points You will certainly Need

Before you install Windows

A published copy the this guide, which has information you should refer to once installing Windows.

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A Back-Up of your Disk prior to Partitioning or installing Windows. If you space installing windows on a portable computer, attach the strength adapter.The keyboard and mouse or trackpad that came through your Mac. If lock aren't available, use a USB keyboard and also mouse.A built-in disc drive or a compatible exterior optical drive.An installation disc with Windows 7 x32/64, depending upon your Mac model.An exterior drive, such together a USB thumb-drive, formatted as MS-DOS (FAT).

After you have actually Installed Windows

You can download the support software to an exterior drive.To style an exterior drive as MS-DOS (FAT), use Disk Utility, situated in the Other folder inLaunchpad.Installation Instructions

1. Check your Mac because that updates.

Select the Apple icon at the optimal left of her screen and also click "Software Update...". Download any easily accessible updates.

2. You will currently download the windows support software (drivers). This software enables Windows 7 to communicate with your Mac hardware.

Go tohttps://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204048and pick your Mac device. In the table, discover the model and also production date of her mac and then choose the number that synchronizes with the windows 7 column. An instance image that the MacBook table is shown below.NOTE: If you carry out not know the model and also production date of her Mac, it can be discovered by clicking on the Apple menu in ~ the top left of her screen, selecting About this Mac, and also then clicking More info.


Once you have actually selected the number (like the one shown in the picture above), download the Windows support software and follow the instructions to copy the .zip paper contents onto your USB ignorance drive. When you have done this, her USB thumb or exterior drive can be collection aside together it will not be needed until later.


3. Open up Boot Camp Assistant.

Select the magnifying glass in ~ the height right of the screen and also search because that "Boot Camp Assistant".Select the program to open up it. If girlfriend haven't made a backup of your hard drive DO for this reason NOW.Click Continue at the bottom right corner of the window.


4. Insert your windows 7 installation disc.

Uncheck the box that says "Download the latest home windows support software from Apple"Click Continue.


5. Boots Camp will currently partition your difficult drive come make room for home windows 7.

A recommended amount of30GB of an are was partitioned in the instance image below, however, if you great to readjust the partition size merely click and also drag the slider to change to your preference.

6. Click Install.

Boot Camp will create the windows partition.Restart her Mac.Open the home windows installer.


7.In the windows installer, monitor the onscreen instructions till you're asked whether to do an update or custom installation.

Select Custom Installation.

8. Once asked Where carry out you want to download Windows:

Select the partition named "BOOTCAMP"Select "Drive choices (advanced)"


9. Click Format, climate click OK.


10. Follow the onscreen indict to complete installing and also configuring Windows. After ~ you download the windows software, her Mac will instantly restart using Windows.

Use the windows setup display screens to complete any final configurations-- you will eventually concerned a display prompting you to get in your activation patent (The one offered to friend from OnTheHub).Alternatively, you have the right to skip this step, yet you will eventually need to get in the activation license code later.

11. Your Mac will certainly restart one last time and also boot right into Windows.

Insert the USB ignorance drive v the boot Camp support software application that you downloaded earlier.An installer may start automatically. If that doesn’t, double-click the setup.exe paper in the boot Camp folder the the USB flash drive and also follow the on-screen instructions.When it has finished, your computer system will restart and also boot into Windows 7.


Additional Information

You may notice that once you power on her Mac after a restart or shutdown that it automatically boots right into Windows 7.

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If you wish to boot into OS X instead, host down the Option key as soon as you see the grey screen appear at start-up and then select "Macintosh HD".

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