If her baby eats more than friend produce, it deserve to be stressful! plenty of breastfeeding specialists will recommend things prefer staying in bed and doing nothing yet nursing as soon as there are worries with supply, so the a breastfeeding parent can get plenty of nipple stimulation and rest in ~ the exact same time.

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While this is great advice, it won’t assist people that are specifically pumping. If you space making less than her baby is eating – or also if you just want the peace of mental of a freezer stash – below is what girlfriend can try to increase milk supply together an exclude, pumper.

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Do you have a milk supply difficulty or a milk removal problem?

Before we talk around how to boost milk supply, let’s make sure you don’t have any kind of issues with milk removal.

To pump enough milk, you require two things to happen:

Enough milk is developed in her breastsYour pump efficiently clears the milk in her breasts

Most human being focus on the very first part – making milk. Yet some people don’t seem come respond also to a chest pump together others, for whatever reason. If the problem is her pump isn’t successfully getting the milk out, eating all the lactation cookies in the human being isn’t going come help. (Unfortunately.)

Here room some things to look at at:

Ways to increase Milk Supply

No method of increasing milk supply works for everyone, so you type of have actually to shot different points to see what works for you. Here’s are some options you have the right to try, in the order I’d recommend trying them.

1. Evaluate your pumping schedule

When you’re specifically pumping, it’s essential to pump both often enough and long enough. This creates the demand that is necessary to establish, maintain, and/or rise your milk supply.

If your supply isn’t what you’d prefer it come be, you may want to evaluate her pumping schedule:

If you’re pumping less than explained above, transforming your pump schedule to pump more often or more total time would certainly be the very first thing I would certainly change.

After making a change, permit for a couple of days come a week come see boost in supply, and also then you can reevaluate from there. (It have the right to take a small time for her body to react to the raised demand.)

(If girlfriend want help figuring out you schedule, I have a workbook that walks you through it action by step. Usage EPUMP30 for 30% off.)

2. Eat Oatmeal

Although over there is no scientific study on this, enough civilization have noticed boost in pumping output when they eat oatmeal that countless lactation consultants introduce it as a means of boosting supply.

Any sort of oatmeal is fine. You deserve to have a key of old-fashioned oats because that breakfast or cook with oats (i.e., oatmeal cookies, overnight oats, pancakes, etc.).

I did an unscientific experiment to check out if oatmeal would boost my supply, and also I found it did. I noticed around an 1-2 oz boost in the amount i pumped top top days once I ate oatmeal.

3. Strength Pumping

“Power pumping” or “cluster pumping” simulates swarm feeding.

When a baby is swarm feeding, they room constantly on and off the breast, trying to get more milk. This boosted “demand” signals the parent’s human body to make more milk (thus hopefully boosting supply).

To mimic cluster feeding, collection yourself as much as the pump (hands-free, that course) and pump on and also off for an hour (start with 20 minutes on, then 10 minutes off/10 minute on) if you clock TV or something.

Try to do it together fun and also easy together you have the right to by doing something the you enjoy while girlfriend pump.

4. Hydration

While this additionally isn’t backed in research, numerous exclusive pumpers have actually noticed that staying hydrated can help support your milk supply.

This doesn’t typical that you have to drink gallons of water every day. It can just be difficult to remember to take care of yourself and drink sufficient water as soon as you also have a infant to take treatment of. Try bringing a bottle of water (or any type of hydrating fluid) v you as soon as you sit down to pump and see if it renders a difference.

(Body Armor and also Gatorade aren’t magic drinks, but some world find lock helpful due to the fact that they are hydrating.)

5. Try nursing teas

Nursing teas contain a mixture the herbs (like fenugreek, blessed thistle, and also fennel seed) that are thought to boost milk supply.

Because the dosage in this teas are on the lower side, you’d want to drink at the very least a cup or two every day that you’re trying lock out.

(I happen to have a discount password for Milkmaid Tea – use PUMPING15 for 15% off).

6. Take Lactation-Promoting Herbs

Many world use lactation additionally or organic galactagogues additionally in capsule type to rise supply.

(Important Note: there is constantly a risk to organic supplements or medication, i m sorry is why ns recommend trying the over options first. My it is provided went up rather a bit when I provided fenugreek, and also the limited studies that have actually been done have actually reported it functions for some people – however others have actually reported the it had actually the opposite impact on them.)

Fenugreek is most likely the most famous of these, and also some civilization see an increase in pumping output after 24-72 hours of starting it.

Blessed thistle is one more herb that may help increase milk supply; some lactation professionals recommend acquisition it v fenugreek for the finest results.

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7. Medication alternatives – Domperidone or Reglan

There space two drugs that space not intended because that anything to do with lactation, yet seem to rise milk supply together a next effect.

These medications are Domperidone (also called motilium) and also Reglan. They work by by prevent dopamine receptors, which results in boost in prolactin levels. These drugs will not occupational in ladies that already have typical prolactin levels.

Both of this medications normally work in ~ 3-4 days, however may take it longer.

The downsides of using among these medicines are:

With any type of medication there space risks, and also you will need to discuss them with your prescribing physician.

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I hope this help you understand things that you can try to rise your milk supply, what you might want to shot first, and potential risks. Ask any questions that you have in the comments!

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