If friend often discover yourself sneezing, have watery eye or wheeze in your own home, girlfriend may have a dust mite allergy.

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We"ve put together a perform of 21 means for you to reduce the dust in your house to make your house look better than ever, and help you breathe much easier too!

Editor"s Note: This write-up was originally posted inJune 2016 and also has been fully revamped and updated for accuracy and also comprehensiveness in in march 2018.

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How to minimize dust in her home

1. Change your bedding

adjust those sheets!

Your dear old bed collects skin flakes and dust with ease.

An easy means to stop dust in your home is washing her bedsheets and also pillowcases weekly. Get the pillows dry cleaned or to wash them yourself.

2. How to stop dust in the home by scan the floors

If there are locations where friend don"t need to vacuum, use a broom and dustpan to sweep the floors. Wash her dustpan and brush every few months and also let castle air-dry before storing.

3.How to stop dust v a dehumidifier

A dehumidifier will help reduce the levels of humidity in the house and also is among the best ways to assist dust mite control.

There are lots of different species of dehumidifiers available including the pro Breeze 500ml Compact which I"ve simply ordered myself.

4. Download roller blinds

Roller blinds won"t eradicate dust, but they will enable you to mitigate the dust in her home.

Instead of curtains why not shot roller blinds? These room much simpler to remove and also clean, or try cloth curtains i beg your pardon are easily washed in the washing machine.

5. Vacuum consistently to mitigate dust

It sounds obvious, since it is!

Vacuum your home to help suck up every the dust, specifically high traffic areas like hallways and also living rooms.

If you"re serious aboutreducing dust in your home, look the end for vacuum cleaners v high-efficiency particulate wait (HEPA) filters which are supposed to remove 99.9% of pollen, pet dander and also bacteria native the air.

Before you gain started, be certain to read our post on even if it is you need to vacuum or dust first. You might be making an ext work for yourself!

6. Usage a microfiber cloth to reduce dust

Grab a microfiber towel to usage on all her furniture and also surfaces. This cloths have more fibres that are able to connect themselves come the smallest dirt corpuscle - meaning they make dusting irradiate work.

7. Just how to avoid dust for pet owners

Keep an eye on pet fur and also dander by on regular basis brushing her pets. Once picking a ar to brush them, choose a tile or rock floor that"s simpler to clean.

8. Clean the tumble dryer

Tumble driers can gain pretty dusty...

...check her lint collector and also clean the dirt and also dust indigenous it. This will help the tumble dryer and also prevent dust from flying about every time you open up the door.

9. Mop the floors

Mopping is essential.

A wet mop will collect the dust the you missed after ~ sweeping. The longer you leave it, the more difficult it will be, so give it a walk today!

10. Usage an wait purifier to reduce dust

Reduce dust particles through an waiting purifier and also store castle close to windows. This will stop airborne contaminants obtaining in and also circulating the room.

11. Clean wait ducts & vents to protect against dust

Dirty wait vents can construct up a dust, dirt and also grime layer. Provide it a great clean and this will enhance ventilation.

12. Just how to alleviate dust through decluttering

If you"ve got a cluttered home, possibilities are all your knick-knacks are gathering dust.

Have a great sort the end and shot to store your home much more minimalist. It"ll be much simpler to store up with dust this way.

13. To win cushions & rugs

take it them outside and also give them a an excellent beating.

Want come know just how to mitigate dust in the living room?

Use an old broom take care of or a carpet beater come beat your cushions and rugs. Continue to do so till you no longer see any dust flying turn off them.

14. How to prevent dust in kids" rooms

If your child is sensitive to dust climate it"s a good idea to learn just how to mitigate dust in their room.

Buy washable toys, made the end of wood, rubber or plastic, and store castle in a big box therefore dust won"t acquire in.

15. Keep the windows shut on public days

Here"s a great tip if you have a many dust in your house - keep your home windows closed on windy days!

16. Acquire a wood floor

Carpet stop a most dust and each time you take a action on it, the releases dust. If you"re truly set onpreventing dust in your home consider installing a wood floor, or one more hard surface prefer stone, brick or vinyl flooring.

17. How toprevent dust in the wardrobe

You"d be surprised by just how much dust have the right to settle here.

Wardrobe organisation have the right to be tricky in ~ the finest of times, so why make it more tough by permitting dust to settle inside? Store any kind of clothes, bags or items that you aren"t using in plastic containers or cloth bags toprevent dust from acquiring in.

This could sound obvious, yet ensure that you save your wardrobe doors closed at every times, too.

18. Exactly how to stop dust using dust covers

Cover any kind of appliance if you"re not utilizing it, together as computer system keyboards. This will help stop dust before it gets into tiny places.

19. How to avoid dust with a doormat

Prevent outside dirt indigenous coming into the residence by gaining a doormat and leaving it exterior your home. Make sure to wash the carpet to aid prevent the dust from structure up. Here"s a great doormat native SUCK UK easily accessible at Amazon.co.uk because that £16.25.

20.Prevent dust through limiting the textiles in her home

Textiles trap and also create dust together they disintegrate as soon as you usage them. Try lightweight curtains, furnishings and shot and minimize blankets and also other materials around the home to avoid dust building up.

21. Eliminate your pair of shoes to save dust away

take them turn off as shortly as you acquire home.

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As soon as civilization get in your home, ask them to take it off your shoes. Any type of dirt on the bottom of their footwear that gets trodden right into the residence will ultimately turn right into dust when it dries.

Are friend going come be giving these advice a try? Don"t forget to i ordered it to our YouTube channel for an ext life hacks!

Hopefully currently you"re complete of ways to avoid dust in the home! If you"ve got a reminder we can not recognize about, let us know in the comments below, we"d love come hear them!