While many of us will most likely never to visit an extravagant occasion at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago, we still wonder what an evening at the Palm Beach, Florida, golf club would cost. The answer, of course, relies on even if it is you’re a society member. However it’s for sure to speak partying at such a posh will doesn’t come cheap. Find out an ext about Mar-a-lago — and see even if it is you can afford membership (page 4).

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The background of Mar-a-Lago


She draft it as a personal home. | Library of Congress/Wikimedia Commons

Trump was not the initial owner of the Mar-a-Lago estate. That was constructed in the 1920s by Marjorie Merriweather Post, a businesswoman and philanthropist. Post and also her husband already had a big mansion to live in, but she want something bigger to suit her entertaining needs. In spite of her extravagant tastes, article wasn’t looked under on for her money — in fact, she never hesitated to assist others, and also many referred to as her the most generous mrs they had ever before known.

After Post’s death in 1973, the price of the upkeep the Mar-a-Lago ended up being too lot to take care of for the Federal federal government (to which post had willed it). Donald Trump available the post family $25 million for it (according to him), however they garbage him. Trump then purchased the property between Mar-a-Lago and the ocean, threaten to construct a home there that would certainly block your views. He ultimately bought Mar-a-Lago in 1985 because that a just $8 million, which obtained him the property along with its superior furnishings and antiques.

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From exclusive residence to personal golf club


Mar-a-Lago is surprisingly accepting compared to other resorts that its type. | Gerardo Mora/Getty Images

Trump promptly renovated his brand-new estate, adding a 20,000 square foot ballroom and also some various other finishing touches. And despite part financial difficulties faced by trumped in the 1990s, Mar-a-Lago thrived into a successful golf resort. This is partially due to the fact that, unlike other “old money” resorts in Palm Beach, Mar-a-Lago embraced Jews, black color people, and also other minorities as members.

Mar-a-Lago has hosted concert by Celine Dion and also Billy Joel, among others. Michael Jackson and also Lisa Marie Presley spent their honeymoon there. However you don’t have to be a celebrity to visit Mar-a-Lago, although it doesn’t hurt.

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The resort features


There space plenty that ornate details. | Carlo Allegri/Getty Images

Mar-a-Lago is a beachfront resort, and being by the s itself is a substantial selling point. In enhancement to enjoying access to pristine exclusive beaches, the residential property boasts the people class trump Spa and Salon, europe indoor and terrace dining, one oceanfront pool, six championship tennis courts, a full size croquet court, a chip and also putt golf course, a modern fitness center, and also two ballrooms, the White and Gold Ballroom, and the luxury Donald J. Trump grand Ballroom.

There is additionally an on-property Beach society that has eight seaside cabanas, a 100-foot-by-50-foot pool, a whirlpool, and also the beachfront Bistro, every complemented by a full-service exclusive beach and also a breathtaking view.

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Membership fees


Memberships will cost you a fortune. | Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Of course, the “easiest” way to visit Mar-a-Lago is to end up being a member. Member has countless benefits, such together the usage of the formal and also casual dining areas, the trumped Spa and Salon, the pool, the beach Club, the fitness center, and also gorgeous state-of-the-art suites, just to name a few. However it will price you a fortune: A $200,000 initiation fee to it is in exact, plus $15,000 in yearly dues. Oh, and also if you’d favor to spend the night, you’ll need to pay an extra $2,000.

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Who deserve to afford a membership?


There are about 500 members at the moment. | Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Obviously, those member fees are too well-off for most Americans’ blood. However, since the Presidential election, attention in Mar-a-Lago membership has actually skyrocketed. But the club just admits a grasp of new members each year, and also currently there space only around 500.

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Hosting an event at Mar-a-Lago


It’s certainly not cheap. | win McNamee/Getty Images

Non-members space welcome to hold their exclusive events, such as weddings and birthday parties, at Mar-a-Lago. In fact, the resort seems to have all the amenities one would certainly dream of for an elegant affair: A grand ballroom, onsite catering, lavish guest rooms, a salon and spa, and much more. The expense will vary depending upon your party’s size and amenities, however be ready to shell out some major cash.

