A lush spot because that outdoor entertaining? Great. Perfect. A continuous swarm the insects that invade your patio and home? No, thank you. Here"s exactly how to store bugs away from your patio and also yard, and also from acquiring inside your house.

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#1 download Patio Fans


Mosquitos may have actually a hard sting, however they"re wimps once it concerns standing approximately a breeze. Patio fans can keep her outdoor entertain space free from mosquitoes (and other small flyers) v the upper and lower reversal of a switch.

And you"ll gain the advantage of a cool breeze.

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#2 Don"t Mulch Too lot (or as well Little)

While mulching is normally a great thing because that curb appeal, overdoing that can cause problems.

It can give cockroaches and ants the ideal atmosphere to nest and find their way into your home, says Brittany Campbell, one entomologist v the national Pest administration Association. As mulch decomposes, it generates warm while providing cover because that brooding pests. It can even help mice tunnel right into your home.

So keep mulch at least 12 inches away from the structure — or use inorganic mulch, such as rock or gravel.

But don"t go in the opposite direction and forgo mulching altogether, leaving the ground basically bare. Yellow jackets do their swarms by tunneling into bare dirt.

#3 eliminate Standing Water

You probably understand this one already. However did you understand your gutters and downspouts might harbor multiple mosquito maternity wards?

Clean out gutters and downspouts on regular basis to stop clogs that deserve to trap water and also give those nasty stingers a location to breed.

Also make sure to store kiddie pools, buckets, and also watering can be ~ empty once not in use.

Even her beloved birdbath can be one issue. "Make certain you gain one with running water, so girlfriend don"t inadvertently create a mosquito breeding ground," says Kevin Esperitu, house landscaping expert and author.

#4 save Your garden Trimmed, Mowed, and also Tidy

Pull out that lawnmower regularly, and also keep her garden shears sharpened.

"Ticks favor to hide in tall grass and also wait for a passing person or animal, while bushes or tree limbs poignant the house can provide easy access for pests to acquire indoors," claims Campbell.

Plus having actually a tidy yard renders for great curb appeal.

#5 add Landscaping Plants the Bugs dislike

Bugs hate strong scents the mint or citrus. Mix plants with those scents right into your landscaping, specifically near the porch, patio, or deck for included beauty and functionality.

Here room some pest-repelling plants and also the bugs that dislike them:

Basil: flies, mosquitoesCatnip: mosquitoes, ticks, flies, cockroachesChrysanthemums: roaches, ants, ticks, fleas, bedbugsLavender: moths, fleas, flies, mosquitoesCitronella: mosquitoesGeranium, lemon scented: mosquitoesLemon thyme: mosquitoesMarigold: mosquitoesRosemary: mosquitoes

#6 paint Your residence Lighter Colors


Studies show that bugs view dark and also bright colors more easily, which is why human being are often advised to wear light-colored clothes to defeat them. The exact same principle may work for her home.

Choose lighter shades the paint shade for her home"s siding, doors, trim, and also other attributes such together fencing, patio, and also decking to do it less attractive to mosquitoes.

And if pesky birds are a problem, avoid paint that is the same shade as their favorite foods.

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Just be certain the repaint job fits right into the neighborhood and enhances her home"s beauty. Bugs are a pain, yet hurting your home"s value is more painful.