This short article goes the end to facebook fan Jessica. An excellent luck and also have fun through your first major Thanksgiving cooking!

I love to prepare as much of my major cooking ahead of time as possible, especially for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. (I’ve even fed the family breakfast prior to bed to acquire a jumpstart top top the following day. Note to self: negative idea.) sometimes my prep backfires, like when my pre-peeled potatoes rotate brown.

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If i were come ask my husband around that phenomenon, the would attract on his pre-med training and say something all science-y, prefer the browning is brought about when the polyphenol oxidase enzyme is released from the potato’s cell upon cutting. The enzyme immediately begins reacting with the oxygen in the wait to turn the phenol compounds within the tuber brown in a procedure called oxidation.

Oxidation, shmoxishmation. I just call it ugly. lock still perfectly edible, mind you, yet they aren’t perfectly pretty. I choose my taters to be pretty before I mash them right into an unrecognizable pulp.

Here’s just how you can gain a jump begin on your potatoes without the ugly.

How to store Potatoes from turning Brown

Peel and also rinse the potatoes. (So far so simple.)


Place them (whole, sliced, or diced) in a bowl, pot, bucket, trough, whatever, and cover them completely with water. Completely! Taters in, air out.

Store the key in the refrigerator. (I cheat top top this action if i don’t have actually room in the frig. Shhh.)

That’s it! told ya it was simple. Easier than that whole polyphenol oxidase thingie.



I only do this overnight. Some human being claim you can do this up to 3 days in advancement as long as you change the water and also rinse the potatoes daily. Some civilization might be right about that. (See the comment ar for various other opinions.)

Others add a splash of lemon juice to keep potatoes from turning brown. This is a an excellent practice for something that might be sitting in open up air. Scientifically, however, the browning occurs as soon as the potatoes come in contact with the oxygen in the air, i beg your pardon is an impossibility once the tubers are immersed in water who oxygen is firmly bonded to hydrogen and also won’t it is in oxidizing any type of taters. I conserve my lemons because that lemon pie. Mmmm…pie.

I recognize you’re all itching to know why potatoes don’t turn brown after they’re cooked. Well, if i were to stroked nerves my pretty tiny head around such things, I would certainly tell friend that heat denatures the enzyme, rendering it inert, so it no longer reacts v the oxygen to change the phenol compounds. (Heat kills enzymes.) but all that science just provides me a rash.


Another alternative: crockpot mashed potatoes

My too ~ blog girlfriend Stacy from Stacy provides Cents has actually a recipe for crockpot garlic mashed potato in she e-cookbook, Crock On. Crocking her taters would entirely cost-free you up from even having to think around them. the would almost be like having actually a personal chef do the potatoes for you, and all you had actually to carry out was eat them. Crockpots room neat like that.

Read my review around Crock On here, or, if you desire the recipe because that crockpot mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving and don’t want to bother with any kind of ol’ evaluate in case it talks about phenols and denaturing enzymes (which it doesn’t), purchase it currently for $5, or get it ~ above Kindle. That’s exactly how I’m making ours mashed potatoes this year.

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One much more Thanksgiving tip:

Brine your turkey! It’s simple and provides all the distinction for a juicy bird. This is how.

Jessica, ns hope this tip for keeping potatoes from turning brown help you out! Happy Thanksgiving! (Have a question? send it in the contact me section.)