In some current iOS update it is shutting down some dormant apps in the backgroun. The course, not all of them, simply some. The freaking annoying and also I can’t uncover any way to protect against this brand-new behavior. I’ve obtained the apps collection to permit background refresh for this reason youd think that would do it but sadly no.

For exampl: I have actually a playlist open up in Onkyo HF player the I’m editing. I gain a phone call, or an e-mail that I need to address and when I go ago to Onkyo, it restarts and my editing is gon. This wake up with other apps too, and also it’s a brand-new behavior

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It"s approximately the application developers to effectively save the state of the app when it"s suspended. Complain to the application developer(s).

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Assuming you room using one iPhone, iOS only "runs" one application at a time.

Apps in the background room suspended. Constantly have been. Notifications will still come in and also Background app refresh might still it is in running, but the app itself is suspended until it is selected again native the move apps screen, invoked by dual tapping the house button.

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That is evidently the instance now whereby a developer should make changes to accommodate the recent change to IOS. The apps, before IOS 11.x, continue to be suspended as they to be when emphasis was adjusted to a various app. Now, after part unknown time and also for unknown criteria, IOS is now closing them. And there room times once the symbols will summary flash together IOS turn off them down. I’m hoping because that a setting somewhere the will stop IOS from doing this and return come pre IOS 11.x behavio

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See my various other response. Habits has recently readjusted and apps won’t stay suspended, they are killed

hmmm...helpful answer. Possibly you’re on come something here. I have actually been pushing memory use to the edge for this reason this is likely. And also the IOS updates space coincidental through my increased usage.

Good call and thank you so much for acknowledging the behavior and offering up factual information

Assuming you have actually a 6S it has 2 GB that RAM. That borders the variety of apps that deserve to be in ram at one time; iOS uses around 500 MB (my estimate), leaving 1.5 GB because that apps. That have the right to fill increase pretty fast. With contemporary apps that way generally much less than 5 can reside in RAN, uneven the many recently provided apps are really small. Once it runs the end of ram suspended apps are removed (as Idris points out), yet they remain in the multitasking screen. A properly written application will save its volatile data to storage as soon as it is rely for any reason, so no data must be lost; iOS "tells" the app that the is about to it is in suspended so it deserve to do this. If the application does not do this its volatile data will certainly be lost if it is purged from RAM.

My suffer is that games acquire killed much more than something else. Ns think they often tend to usage a most RAM. More than with various other apps, I shot to make certain I leaving them in ~ a allude where that won"t pains much.

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Your an initial post really answered mine question. Ns just adding these in because that anyone readythis object for an ext info

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