Whenever ns make chicken strips with bread crumbs it comes out fairly moist and also soggy and not crisp and also crunchy. I reduced the boneless skinless chicken breast right into strips, mix them with some egg and oil, include some salt and also pepper, then roll them approximately in the bread crumbs. Ns then use my George Foreman Grill and also even on preferably temperature they"re also moist. Why walk this happen and also how do I solve it?

This doesn"t occur when I"m lasignoralaura.com chicken without the breadcrumbs so i think it has actually something to carry out with them. I am using Panko bread crumbs.

grilling chicken-breast breadcrumbs
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The classic method of breading ("Wiener Schnitzel") is a three-step process:

flourOnly a slim layer: you can include salt or spices to the flour instead of or in enhancement to seasoning the meat.

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eggLightly to win (not foamy); let excess drip off well. breadcrumbsEither fresh or dried, the egg help the crumbs to adhere. Lightly pressing the crumbs to the meat is optional.

But over there is a fourth component that will ensure your success: fatYes, we are all trying come "eat healthy" and also monitor our fat intake, however unfortunately fat dram an an important role in an excellent breaded food. Whether it"s deep- or shallow-fried, the hot fat ensures a good heat transmission and quick setup of the breaded crust, hence locking humidity inside.Your GF grill is terrific kitchen tool, however defeats the purpose: your crust can"t roasted quick enough in the dry heat and also touching the warm surface just partially. Merged with the warm from the grill and a considerably longer food preparation time, the moisture the steams out of the meat will certainly literally be attracted into the crust - leaving girlfriend with sub par results.

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Save your GF for other uses and use a pan v some oil to fried food your chicken.

Side note:Some recipes because that fried chicken introduce baking the floured chicken pieces in stove to conserve fat. Keep in mind that a fried chicken is generally a two-step coating v an external layer the flour, therefore slightly other rules apply.

Nevertheless, this an approach might be an choice for you and worth a try, however don"t mean the golden crust you get from traditional frying. I have used stove with breaded meat, but typically with partially fried food, so that the breading already contained fat / oil from the an initial round that frying.