LG and Philips clever TV both have preloaded apps to provide you a head begin on your streaming journey. You can uncover some that the trending streaming services, which only require girlfriend to i ordered it to a plan and also have your account ready before you deserve to start city hall its TV shows and movies.

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To accessibility and install various other apps on your LG or Philips smart TV, all you need to do is navigate come the LG or Philips application store. Browse with the selections and select the app that you want to download and add to your smart TV. Install it and also enjoy streaming at any kind of time.

But, what if you want to get access to a specific app on your LG or Philips clever TV, and it is not found on the application Store or app Gallery? can you install 3rd party apps on her LG and also Philips TVs?

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Downloading or Sideloading 3rd Party or outside Apps top top LG or Philips smart TV Device

Unfortunately, sideloading third-party apps on her Philips or LG smart TV is not that easy contrasted to installation it directly from the app Store. Still, several ways will aid you stream her favorite apps on your smart TV.

Use a Streaming Media Player

One the the ideal ways come access third party apps to your smart TV is come insert a streaming media player device. There space a many of alternatives in the industry that will aid you stream and expand the library with much more apps on her LG or Philips smart TV.

You can use Google Chromecast v Android TV, Amazon FireStick or Fire TV, Mi TV Box, Nvidia Shield TV, apologize TV, Roku player, and also more.

Install Third-Party Apps on LG & Philips using Google play Store

If you room using an Android-powered Philips and also LG clever TV, friend can find the Google Play keep in the perform of preloaded apps. Native there, girlfriend can inspect if the apps you desire to install space in the Google play Store. Open the app and click the install button.

Download, Sideload or Install 3rd Party Apps indigenous Unknown external Sources ~ above LG or Philips TV

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To sideload third party and also external apps on her LG or Philips clever TV, you must download and install the Downloader app. Monitor this guide to permit the tool and use that to download apps from unknown sources.

First, enable Unknown resources by navigating to the Settings menu of your smart TV.Go to the protection Option.Look for Unknown sources and enable it.Then, beginning the Downloader app and also install the APK papers of the application you want to include to her smart TV library.

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What 3rd party apps perform you plan to sideload on her LG or Philips smart TV soon? You have the right to share her answers through us in the comment ar below.

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