Say you’ve decided to walk healthy and also prepare your very own lunches because that work. Girlfriend wash, chop and also toss a beloved fruit salad just to discover that her slices have turned brown come lunchtime. When this can leave a cake taste in your mouth, that is a natural process that reasons this discolouration. Chopped fruits such as apples brown fairly quickly due to oxidation, resulted in unsurprisingly by exposure to oxygen. This way that fruit are much better consumed instantly after chopping.

However, this is no the only way to eat fruit. This article intends to educate you the a couple of simple ways you have the right to store chopped fruit and keep it fresh at work. If you’re one of the many civilization seeing the services of enjoy the meal prepping – both financially and also health-wise – climate this could be ideal up your street. Making use of the complying with tips, you have the right to chop and also keep fruit transparent the morning and enjoy the sweet, succulent enjoy the meal or snack you’ve functioned to prepare.

Water storage

The an initial tip because that storing chopped fruit is to keep it in a container of fresh water. The water acts as a barrier, stopping the oxygen native reaching and browning her fruit. There room a couple of things come bear in mind with this method.

You must make sure that the fruit is totally submerged, i beg your pardon also method finding one airtight container through a lockable lid. If this can seem obvious, the last thing you desire is to open your bag to uncover your laptop and also work files sodden through fruity water. Plus, it’s constantly useful to familiarise yourself with the best ways to save food at work. Large chunks of fruit will certainly need much more water come cover so cut finer slices is much more suited because that this process.

The water will have to be changed every few hours if you’re hope to store the fruit for more than a day. However, native morning to lunchtime, your first submersion should be sufficient. If girlfriend have access to a fridge at work, climate this need to be whereby you save the container till lunch. Save on computer chopped fruit in water can additionally be beneficial for civilization looking to continue to be hydrated as it will rise the water content of the fruit.

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Water is likewise a an excellent way the storing more difficult chopped vegetables such together carrots and potatoes. This is much more for leftover ingredients and getting the most from her produce, yet it’s a handy pointer to have.


There is another method you deserve to use water to keep chopped fruit new without having actually to carry a container filled v it. You deserve to add particular ingredients to the water which will soak into the fruit and also preserve it because that a longer time when removed.

There room three different options for soaking chopped fruit: honey, lemon and lime.

Stirring simply two tablespoons the honey into a bowl of water and also then soaking chopped fruit for thirty seconds will save it fresh for as much as 8 hours. This is good for speedy morning lunch prep as you won’t must worry around safely storing the water in her bag or cut the slices tiny enough to submerge. Honey works because it has a peptide compound the combats the enzyme polyphenol oxidase, which reacts with oxygen causing the fruit come brown during oxidation.

Lemons and also limes job-related in a similar way, in the their mountain keeps the fruit fresh. The an essential component because that this to work is the absorptive acid, vitamin C. Where the love husband acts together a barrier, lemons and also limes work an ext like a decoy. The oxygen reacts with the mountain first, giving the polyphenol oxidase discovered in the fruit more time prior to oxidation. This also method that, once the vitamin C has actually been used up, common browning will take place.

Both methods work fine however some human being have reported an included and unwanted taste left by lemons and also limes. Considering this, and it’s speedy application, a love husband soak can be the ideal way to save chopped fruit fresh because that work.

Paper towels

A final method of maintaining chopped fruit fresh is come use document towels. This method is most beneficial for maintaining salads and leafy greens fresh because that a longer period of time. There room two means to use paper towels:

Using paper towels in a plastic bag of leaves is a popular way of keeping moisture off her greens. However, it is not the most efficient as the leaves are an ext likely to it is in exposed come oxygen. This is why many civilization opt because that an airtight container too.

The airtight container will keep out any kind of bacteria and slow decomposition. However the paper towels play a crucial role in maintaining condensation native the leaves. Instead of the leaves becoming soggy, laying a few sheets of paper towel on height will soak up the humidity from condensation. If preserved in a fridge, this deserve to keep the pipeline crisp and also edible because that over 10 days.

For work, file towels will help keep her salad pipeline fresh till lunch. You can mix the previous techniques by using two containers, one with paper towels top top salad leaves and the various other with love husband soaked fruit. This would mean you might keep leaves and also fruit fresh and create a mixed, fresh delicious salad native the lull of your desk.

There space a variety of methods for maintaining chopped fruit fresh because that work. You deserve to refrigerate the food in freshwater, which deserve to keep the fruit fresh for a longer duration of time.

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Or, if you just need to save the fruit fresh for a few hours until lunch, climate you have the right to soak in honey, lemon or lime water for fifty percent a minute or so. Gift able to save chopped fruit fresh for much longer will not only make your create go further however might encourage you to prepare an ext healthy lunches in ~ home.

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