You may be analysis this certain article today because there’s miscellaneous in her life the is a little off-balance.

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Which in this case, it’s the you have one breast developing less milk 보다 the other, or girlfriend could speak to it a “slacker boob”. That really depends on if you want to look at the bottle as half empty or fifty percent full.

But no concerns mama, since you are going come get all of the advice I have to aid you deal with this slacker boob slump!

Let’s get to work!

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Reasons for Uneven Milk Supply

The reason you may have actually one chest that develop less milk than the other deserve to be pretty straight forward because that the many part.

When among your breasts has began to fall brief in milk production, this is usually as result of the supply and also demand create not being stimulated enough.

For instance, if you space nursing and also your baby tends to donate one breast over the other – the breast getting the most action will undoubtedly produce an ext milk.

This is the equation of supply and also demand.

If you are breast pump to preserve your supply, a slim variation in milk production from chest to breast deserve to be completely normal and expected.

However, if you room noticing the one breast is producing considerably less milk 보다 the other, it is time to resolve the discrepancy and put several of these tips into practice.

How to increase Milk supply in One breast Pumping

When one chest produces less milk than the various other we have the right to determine that the demand switch on that chest is in a under throttle.

The easiest method to increase milk supply in a slacker boob is to reimplement a breastfeeding or pumping schedule that will certainly signal a surplus supply and also demand an answer out that the underproducing breast.

Increase pump Frequency

Lets begin correcting this uneven milk supply with a targeted chest pumping routine.If friend are specifically pumping, the method best offered to exactly this issue is quite simple, it simply takes a little extra time.

Try performing her pumping routine as usual, pump both breasts in ~ the exact same time.

Once you have finished fully emptying both breasts,go ahead and also wait 10 or 15 minutes and then begin again on the slacker boob for an additional few minutes.

Increasing the frequency of pumping and volume of to express milk in the lazy boob, have to signal to that chest – it’s time to capture up a bit!

If you space looking for experienced guidance and accessibility to secret techniques come use towards your breast pumping and also milk it is provided success, I would certainly recommend this considerable online pump course, The can be fried Exclusive Pumping course by Milkology.

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Power pumping on One side Only

You may be asking, can you strength pump one breast?

Yes, you can single power pump simply one side, friend can also use a manual breast pump for this purpose. Or much better yet, a handsfree and also cordless pump. This handsfree pump is really inexpensive and you have the right to buy just one to use on her slacker boob!

Now, let’s view the best method of strength pumping because that uneven milk supply below.

By the way, this deserve to only be used to the breast you room trying come pump more milk from.

Pump 20 min. / pause 10 min. / Pump 10 min. / pause 10 min. / Pump 10 min. = Finished

As you have the right to see, this is a traditional power pump schedule. However, you are just performing the on the breast that is developing less milk 보다 the other.

The factor you pause in between, is to offer yourself a small break and also to present rhythmic stimulation that need to signal an increase in demand.


Or, you might have had actually a forceful letdown on one breast that resulted in your baby to favor the other. Whatever the instance may have been, one chest was consistently being signaled to produce much more milk than the other.

On the various other hand, together we handle in the beginning, it is not unusual to have actually one breast develop less milk 보다 the other.

Signs the Uneven Supply as soon as Nursing:

You may uncover that your baby favors one chest over the other.Your baby may put up rather a fight when you effort to feed them ~ above the breast that is developing less milk.Look in the mirror, space your breasts two completely different sizes when they room full?

How to solve Uneven Supply once Breastfeeding

Rectifying this reason may be as an easy as switching up breastfeeding positions. Such as, laying down on her side come nurse (my an individual favorite).

Try a nursing pillow the will give you more support. I offered the Boppy in ~ first, yet I didn’t actually discover it to be as ergonomically accommodating together I would have hoped.

Try rather the My Brest friend nursing pillow.

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I have seen and heard a most really positive reviews about this specific nursing pillow and it does look really supportive.