as I was utilizing an app on mine iPhone, ns accidentally fight the home button. I conveniently reopened the app. However instead of that resuming wherein I left off, the application had come load anywhere again. (This to be Clash that Clans and I was in a raid!)

Is over there a means to save an application open in the background?

Such a feature would also enable me come quickly check something and then go back to the app that ns was on.

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Apps are paused when backgrounded and resume when opened. If an app does not effectively resume come the state it to be left in, this is something only the developer deserve to fix.

It"s not feasible to run an app in the background as if it remained in the foreground. Apps can only operation a restricted set of jobs in the background because that a short period of time every guidelines, or use structured backgrounding such together Background application Refresh.

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If you"re top top iOS 9.0 - 9.1, you have the right to jailbreak with PanGu. You can then install a tweak referred to as Dissident in Cydia that enables backgrounding with different behaviors per-application.

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For iOS Devices

If lift refresh is greyed the end in the ~ above position, go To Settings app - > basic - > Background application Refresh - > turn on the choice for the system, and then you can turn top top / off by app.


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