It’s true. I have a device when it concerns putting lamp on our Christmas tree so the glows. But just listen me out.

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Growing up, we would throw the tree up and also wrap the lights approximately it. I would certainly stand top top one side and my mother would was standing on the other, and we would loop the lights approximately the tree, encasing that in lights. Not till I was older go I grow to not really like that look. It simply looks as well messy come me. And the tree doesn’t glow favor I think a Christmas tree should.

Enter Martha Stewart. I was watching her present a few years back when she demonstrated how to placed lights on a Christmas tree. Martha stated that you must wrap every branch through lights. Eureka! Now, Martha prove on a actual tree, which would be more challenging to execute 보다 the type of synthetic tree we have.


How to put Lights ~ above a Christmas Tree

Now, we’re not walk to begin at the top. No, no, friends we start at the bottom.

First, placed on the bottom great of branches. Then, wrap every branch– walk up and also down the branch with the lights.

If her branches room attached, simply fold down the branches layer by layer.




Then, placed on the next layer of branches and add the lights utilizing the same technique I used on the first layer that branches.

I store doing this all the means up to the height of the tree.


Of course, my critical strand of lights to be dead, and I didn’t feel favor running come the save at 8:00 PM. Needless come say, I’ll it is in finishing the lamp on the tree tomorrow.

But that, mine friends, is just how I put lights on mine Christmas tree. No more light-lassoed Christmas trees. The entirety tree glows and also the strands of lamp aren’t barely together noticeable similar to the lasso method.

How countless Lights come Use

The general ascendancy of thumb is 100 lights per 1 foot that tree. We have actually a 7 foot tree so I used 700 white lamp (seven 100 strings the lights).

Real Tree Vs. Artificial Tree

But let’s say you have a actual tree or an artificial tree the isn’t assembled quite favor mine. If it to be me, I’d shot my finest to go up and down each branch. This may take a little much more time, but trust me, you’ll love the results. Also, you may want come wear gloves to protect your hands.

You can additionally use this an approach to include extra lights to a pre lit tree if you desire yours to glow some more. You could also add twinkle light strands or colored lights.

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Here’s the last look of our 2011 Christmas tree (see much more photos here).


And here’s the final look of our 2012 Christmas tree (see much more photos here).(There’s not much distinction from the 2011 tree due to the fact that I don’t have actually the budget to readjust the look at of our tree every year. But then again, who does have the budget and also storage room to constantly change the watch of something they bust out for 1-2 months every year?)