Banana, one of the easily accessible satiating fruits, deserve to keep friend healthy and also energized. V the help of some an easy tips gift here, you have the right to keep bananas from transforming brown, and can gain them fresh for longer.

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Did friend Know?

The indigenous banana has actually its origin in the Arabic indigenous ‘banan‘, meaning finger.

Regular intake of bananas, the many popular and inexpensive fruit in the world, can assist improve the wellness of a human being in number of ways. The banana is explained as a ‘leathery berry.’ The flesh is firm, creamy, and satiating. However, bananas are very an overwhelming to transport and keep fresh. Castle are very fragile. Moreover, they ripen quickly. The bright-yellow skin transforms brown as several brown spots nearly cover the skin. The fruit becomes softer together it ripens, and loses that charm.

Bananas can be enjoyed as a morning or afternoon snack. You can replace liquid bars and other junk food with this fruit. Banana chunks deserve to be included to salads and also breakfast cereals. This fruit deserve to be fed to babies, patients, or yonsi members that the family members alike. Peeled bananas or banana chunks turn brown in ~ a few minutes, since of a straightforward oxidation process.

You deserve to prevent this indigenous happening v the assist of the tips presented below. Back overripe bananas room perfectly edible, maintaining them fresh for much longer is better. We’ll likewise see how to carry a banana in your handbag/backpack without spoiling the banana itself, as well as your belongings.

How to save Bananas Fresh for Longer

Buy green Bananas


Instead the buying totally ripe, yellow bananas, to buy greenish bananas which are slightly ripe. You deserve to store these at room temperature. Slowly, they will certainly ripen within a couple of days. When you to buy ripe bananas, you should consume them within 2 – 3 days. Choose firm green bananas without dark point out or abrasions top top the peels, as they have actually maximum warehouse life there is no the need for freezing.

Store the Bananas Properly

Take the end the bananas from the plastic bag as quickly as you with home. Bananas extended in bags (green bags, file bags) would ripen faster. Bananas exposed come room temperature ripen slower and evenly. Check out to it the they space not exposed to direct heat or sunlight. Ar them away from the stove, heater, and also window. Save them in a well-ventilated, cool, dark place. Execute not keep the bunch of bananas as presented in the photo below. Bananas resting on a kitchen countertop are likely to obtain bruised.

Bananas In Basket

Keep the bananas as displayed in the photo below. This will safeguard the delicate fruit indigenous bruising. Fruit baskets frequently have hooks to hang bananas. Hanging the bananas on a hook is the best method of save on computer them.

Refrigerate Ripe Bananas

If you space not going come consume ripe bananas immediately, location them in a plastic bag, seal it, and keep the in the fridge. The peels might darken, yet the flesh will certainly not it is in affected. Remove them indigenous the frozen refrigerator a few hours before your snack-time, enable them to come earlier to room temperature, and also then consume them. You can keep ripe bananas in her refrigerator because that at the very least one week.

It is daunting to peel frozen bananas. Moreover, thawed bananas may turn into a sloppy semi-viscous mass. So, peel them, location them in a zipper warehouse bag or plastic container, and then freeze them. You have the right to use these bananas to do smoothies or because that cooking/baking purposes. Sprinkling part lemon juice end them will save the s bananas from turning brown. Never ever refrigerate environment-friendly bananas. They would certainly not ripen properly, and even if you eliminate them afterwards, they would not be able to resume the ripening process after returning to room temperature.

Keep Them far from various other Fruits

Place the bananas away from various other ripe fruits. This have the right to help delay the procedure of ripening. Ripe fruits develop ethylene, and unripe fruit ripen quicker when exposed come ethylene. Ethylene speeds up maturation and abscission the fruits. This applies to bananas too.

Wrap the Stems

Wrapping the trunk (the crown) in plastic wrap prevents the escape of ethylene native the stems. It additionally prevents evaporation the moisture and also absorption that ethylene released by fruits nearby, to part extent. You deserve to place some tape end the plastic wrap. If friend want, you deserve to wrap the stems with foil. Every time you remove a banana indigenous the bunch, girlfriend will need to wrap it back again carefully. This will assist keep them fresh for longer.

Divide and also Rule

There are gaps in between the bananas that are all together in a bunch. So, girlfriend cannot get a tight seal ~ above them. If you want them to last as long as possible, different them very closely (along with the stems). The is simple to wrap the stem that a single banana as contrasted to wrapping the bunch. Location the individual bananas in a tray or top top a record napkin, leaving some space between every two bananas. So, the process that leads to the advancement of brown freckles ~ above the skin deserve to be slowed under a little.

And, without removing the stem wrapper, you have the right to open the bananas native the the opposite end, and can usage the wrapped stem together a take care of to hold them.

Use a Banana Bunker

A banana in a having lunch box deserve to keep girlfriend satiated for longer. Various varieties of colorful banana carrier are accessible in stores. These difficult plastic situations have small holes because that ventilation. A banana bunker (light-weight plastic case) help protect, the fragile fruit, and likewise other valuables (important papers, books, clothes, etc.) in her handbag, sac, or briefcase. The instances are so fine designed the you can carry a directly or bent banana in them. They stop bruising that the fruit too.

Lime Bath

Bananas, after ~ cutting, deserve to be prevent from turning brown. Sprinkle a small bit the pineapple, orange, grapefruit juice, vinegar, or lemon juice (any acidic fruit juice) over the slices. Girlfriend can also immerse the chunks in lemon juice because that 2 – 3 minutes. If you space going to consume castle whole, you have the right to sprinkle some lemon juice over them after ~ peeling.

If you want, friend can use the juice through the assist of a brush. Or, take it ¼ cup lemon juice and add water come the cup. Line well. Dive the peeled bananas in lemon water because that 3 minutes and also keep castle aside.

Refrigerate Banana Chunks

You have the right to place banana chunks in a food or a bowl, and can refrigerate them. You could mash them before freezing. That is much better to portion the chunks into little amounts, taking into consideration the cooking recipes of banana bread, smoothie, or cookies, the you space planning come make. Placed the parts in tiny zipper freezer bags (or plastic containers) separately, and also store castle in the freezer.

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If it’s too late because that you to save bananas, you deserve to use those overripe bananas to do different types of banana breads, pies, muffins, banana oatmeal cookies, donuts, cheesecakes, pancakes, puddings, etc.