I uncovered them and will operation out today and also give the a shot!! Thanks!!

The surname was honest agency lactation plus. They sell on amazon too!


So as soon as I feel choose my it is provided is dropping (ie i just gained over a cold and also thought my it is provided went down) i drink a bottle of blue Gatorade transparent the day and by the end of the day my breasts space heavy, no engorged, however I recognize there’s milk there. I don’t understand why it’s only with the blue Gatorade yet when I first read about it i was prefer hmm worth a shot and I notification a difference right away. Try that.

Haha def to be gonna shot random things but this sound great! Going come the keep today and also will give it a shot!!


Why space they asking for much more milk? how much room you sending now? room they pace feeding through slow circulation nipples? there is no period that you need to send additional breast milk - milk it is adapted to her child and therefore added volume is not compelled over time.

I average we’re not suspicious or anything haha she had 4oz dr browns bottles and also they stated she would complete them and cry for more. She never ate more than 4oz at as soon as from a bottle (over Christmas rest she to be just getting through them) however I knew various other babies ate 5/6oz at when so ns figured she’d obtain there too and also lo and also behold! No reservation if they speed feed, but an extremely doubtful (and the fine through us if castle don’t! They have actually other kids and also she takes a bottle simply fine). I just had a particular number in mine head to reach v pumping and now the upped a little, which do me redo the math to number how long my freezer supply would last!

Not gonna stress around it, yet gonna shot the supplements and if they work-related that’s a win!

Lastly your comment just made me think- if milk it is adapted to your baby, is the freezer stash not suitable months later? I average I recognize it’s all good, however the logic behind the would suggest that milk that’s 4 month old (or longer) no fulfilling or something!

The body adjusts the nutrition contents of BM in component due to the time pp, so also EPing moms serve more closely tailored nutrition for their freezer stashes 보다 formula. If there is any direct nursing, the body will change even more.



Just a rapid guide ~ above pumping, from experienced guides and experience. This is all details I to be given throughout my hospital stay from LCs, therefore it"s one recent information that you might or may not have actually been told. Ns was never given this information...

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