Modern technology has enabled great advances in comfort and technology, and also it’s now possible to watch DVDs and also TV in your vehicle to game children and impress passengers. Installing a TV tuner can allow access to digital TV signal that can be perceived in the car. These tuners need either an already installed screen or the purchase of a kit that contains the monitor and receiver.

This post will cover exactly how to install a TV tuner right into your automobile if you already have an existing monitor setup.

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Part 1 of 1: installing a TV tuner

Materials Needed

ScrewdriversTV tuner kit through installation manualWrenches


Step 1: pick out a TV tuner kit. As soon as purchasing a tuner kit, make sure it consists of all the needed products for installation, such as wiring and also instructions.

It"s a great idea to examine to make sure that the kit will work with the existing screen system already installed in the vehicle. This might require purchasing a kit by the exact same brand as the monitor.


Step 2: Disconnect the battery. The an initial step will certainly be to disconnect the an unfavorable battery cable. This is done to avoid voltage spikes and also to protest the installer.

Make sure the an adverse cable is inserted in a means that it cannot touch the terminal while you work.


Step 3: identify the placement of the TV tuner. Next you will need to decide wherein the TV tuner will go. It requirements to be in a protected dry atmosphere where the cables deserve to be conveniently linked to it. A typical place is under a chair or in the tribe area.

Once one area is chosen, it should be prepped for installation. The installation hands-on may have particular location instructions based upon the make and also model of her vehicle.


Step 4: install the TV tuner. Now that the position is ready, download the TV tuner right into the room chosen. The unit must be secured in some way, even if it is it it is in tied down through zip ties or screwed into place.

How the unit is placed will differ from car to car and also kit come kit.


Step 5: Hook increase the TV tuner come a strength source. The TV tuner will must run off of the vehicle"s 12 volt strength to work.

Locate the vehicle"s fuse block that consists of the auxiliary strength fuse. Uneven the instructions say otherwise, this is the fuse that will certainly be used.

Hook up the wiring come the the fuse and also run it ago to the TV tuner.


Step 6: mount the IR receiver. The IR receiver is the part of the device that picks up the signal. This will certainly be placed somewhere where it deserve to reach signal.

The dash is the most typical location. If the environment manual has an different location that should be make the efforts first.

The recipient wires should then be operation to the the tuner unit and plugged in.


Step 7: attach the tuner come the monitor. Run the audio/video wires come the currently monitor and connect them to the proper inputs.

The wires should be hidden as best as possible.

Step 8: check the unit. Reinstall the negative battery cable the was disconnected previously. Once power is restored to the vehicle, turn on the screen first.

After the screen is turn on, turn on the TV tuner and test the out.

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Now that you have actually the TV tuner installed and working in your car, over there is no excuse not to take the vehicle on a nice road trip. With the TV tuner, hrs of entertainment will certainly ensue.

If any questions come up throughout your installation, girlfriend can always Ask a Mechanic and also receive quick, thorough advice. The qualified technicians at are here to help.