There is no method to escape those loose hair strands. The proof of hair shedding is on ours pillows, ours coats, our floors, and also our showers. The an excellent news is that is typical for everyone, the bad news is we all have to deal with hair shedding.

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Experts say women will certainly shed around 50-100 strands a work on average, however, need to you discover you’re shedding more, examine with her doctor. We’ve likewise compiled a perform of part hidden causes of hair loss that have the right to help. Hair shedding no only effects the wellness of our hair, but additionally the cleanliness of our homes. Just as there space tips and tricks to mitigate hair shedding, there room several methods to keep your residence clean.

The very first tips on how to attend to hair shedding uses to women of all hair types—for our other tips, keep reading.

exactly how to prevent hair shedding

1. Brush your hair the right way

One that the top culprits of leading to hair melted is a practice we do nearly every day: brushing. While brushing can assist detangle and also smooth hair, over-brushing reasons friction which reasons hair to break and also fall out. The kind of brush you usage can likewise be a factor. Using a wide tooth comb will certainly be less harmful on her hair than plastic bristles. Additionally look because that hair pen that are compatible with your hair type.


Switch the up! rather of doing high ponytails all the time that not just require a tighter ponytail, opt for short ponytails rather to create less pulling on your roots and also your hair strands. If she looking come liven up your ponytail looks, easily add length or volume v hair extensions. Whether you want that signature Arianna Grande hairstyle or a declare pony because that a unique occasion, there space a ton the ponytail looks you can develop with Luxy Hair extensions.

Be sure to brush her hair gently prior to pulling it as much as prevent much less breakage as soon as you’re all set to remove, and also remember, nothing sleep v your hair tied increase this causes an ext friction and much more hair shed. Wrap her hair easy in a silk scarf instead if you need it pulled earlier overnight.

Keeping your house clean

If you"ve ever before lived through a man, chances are you"ve heard the indigenous "your hair is everywhere!" much more than once. If hair shedding is inevitable, we"ve got a couple of tricks to keep those pesky hair at bay about the home.

Silk pillowcase

Switch to sleeping on a silk pillowcase together this cloth is much less likely to produce friction or rubbing on your hair while her sleep. Not to mention, silk pillowcases have additionally been encourage to assist keep friend cool. Another bonus come silk pillowcases? The smooth towel is also beneficial for her skin as it helps avoid sleep marks, decrease puffiness, and creates less irritation for those with skin worries like rosacea. 

Use the best sweeping tools

As previously mentioned, maintaining an extra bath towel or rag top top the restroom floor because that a quick sweep can assist keep her bathroom floors clean, but likewise investing in tools such as a Swiffer or rechargeable vacuum can likewise help. A quick run through your house can assist pick up loose hairs quickly. 

Ever an alert your hair salon uses various brooms? yes a reason. Hair salons will occasionally keep brooms through rubber bristles about as lock grip loosened hairs much more efficiently than traditional brooms. This brooms can additionally be supplied to assist do your regular sweeping therefore it might be worth the pickup for your home.


Get a handheld vaccuum

Just favor hair, we shed skin on the daily—and a many it. A weekly vacuum is constantly the goal, but likewise having a handheld vacuum for a rapid clean-up can also help. There room a ton top top the industry so friend can uncover one in your budget. A handheld vacuum will be a life-saver specifically after a styling session in ~ home. Store it in your bedroom or wherever you carry out your hair together a small reminder for a quick hair burned cleanup.

Keep a lint roller conveniently available

For clothing and some furniture, a lint roller will easily aid pick up every those loosened strands before getting your OOTD ready. The sticky paper of a lint roller can pick up hair off many fabrics there is no causing any kind of damage you can even use that on short bristled bathmats or rugs because that a fast cleanup. Because that tougher fabrics, take a lint brush through silicone bristles, favor the rubber broom this will pick up loose stubborn hairs that stick to fabrics. These require just a tad more maintenance together you’ll need to clean the hairs out of the bristles after every use.

Get rid the static prior to getting dressed

Another tiny trick to aid get hair out of your clothing is to litter them in the dryer prior to putting lock in the wash. Running your apparel through the dryer for around 5 – 15 minute will aid loosen hair from various other materials. Throw them in the wash together you commonly would and be sure to use an anti-static cling sheet as soon as you put your garments in the dryer again.

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Hair shedding is inevitable, however it doesn’t need to feel like a losing battle. Keeping the health of the scalp and the hair will certainly always aid in regards to strengthening her roots and cuticles that bring about less breakage and shedding. Taking these extra measures when styling ours hair and also cleaning up will make for healthier hair and an also healthier home.