LATCH is a method to for sure a auto seat to a car using straps or connectors on the vehicle seat that connect to special metal anchors in the vehicle.

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LATCH is recognized as ISOFIX in Europe and LUAS (Lower universal Anchorage System) in Canada.


LATCH comes both in the car and also on the auto seat: LATCH is composed of numerous components and by law the corresponding parts must be built-in to BOTH the vehicle and also the automobile seat:

Lower anchors and tether anchors are integrated to the vehicle.

Connecting straps and also hooks are integrated to the child’s vehicle seat.

LATCH in the vehicle:

Lower Anchors: These are a pair of steel “u-shaped” bars concealed in the vehicle’s chair crack. Learn just how to recognize them here.

Tether Anchors: These are metal rings or bars uncovered behind the car seat. In sedans, the tether anchors are always on the shelf under the behind windshield. In SUVs, wagons, and minivans the location deserve to vary tremendously.

If you live in the US, your vehicle probably has both reduced anchors and tether anchors. In the U.S., federal regulation mandates the vehicles version year 2003 and newer must have lower anchors in at least TWO positions and also tether anchors in at the very least THREE positions. This method that in many vehicles, the side seats have lower anchors and also tether anchors, while the center seat has actually a tether anchor but NO reduced anchors. See below for which vehicles have actually lower anchors because that the facility seat.




LATCH on the auto seat:

There are two parts to LATCH ~ above the automobile seat: lower anchor connectors and a tether strap and also hook.
Lower anchor connectors: every 5-point harness automobile seats (including rear-facing only infant seats, convertible car seats, “harnessed boosters” and “all in one” automobile seats) and some belt positioning boosters come with built-in lower anchor connectors. 
Tether strap and hook: all forward-facing 5-point harness auto seats (including convertible automobile seats, “harnessed boosters” and also “all in one” vehicle seats) come through a built-in tether strap and also hook.

Lower Anchor Connectors

All automobile seats with a 5-point harness have a means to affix to the reduced anchors in the vehicle. Most vehicle seats usage a lower anchor strap with a hook top top each end that hooks onto the vehicle’s reduced anchors. Some car seats have two separate reduced anchor straps, each through a hook ~ above one end.

Lower anchors and also connectors space used rather of the vehicle’s seat belt come secure the boy seat come the vehicle. Lower anchor connectors are uncovered on both rear-facing and forward-facing vehicle seats, as well as on part boosters.

In the US, there room a few child security seats that have rigid or semi strict LATCH – whereby the lower anchor connectors room not on a strap, but rather rigidly attached to the steel frame of the child’s auto seat. Currently, the Nuna Pipa and Clek Liing are the just 2 rear-facing-only seats v rigid LATCH, and the Clek Foonf is the only seat to sell rigid LATCH for forward-facing.


Using reduced anchor connectors

Is it safer to usage the reduced anchor connectors rather of making use of the chair belt?

Our answer: Sometimes.

Seat belts have constantly been a an extremely safe and effective way to certain a vehicle seat… the trouble is that getting a for sure installation v a seat belt is often confusing and also challenging. LATCH was created in an attempt to diminish the misuse price for car seats by giving parents an easier method to certain the child’s automobile seat come the vehicle. Unfortunately, LATCH walk not reduce the misuse rate for car seats; the misuse rate proceeds to be about 90%.

Rigid LATCH, by directly securing the steel frame of the child’s automobile seat to the steel structure of the car, essentially eliminates the side-to-side activity of the car seat in a side-impact and the front-to-back movement of the vehicle seat in a frontal crash. Together such, rigid LATCH can far better contain the child’s body within the covering of the seat and decreases the possibility of the child’s human body hitting a difficult structure in the vehicle, because the children seat have the right to not move as lot laterally or front-to-back as it have the right to with seats that use a lower anchor strap or a chair belt. Strict LATCH also has a much lower potential because that mistakes to be made in installation the seat contrasted to once you should tighten a reduced anchor strap or seat belt. 

Should I usage the lower anchors and the chair belt at the same time?

NO (usually). The reduced anchors are frequently used instead OF the vehicle’s chair belt.

But……there room a few exceptions. The most usual exception is with booster seats that sell LATCH, where the reduced anchors will secure the booster to the vehicle, and then the vehicle’s seat belt goes throughout the child’s human body to for sure the child.

For 5-point harness auto seats, there are just 2 seats the currently enable you to use the lower anchors and also seat belt. 1. The Clek Foonf (a convertible seat) when offered FORWARD-facing offers the rigid lower anchor connectors and also the vehicle’s chair belt (and the tether too) – which successfully negates the entire worry discussed listed below of the lower anchors having weight limits. 2. The Nuna Pipa child seat also permits the use of the rigid reduced anchor connectors and also the vehicle’s chair belt.

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Can you usage the seat belt and also the lower anchors in ~ the exact same time if you want to?

Unless you have actually a Nuna Pipa base or a forward-facing Clek Foonf, NO friend cannot usage both. Trust that the auto seat manufacturer knows your seat best. Uneven they tell girlfriend to use both, castle don’t want you to use both.