You choose to it is in active, and also so does your dog. Lengthy walks approximately the neighborhood. Trips to the dog park. Hiking in ~ the Barton Creek Greenbelt. You never ever realized you’d be text massage your friends, begging because that advice. “Give me every your principles for how to stop fleas indigenous biting me and my dog!” friend furiously kind into your messaging app.

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Before her text, you currently had skilled what can come along with spending time outdoors v your pup—itching. Specifics itching pertained to the variety of tiny small bugs the hitch a drive on your pet.

What’s among the most common? Fleas.

Lots that places have flea “seasons.” times of the year when you really need to really pay attention to fleas. Not right here in Austin. V our warm, humid weather, this area to be tailor-made for fleas to flourish year-round, therefore the poor news is the you don’t gain a break. If you are unlucky sufficient to acquire an infestation, it have the right to last indefinitely.

Worse? The use of chemistry flea deterrents has become so prevalent that this pests are developing a resistance. Some human being have even started referring to this bugs as “super fleas.”

So, what do you do? How deserve to you avoid acquiring bitten or—worse—overrun through these small bloodsuckers?

At Chem-free, we obtain asked this question a lot. Our insect management experts have helped plenty of Austin pet parental to resolve flea infestations in your homes, and also we recognize what it takes to save them in ~ bay and also give you, her family and your dog the relief friend need.

Below, fine share a little of our knowledge, therefore you and also your dog deserve to enjoy the the end without turning your home into a haven for fleas. Fine cover exactly how to minimize the wake up of flea bites, and also discussing few of the most advantageous remedies obtainable to deal with these pesky pests.


How To avoid Flea Bites from Itching and also Feeling Uncomfortable

If you’re analysis this, yes sir a great chance the you’re currently dealing v fleas. That method flea bites. Hopefully, it’s simply a boy issue and also we only have actually a couple of bites, but even one is too much for most people.

For many people, flea bites median itchiness, rashes, swelling and, in some cases, hives. If friend can’t resist the urge and scratch, the bites can get infected.

Fleas really like our pets come biting ours families, due to the fact that these pests are attracted to dog and cat fur because it gives them through ample space to hide. On some pets, a flea difficulty can cause flea bite dermatitis, one allergy defined by intense itching and also skin irritation.

Luckily, you have actually some alternatives to minimize the results of a bite. These strategies are a little different, depending on whether it’s a human or a canine family member.

Making Flea Bites On people Less Irritating

Treating flea bites on people is comparable to dealing with other types of bites. Few of the ways to make yourself much less uncomfortable incorporate plants, medication, herbs and also other common household items.

Aloe Vera

Applying this tree to an impacted area deserve to minimize redness and also swelling.


These tablets need to be scheduled for situations where you are experiencing extreme itchiness.


Don’t swallow this medicine; instead, wet the pill and rub it into your skin end the bite. Doing so will aid minimize symptoms.

Baking Soda and Water

Mix these two ingredients with each other to develop a paste, and also then apply it come the wound. This mixture can soothe the area and aid with itching.

Calamine Lotion

Another items you could have in your medication cabinet to help with mosquito bites have the right to also administer comfort for areas influenced by flea bites and also reduce itching.

Ice Packs

The cold will certainly numb the area, which offer to both minimize itchiness and swelling. Frozen vegetables offer the very same purpose.

Rubbing Alcohol

This solution will dry the bites out, which can reduce plenty of of the more frustrating symptoms.

Tea Tree Oil

This necessary oil, recognized for its antiseptic properties, likewise helps to eliminate itching.

Used Tea Bags

Want to stop inflammation? as with you deserve to put tea bags under her eyes if you have actually puffy eyes, you deserve to place your used tea bags in the freezer to cool lock off and then use them to your bites.


If friend dilute white vinegar with water (one component of each), this mix can help to relax symptoms.

Wash It

The most simple, however effective, way to control irritation due to the fact that of flea bites is by clean the area. Use antiseptic soap and cold water, because warm water deserve to actually rise itching.

Witch Hazel

A lotion make from the leaves and bark the a plant, witch hazel can also make bites itch less.

Helping your Flea-Bitten pets Feel less Miserable

What if it’s your canine companion who is miserable? there are likewise a selection of methods to alleviate inflammation and control that itchy feeling for your pets together well. Below, we resolve a few.

Aloe Vera Plant

Veterinarians don’t recommend utilizing aloe vera lotions do for humans on your dog, If you have an aloe vera plant, however, acquisition the gel directly from the plant have the right to work well and applying it come the bite area.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Some dog owners use this item from your kitchen to protect against itchiness in flea bites.

Calendula Ointment

This homeopathic cream stops itching by including moisture come the irritated area.

Creams or gels

Several different varieties of over-the-counter arrays are specifically designed come soothe dogs.


For the same reasons ice help flea-bitten humans, you can use the on her dogs. Make things easier on you yourself by foregoing the icepack and also just holding cubes ~ above the influenced area.

Lavender Oil

This crucial oil can stop itching on your furry household member.

Marigold Extract

Herbal infusions that contain marigold are supplied for a number of applications, including to stop itching linked with skin irritation.

Oatmeal Bath

Although the various other treatments us mentioned deserve to help, the an initial thing you want to try is to bathe your dog in oatmeal. Draw a warmth bath. While the water is pour it until it is full the tub, create a mixed oatmeal-water mixture that you deserve to rub onto your pet’s coat. Leave it ~ above for around 15 minutes, and also then wash off.

