Although installation baseboard is a simple DIY project, there room a couple of safety precautions to store in mind. If you space using power devices such as a compound power miter experienced or a finishing nailer, be certain to undertake eye protection and ear plugs. Make certain your working surface ar is clean of debris as soon as operating power tools. Finally, be certain to review the operation manuals for your power devices so the you are mindful of all the safety precautions associated with every tool.

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cut away the old paint and caulk follow me the top edge the the trim. Remove any kind of nails that remain in the drywall. Scrape and sand off any type of remaining adhesive or caulk left ~ above the wall.


Before girlfriend head to her local house Depot to buy her baseboard and supplies, conserve time and also money by accurately measure first. 

measure the perimeter that the room(s) through a tape measure, rounding up to the nearest whole-foot measurement divisible through two.  measure up each wall at least twice.  include additional room come your measurements to allow for external corners.  If you room a beginner, add six inch (or more) to your total measurement to give yourself some leeway.  purchase one or two extra baseboards in instance of cutting mistakes. 

Baseboards are typically composed of 3 components: cap moulding, baseboards and shoe moulding. You might not need all three materials for her project.

lid moulding fits on peak of the baseboards to include an ornamental touch and are optional. Cap moulding is often used with wainscot paneling or through a chair rail.  Baseboards range from 3½- come 6-inches high and are mostly flat. They form the mass of the baseboard. Shoes moulding is another ornamental detail at the bottom that the baseboard. Back they space optional, they aid complete the look. Shoe moulding is supplied when retrofitting or putting down new flooring.

Once you have the measurements, it’s time come head to her local house Depot to acquire your moulding. Baseboard moulding comes in lengths up to 94-½ inches. Make certain you have actually the right kind of vehicle to carry the material. 

You will need a couple of other tools and supplies to download baseboards. The handiest device is a miter saw. A miter saw will aid you quickly and accurately cut trim. Many importantly, that makes fast work of cutting the corners ~ above baseboard moulding. If an electrical miter observed is no in your budget, you have the right to rent one. A miter box is additionally a good, economic option. One more tool to aid speed increase the procedure is one eclectic brad nailer. If you are not all set to invest in a collection of strength tools, see your local residence Depot’s tool rental for affordable options.

4Preparing to download Baseboards

lug the boards into the room whereby you'll be installing them a few days before you start. This will aid them acclimate come their brand-new environment. Measure and also cut the baseboards for each wall. Because that the boards that meet outside corners, cut them a few inches much longer than the wall surface to enable for miter cuts. Repaint the baseboards and let lock dry. Find and mark the wall surface studs.


usage a 4-foot level to identify if her floor is level.  If the floor is not level, uncover the lowest allude in the room and also tack a scrap item of baseboard come the wall. Use the peak of the scrap baseboard as a suggest of referral to do horizontal clues every couple of inches, keeping at the exact same level, on the walls about the room.  Snap a chalk line in between the point out to indicate where the height edge that the baseboards must be when they're installed. Start at an inside corner. Organize the first board versus the wall, level it, then temporarily tack it in place. If you arrangement to install baseboard moulding before adding carpet, it needs to be set up 1 inch above floor level to enable room for both pad and carpet. If adding baseboards after ~ carpet is laid, it should be set up at the same height as without carpet. If you space not intended to install quarter round, or base shoe, the baseboard have to be set up snugly on height of the carpet.


For floors that room not level, girlfriend will need to scribe the bottom the the baseboard for an accurate fit. Scribing is a method to carry odd shapes and also wavy walls or floors come your work-related piece.

to scribe, collection the compass points come 1/4 customs apart. Location the suggest of the compass also with the floor versus the wall surface and the pencil against the baseboard slightly over the board's bottom. Traction the compass allude along the floor, drawing a line across the bottom that the baseboard. Eliminate the plank and set it ~ above a cutting surface. Set the circular experienced blade depth come the depth that the board, and on a 5-degree bevel v the face of the cut toward the wall.  Trim the board along the penciled line. Utilizing sandpaper, sand the bevel far to produce a level cut at the significant line.  Dry-fit the baseboard back onto the floor. Make sure it lines increase evenly v the chalk line on your wall.

7Outside corner Cuts
fit one finish of the baseboard against the inside corner of the wall or door casing. At the various other end draw a vertical line up the ago of the plank mark the optimal of the board to display the direction of the miter. Location the other board versus the nearby wall. Note the same way. That miter angle should be the opposite of the ahead board.  set a link miter saw to 45 degrees. Reduced each miter around 1/16–inch much longer than necessary. Law so guarantee a chop fit. Ar both board back versus the wall and check the join. If the join it too tight, usage a sanding block to remove excess wood. Once the right is good, apply a slim bead of wood glue come mitered edges and nail in location with finishing nails.
8Coping an Inside corner Joint

When two walls fulfill in an within corner, one baseboard must be coped come fit right into the other baseboard because that a smooth look. You can, however, use a miter reduced to sign up with an within corner. This choice will result in a less seamless look and will need extr finishing in the end.

Measure and cut one baseboard so the it fits flush against the wall surface with a straight cut next to a corner. Mark the end of the to be coped. Make it a pair of inches much longer in case of mistakes. Use a miter observed to bevel cut the finish at a 45-degree angle. The cut will reveal the file of your baseboard. V a transaction saw, cut along the profile.  Slightly angle the tongue so the you cut away indigenous the backside of the baseboard.  Sand the edges and then dried fit.  If the to the right is good, nail right into place v finishing nails.

9Scarf and Butt Joints
Where two boards accomplish on a long wall surface or right run, friend will should make a scarf joint. Miter the finish at 45 levels in the contrary directions. Glue and overlap the miters, climate nail with the piece that covers the joint and into the stud. If the baseboard doesn’t need to proceed around any kind of simply reduced it and also butt that up versus the object (like a door trim).
In larger homes, you might run into problems with wall surfaces that are not square. To number out how to install brand-new baseboards on old walls, friend will require to adjust the angles.  usage a sliding T bevel to assist determine the brand-new angles because that the corner. Alternatively, use scrap product for trial-and-error fitting until you discover the correct angle cut. If the share gaps are tiny or the gaps in between the wall and the baseboard space small, you deserve to use caulk or timber putty to fill in the gaps.  However, if the gaps are bigger than a ¼ inch, friend will need to readjust the angles of the outside and inside corners to enhance the angle on the corners the the old wall.

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11 Finishing
Install shoes or cap moulding, if using. Rental the same methods for outside and also inside corners, scarf and also butt joints on the moulding. Caulk along the optimal edge and also corner edges and also nail holes. Touch up the baseboard through primer paint.  use final peak coat that paint. 

Installing a baseboard is a quick way to upgrade a room and include a stylish finishing touch to any kind of room. The house Depot is your DIY headquarters. In search of a product to complete your project? we have choices to supply online orders when and where you require them.