Proper storage of firearms is necessary to keep them out of the wrong hands. Once you keep a pistol for home defense, you have to balance rate of authorized access against security.

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In this article, I will talk about some of the best gun storage options when accessibility for defensive use is important.

First Step: Evaluate your Circumstances

Before you deserve to decide just how to keep your firearms, you should examine your situation. Your situations will impact what techniques you usage to secure her weapons.

Hornady offers a variety of handgun safes like this bedside unit that passes together a radio alarmclock.

If you have children or tourists that carry children right into your home, you should store your weapons with a reasonable level of protection to avoid them from obtaining the guns. This will certainly limit her storage options, but responsible pistol ownership contains safe storage.

Another thing to consider is your home’s layout. Certain areas might be far better places to store a gun as result of the quantity of time you spend there. Other locations may be bad locations due to the lack of room or accessibility. Exactly how you save a total is influenced substantially by where you can store one.

Staging vs. Storage of Firearms

Pre-positioning of weapons for residence defense demands is sometimes called staging. A staged firearm is a gun the is save in a ready-to-use condition. Choose a fire extinguisher, they are intended for emergency use.

Some people — people I respect, mind girlfriend — make a difference between the storing and also staging of firearms. They correctly allude out that when you keep a non-staged firearm, it should be unloaded and also kept in a really secure ar such as a gun safe.

For the objectives of this article, I usage the state storing and staging interchangeably. To my mind, a staged total is a subset of save on computer guns similar to non-staged firearms that space unloaded and locked in a for sure are also a subset of stored guns.

Gun storage Methods

Once girlfriend evaluate her needs and circumstances, you can plan your residence defense warehouse plan. If there room an infinite variety of variations, storage division down right into three simple categories: exposed, hidden and also lock boxes.

Let’s acquire into each of them now.

Exposed Storage

Exposed warehouse is once you lay the end a total in plain view for straightforward access. This might be leaning a rifle versus your night stand once going to bed or leaving a 1911 on optimal of your desk. Exposed storage offers no defense at all, however it might offer the more quickly access.

While your gun can serve to safeguard you, friend must defend it as soon as it’s no inuse.

Exposed storage is responsible only when you to trust everyone else the may have ready accessibility to the firearm. You would certainly not desire to usage it if you have little children or were functioning in an office that was open to the public. Further, it have to be secured once left unattended.

Hidden total Storage

Hiding a gun offers concealment together a kind of security. If some techniques of concealed gun storage offer some measure up of access control, plenty of methods execute not. So, be careful when choosing the proper mystery storage location if you have children or other civilization that would irresponsibly take care of a firearm.

At its most basic, hidden storage deserve to be as straightforward as keeping a pistol in a workdesk drawer. However, there are much more advanced techniques of hiding a pistol from plain view, yet keeping it close at your disposal for a house defense need.

Tactical Walls offers a variety of out-of-sight storage solutions made to resemble furniture and also other householdobjects.

Tactical Walls is one of the premier companies once it come to building home décor with protective functionality. The agency offers a variety of furniture and also built-ins that space purpose-built to save guns. Plenty of of these covert gun storage remedies are fairly handsome and also will fit into a well-appointed home.

One of the that company top products is the top Locking Shelf. It is a completely functional shelf through a drop under storage area draft to keep a carbine like the Springfield SAINT AR-15, a pistol and even preventive ammunition. I’d recommend visiting the that company website because that other distinct covert gun storage ideas.

There room other secret gun storage solutions to consider. Girlfriend could, because that example, hollow out a huge book to conceal a pistol in ~ it. Sit on a kitchen counter or desktop, the book would look at like any other analysis material. Yet, the would market fast accessibility to a protective weapon. I’m sure with a tiny thinking, you can come up with all type of an imaginative gun warehouse ideas.


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Secure total Storage: Lock Boxes

While a full-on safe will sell the finest protection versus theft, fire and also other losses, over there is another option for world that want fast accessibility to a secured residence defense gun. I call these gadgets lock boxes.

However you store your gun, make sure it’s in a reliable and safe storage device — choose this Vaultek handgunsafe.

A lock box is a general classification of storage services that effort to balance theft-deterrence with speedy access to authorized users. Plenty of of these storage systems use some form of steel box huge enough because that a handgun v a keypad or fingerprint scanner. Typically, they deserve to be bolted to a big piece of furniture or studs in your walls. Part units room tethered v a steel cable to assist prevent theft.

Variations of the emergency access box additionally exist because that rifles and shotguns. Some of these gadgets are designed come conceal under your bed if others mount to a wall.

Hornady supplies a variety of fast accessibility lock boxes for home defensefirearms.

For mine needs, I have actually a Springfield XD business model pistol stored in a Hornady rapid gun vault alongside my bed. (Click below to check out my XD business Model review.) This is a supplement to mine SAINT rifle and part of my house defense gear. The Hornady lockbox provides fast accessibility via a keypad and an RFID fob on my keychain. I have actually something similar in mine office that stores a full-sized handgun come augment my Hellcat pistol that goes anywhere with me.

A great quality firearm, favor this Springfield Armory Hellcat OSP, deserves quality security — like this Vaultek LifePodcase.

Final Thoughts

You room the master of your own domain. Therefore, you are in the finest position to identify the ideal ways to store a gun to safeguard your home. One pistol concealed behind a specialty mirror close to the prior door can be a great option for you, however not for me.

As with all things, ns urge mindful consideration and finding a balance between home defense and preventing unauthorized people from gaining accessibility to your firearms. Surprise gun storage only works when human being don’t know around it. A locked gun storage equipment offers far better security but often in ~ a greater monetary cost and also slower access.

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Find the balance of how to keep a gun that works for you. Then, through training weapons or unloaded firearms, practice accessing them. As soon as an emergency comes, girlfriend don’t want to fumble through a lock or hidden accessibility latch.

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