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Don’t friend love every the sales we’ve been seeing on avocados lately? There’s nothing worse than a wasted avocado though, and it’s so sad once you want to save half of a reduced avocado because that later however find that it’s turned brown and unappetizing by the following day. So: Here’s how to save fifty percent an avocado and avoid food waste and also sadness, plus a bonus fast & dirty not-Guac recipe.


I’ve check out all species of advice on how to save half an avocado — sheathe it through plastic wrap and also press out all the air, add a tiny lemon juice top top top, buy an additional one-use kitchen tool avocado keeper, or what have actually you. But here’s the finest (and easiest!) technique I’ve uncovered to keep avocados from turning brown: Store them in their very own skin!

Nature has its own means of preserving the beautiful avocado insides, so here’s just how to save reduced avocados and also prevent lock from turning brown:

Cut her avocado in fifty percent lengthwise, leaving the pit in one half.Use the non-pit half of your avocado in the quick not-Guac below, or in your own favorite recipe.Replace the north avocado skin on height of your continuing to be half, making sure not to leaving exposed avocado flesh in ~ the edges.Refrigerate.

When you open up it up later, voila: Beautiful eco-friendly avocado inside!


Your fifty percent an avocado will save for at least a job in the refrigerator there is no browning when you wrap it in its own skin, meaning that you can save a cut avocado simply by… difficult it earlier together! save your following leftover avocado from transforming brown v this quick and easy tip.

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While we’re talking avocados: periodically you simply want to jazz up some tortilla chips for a snack or throw together a rapid & easy sandwich spread. Here’s a quick three ingredient recipe to enjoy as soon as you don’t desire to consist of a totality batch that guacamole: Mash half a ripe avocado in a bowl with a little sea salt and the juice the 1/4 of a tiny lime.

Yup, that’s it! Then place the 2 halves earlier together to conserve the other half of your avocado in its very own skin — probably for lunch tomorrow.