Penis plug is one of the main tools for an i can not forget urethral play. Likewise termed as “cock plug”, prick plug is put into the opening of the urethra because that a an effective stimulation that nerve endings surrounding the organ. The whole process is referred to as urethral play. Room you too looking front to enjoying a sensational urethral beat with cock plugs? it is great- but remember the penis and urethra are fragile organs. For this reason you need to be extremely careful while inserting a foreign toy into them.

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But no worries- the write-up below outlines the advice to store in mental while using cock plugs safely.

Be cautious with the selection

You need to be careful about the cock plug girlfriend buy. Follow to experts, girlfriend should always go because that a one made v surgical great stainless steel. Do not opt for any other material like rubber and also so on. You will need to boil the plug for ideal sterilization which friend can’t execute with the soft rubber counterparts. Then, the diameter the the plug is additionally important. The ideal one will certainly be neither also thick nor as well thin for your urethra.

After you get the plug, girlfriend must check it thoroughly before use. The right one need to embody a flawlessly smooth surface. If girlfriend feel any lump or bump or shard on the toy body, you must return that immediately. Remember, the plug will certainly be offered to massage the urethra. Any kind of bump on its body surface will reason injuries to her sensitive organs.

Tips on sterilization

A for sure usage begins with the effective dick plug sterilization.

First, you will certainly wash the toy in soapy water. Use heat water for far better safety. Then, rub it v unadulterated alcohol come wipe out all the continuing to be bacteria. Friend can additionally use a an excellent anti-bacterial adult toy cleaner if girlfriend can’t gain alcohol. It would certainly be far better if you have the right to wear brand-new clean gloves while clean the plug.

Then, you will certainly boil the plug in warm water because that thirty minutes. After half an hour, you will certainly let the cool down. Make certain the toy walk not get to come into contact with anything after ~ sterilization. If that accidentally comes in contact with anything, you have to sterilize the again.

You will additionally need to have clean hands before urethral play. Girlfriend can cut your nails, make sure they space smooth and also be certain to clean under her nails and also between your fingers. If you would like, you have the right to use clinical gloves come ensure your suffer will be 100% hygienic.

Alongside, you must take a hot shower and clean her hands and also genital area thoroughly. ~ that, take out the toy indigenous water and also place that on a clean sterile cloth. You will obtain one from your local pharma store. When it dries, you have the right to use it.


You will have to urinate both before & after ~ the plug play. You can not urinate if you are carrying the end the process.

Lube it up

You can’t just insert the prick plug straight into urethra. You need to lube the generously prior to insertion. You should lubricate the urethra as well. Enough lubrication will certainly assure a smooth friction-less insertion and also a dreamy stimulation. However, do not use any type of kind of oil-based lubricants here. According to experts, when it concerns lubes because that sex toys, the finest thing is a water-based lube. Silicone-based lubes would be an excellent as well. But you need to not ever before use numbing lubes and glycerin lubricants. Have actually the lube handy. You may need it again midway in her playtime.

Calm down


Relax and also chill down before you start with the yes, really play. You can listen to part calming music or light up some fragrant candles. Your mind should be at peace.

Insert the plug

You will insert the plug only when your cock is in a soft state. Go slow and gentle. Perform not ever before rush it right into your body as it will just leave you through wounds. Insert the plug ~ above your dick tip first. Then, gradually nudge it towards urethra. In many of the cases, the plug will certainly reach the urethra naturally by the force of gravity. You should keep host on the plug it spins the cock gets completely erected. Carry out not ever before force the plug into your body. If you endure some kind of resistance, take it out and also apply much more lube.

After you insert it, you can masturbate to enjoy amazing stimulation. Another way to enjoy penis plug is the in & the end movement. In this case, girlfriend will have to gently move the plugin & out approximately ½ inch of her penis. The will help to massage her urethral walls and create an great sensation.

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Pull out slowly

Do not pull the end the plug too rapid as the may develop tear in ~ urethra. You have to wait till the penis reaches come its soft state again. Once you patience down, you can then gradually take out the toy.