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Those glamorous parties

Partying with Donald trump card (or at the very least at the location where that parties) has actually never to be cheap, and the expense has been increasing due to the fact that he suspect his role as president. Tickets because that this year’s brand-new Year’s eve celebration cost $600 because that members and also $750 for their guests. Last year’s tickets offered for for $525 because that members and $575 because that guests.

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Who have the right to go?

As friend may have actually guessed, you’ll need to be a member to gain all the benefits of Mar-a-Lago, uneven you’re lucky sufficient to understand a member. Members are allowed to lug a certain variety of guests, but some restrictions use … and also for the parties and also suites, you’ll have to pay to stay.

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But is it worth it?

So what do $600 and also $750 acquire you, besides the privilege the ringing in the new year v a sit president? A lot, apparently. Guests of Mar-a-Lago’s new Year’s night party to be treated come a grand red carpet enntrance gate to the ballroom, a four course enjoy the meal that had lobster and also the trump Iceberg Wedge Salad, live music indigenous cover band Party top top the Moon, and also a welcoming decided by the president. Baseball legend Keith Hernandez, Fox News service host Lou Dobbs, and Sylvester Stallone to be in attendance as well.

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New restrictions

Of course, there space some new safety steps in ar for members of Mar-a-Lago now that trumped is the president (and over there so frequently). When Trump or his family members members are there, members and their guests must go through mystery Service checkpoints and leave their knives, laser pointers, pepper spray, and any various other items considered to be a safety danger at home.

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Guest limitations

There’s another rule in location when the chairman is in ~ Mar-a-Lago: Members deserve to only lug two guests onto the property. Every the added rules and restrictions, and also the presence of the mystery Service, are sufficient to store members away when Trump is there.

“We setup not to it is in there once he’s there,” one longtime member told Politico. “When he’s there, it’s a mess.”

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Mar-a-Lago do headlines in 2017 as soon as it to be announced that the kitchen to be slapped v 13 health violations. A couple of of them were categorized as “high priority,” meaning they can directly result in foodborne illness. One was for serving undercooked seafood that no undergone proper parasite destruction. Yikes.

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Other negative reports

If friend don’t know anyone who has actually visited Mar-a-Lago yet you’re curious, you can constantly check out the digital reviews. If TripAdvisor gotten rid of Mar-a-Lago indigenous their site last year, Yelp reviews are current — and also Yelp monitors lock closely, removing any review the isn’t based on firsthand experience. While there space some confident reviews, many of the comments aren’t great.

“Yeah I acquire that it’s problematic, politically ideal now, however mostly i wish their ugly commodes flushed and the horrific seashell decor was effectively dusted,” to write Merrill L. ~ above Yelp. “Literally the tackiest many overpriced case of smoke and mirrors. The employees are miserable and also the food is no worth the all at once price of the club,” included Yelp reviewer Conner.

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Some hopeful press

Of course, not all reports are bad. A organization Insider post from November 2016 goes into detail around what a stay at Mar-a-Lago is like, and also the grounds it seems ~ pretty impressive. James Taylor, the famous singer-songwriter (and a Democrat), invested a mainly there through his wife and children to carry out at a charity gala top top the property. He and his wife were an extremely impressed, call it one of the most exotic, larger-than-life many hotels they’d ever visited.

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The bottom line


It’s not useful for anyone other than millionaires and also those who want to be close to Trump. | Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Vacationing in ~ the winter White residence costs much more than almost any other vacation on earth (or a expedition to external space, most likely). If you’re serious about a Mar-a-Lago membership, after the initiation fee, annual dues, one total week remaining in the suites, and the expense of the brand-new Year’s eve party, you’ll need to shell out $229,600. And also if you desire to go as soon as Trump is there, you’ll have to be diligent about the restrictions and leave most of your guests behind.