In honor of World Breastfeeding Week, I want to share part tips with you on how to keep your milk it is provided while your baby starts resting for much longer stretches and begins to drop night feeds.

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I know how hard you breastfeeding mamas out there have worked to create your breastfeeding relationship and also I want to make certain that sleep training doesn’t acquire in the way of you meeting your breastfeeding goals!

Yes, you deserve to still breastfeed while sleep training.

I want to start out through affirming the your human body is adaptable and also oh-so-smart, and your milk it is provided will eventually regulate come become more plentiful during the day together opposed to at night. However, if you want to obtain ahead of the video game by aiding your body in making this shift gradually, particularly if you room prone to clogged ducts or mastitis, below are part tips top top how.


My 4-Step method to help You maintain Your Milk supply While Transitioning away from Night Feedings

Step 1

Pump before Bed

Pump prior to you walk to bed come ensure the your breasts room drained. You can store this milk for future use.

Step 2

Pump in ~ Night When needed — but Do no Drain

If you wake up in the center of the night feeling engorged and also are not planning come feed your baby in ~ the next 2 hours, pump till you feel comfortable again. Carry out not fully drain your breasts as that will certainly tell your body to continue to produce copious quantities of breast milk overnight. End time, her body will readjust and you will no much longer wake up feeling uncomfortable.

Step 3

Start to reduce Pump Time

After 3 nights, you can start to drop the bedtime pumping session if you wish. However, if you desire to continue to pump to construct a freezer stock, much more power come you! If the is no the case, now is a an excellent time to begin reducing your body"s suspended on emptying your breasts prior to you walk to sleep. To carry out so, just reduce the time in which girlfriend pump by five minutes every 3 nights until you room no longer pumping.

Step 4

Incorporate the power Pump

If you feel that your milk supply has decreased, you deserve to incorporate a power pumping session into your day. Her milk manufacturing is based upon supply and demand. The more the baby needs milk the end of your breasts, the more breast milk her breasts will certainly produce. The is why a baby will certainly cluster feed (feed frequently over the food of an hour or so) when they space going through a expansion spurt.

With power pumping, we want to mimic a cluster-feeding baby so the our breasts will begin to produce more milk. Here is just how it is done…

Pump because that 20 minutes

rest for 10 minutes (do not pump)

Pump for 10 minutes

remainder for 10 minutes

Pump for 10 minutes

I uncover that nap time is a good time to absent up her feet and turn up that pump! Also, if you desire to use that time to acquire some ingredient done, I extremely recommend investing in this hands-free pumping bra.

Please be mindful that it takes a few days to check out a distinction in your supply. So ns would give it at the very least three to five days prior to you decide if it is working. I know, it deserve to be difficult to it is in patient, but the outcomes are precious it. I specifically pumped for both of my youngsters due come breastfeeding difficulties and also would incorporate a strength pumping session right into my day every time I saw my milk manufacturing start to take it a dip. Therefore I have the right to tell friend from suffer that that works like a charm.

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Once her supply rebounds, you can wean turn off of strength pumping by skip a “pumping step” every work or 2 until you are no much longer pumping.