Of course, when alleviating the symptoms of bites is every well and also good, what you really desire is to prevent bites indigenous happening in the an initial place. These next two sections will certainly cover what you have the right to do to save fleas away.


Home remedies To save Fleas off Humans

Many of us want to minimization our exposure come chemicals—especially as soon as we end up being parents. Luckily, there space a few alternatives to shot to store fleas away from the person members of your household:

Cover up.We understand how warm it can get in our area, especially during the summer months. If keeping fleas away is one of your height priorities, however, one of the ideal ways to keep fleas off is come wear clothes that protects you better: long sleeves, pants with the cuffs tucked into your socks and so on. The less obtainable skin, the much less chance you’ll acquire bitten.

Now the we have the people in your house covered (perhaps literally?), let’s move on to comment on your pets.


Home remedies to store Fleas off Dogs

So, how deserve to you prevent your dogs from experiencing from flea bite dermatitis? try one the the complying with tactics.

Cedar Beds

Fleas don’t like cedar. Desire fleas come leave your dog alone while he or she sleeps? gain a cedar bed.

Citrus Juice

Grapefruits, lemons, oranges–fleas aren’t fans of any type of of this fruits. If you dribble some of the juice from this citrus fruit onto your dog’s fur, they i will not ~ be a fan of her pooch either.

Add crucial Oils come Bath

We already mentioned that essential oils deserve to repel fleas. If girlfriend mix a couple of drops of critical oil or two into the bath prior to washing her dog, their hair will be coated and also will act as a repellent.

Natural Flea Collar

Instead of to buy a advertising collar, include drops of important oils to a bandana or her pet’s collar and also tie it approximately your dog’s neck.

Spray their Bed

Use your spray party of vital oil and spray her dog’s bed with it.

Vinegar Repellent

Fleas don’t choose vinegar, so girlfriend can include it to her dog’s bath for yet one more natural flea repellent. Even better, placed vinegar in her pet’s drink water. Just make certain you don’t put in also much. A small amount will certainly safely defeat fleas there is no harming your dog.

Before we comment on flea-proofing her home, we desire to emphasize that not all necessary oils are necessarily safe for dogs. Make certain you research prior to using them and check through your veterinarian if you space unsure about using the one you have on your pooch.

Home remedies To store Fleas the end of your Home

One the the challenges around a flea difficulty is the it can be both indoors and also outside in ~ the very same time. To deal with fleas inside, you can shot the following:

Add organic Predators. Ladybugs and nematodes eat fleas, and also both can typically be uncovered at garden stores. Include some to your yard and any flea problem you have will it is in greatly decreased within a few days.Deodorize the Air. This is similar to the salting technique. Spread some flea repellants, such together lemon peels, cedar chips or dried lavender on the floor. Climate vacuum the up. Law so will certainly deodorize the air and introduce a scent that fleas don’t like.Drowning by Light. Fleas have to hydrate, and also they space attracted come light. You can take advantage of these 2 facts through mixing one of two people baking soda or soap into a bowl of water. Then ar it somewhere your dog can not reach (and because of this won’t shot to drink). Fleas will concerned hydrate and end increase drowning.Salt Floors and Furniture. Why? together crazy as it sounds, once you salt the floor and then vacuum it up, any kind of flea eggs will be killed by dehydration.Sprinkle vital Oils ~ above the Floor. This one is quite simple. Take it some necessary oils known to loss fleas and also sprinkle autumn on the floor or spray locations with a spray bottle.

What if these natural remedies don’t work?


Does DEET defeat Fleas? A tough Look At chemical Repellants

There are at this time 120 different EPA-approved commodities on the industry that usage DEET. Approximately 1/3 the the U.S. Populace uses DEET yearly to defeat bugs–usually mosquitoes. Studies have found that DEET repels a wide range of bugs, including fleas. In fact, DEET is known to be the most effective bug repellent out there.

How does it work? Repellents consisting of DEET mask our odor so insects room not attractive to us. No bugs space killed. They just leave united state alone.

All great so far, right?

Not therefore fast. Over there are countless concerns about how safe the chemical is to use. While multiple research studies have claimed it for sure both because that the environment and also people—even because that children—that doesn’t typical there can not use been any kind of problems.

Since 1957, there have actually been 14 situations of encephalopathy in kids, and also three of them died. Moreover, it is recommended that you take added precautions if you decide to usage repellents through this active ingredient:

Avoid using a concentration higher than 30% as soon as possible.Don’t use a sunscreen that contains DEET. Sunscreen requirements to be generally reapplied, and DEET shouldn’t be used much more than as soon as a day.Don’t spray repellent on hands or near mouths because you don’t desire to ingest it.Don’t spray the chemical close to eyes since it deserve to irritate them.

Those room a many caveats because that something that’s entirely safe and we all need to weigh the pros and cons very carefully to make a decision that makes sense because that our families.

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Flea difficulties Too lot For You? Chem-free have the right to Help

As you deserve to see, you have countless options available if you space suffering from a flea problem. A true infestation, though, deserve to sometimes it is in too complicated and time-consuming to deal with on her own. If she struggling v fleas in your home and also want some relief without placing your family or the environment at risk, look no additional than Chem-free. Ours highly-skilled technicians deserve to identify the source of her problem and suggest low-impact intervention methods to protect your family and pets indigenous the hassle and also discomfort of flea bites. Contact us by phone call or virtual to schedule a service.