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When you very first have your kitchen cabinets set up you room in awe, lock look so new, clean, and sparkly. Brand-new kitchen cabinet quickly become your beautiful and convenient friend, they room nice come look at and also also carry out ample storage space. All of the usage your cabinets receive on a day-to-day basis have the right to start to take it a toll. The last point you want is for her cabinets to shed their like-new appearance, after every kitchen cabinets can be a hefty investment and also you desire to gain the most out that them. Below we administer 7 advice for maintaining your kitchen cabinets looking good over the lengthy haul, no matter how much you usage them!

1. Consistently Clean

It’s encourage you wipe down all kitchen cabinets and knobs once every 3 days. If girlfriend clean your kitchen sometimes the going to be a lot much more work for you every time you acquire down come business. Largely because surface stains have had the chance to harden and also solidify with time. By on regular basis cleaning your kitchen cabinet you can prevent a build up the stubborn stains that cause discoloration.

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2. Stop Harsh chemistry Cleaners

Chemical cleaners have the right to be full of abrasive ingredients that actually piece away at her kitchen cabinets. If you scrub hard enough and

record stains as soon as they happen, girlfriend wont require a harsh chemical cleaner come take treatment of the task. Any cleaning commodities that save ammonia will damages your hardwood finish and also prematurely period your cabinets. If friend do need harsher chemistry to clean turn off door handles or room knobs, spray top top a rag and then carefully apply over knobs so the chemicals perform not come in call with the wood surface ar at all.

3. All room Doors near Properly

Make certain that every one of your room doors and also drawers nearby properly! If they nothing close every one of the way, dust and also dirt will openly float ~ above in and build up inside of her cabinets, after ~ a while this can develop an unsightly, unsanitary and hard come clean mess. Plus, if girlfriend have any kind of critters roaming her home, from undesirable bugs to curious residence cats, open up cabinets invite anyone inside.

4. Avoid Moisture

You desire to store moisture away from your cabinets as much as possible; for example, hanging a wet rag native a wood cabinet is a huge no-no. You could know the wood and water don’t mix, yet sometimes we take the trust of ours kitchen cabinets for granted. No issue how many coats of paint or primer a cabinet has, the hardwood will still wear away and also rot if the is continually exposed come water (Read More).

5. Use organic Cleaners

Since tough, harsh chemicals space discouraged once it comes to cleaning her kitchen cabinets, shot using a organic cleaner that produces the very same sparkling clean results. Simply mix vinegar, water, and a dash of olive oil with each other for the perfect kitchen cabinet clean solution. The vinegar battles bacteria, and fights away gathered grime, if the olive oil leaves behind a glossy shine. You can finish off your ritual by applying a wood complete for an extra coat of protection; just inspect reviews and ingredients because particular products create a sticky develop up you want to avoid. While you have to clean her cabinets regularly, friend only need to add wood polish once every 6 month or so.

6. Nothing Slam Cabinets

There might be a ‘no door slamming’ plan in ar at her house, however can you to speak the same about your cabinets? frequently we nothing even an alert when we slam cabinet closed because they don’t make a very loud sound, yet over time this division the cabinet under unnecessarily. That can likewise lead come dings and chips ~ above the inside lip of her cabinet. By including hardware, such together cabinet door handles, you can actually deter world from opening and closing cabinets v such force.

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7. Wax Works

Some choose to layer their cabinets in a brand-new coat that wax when every 6 months; this gives a protective obstacle so that oils, steam, and also other debris can’t build up top top cabinets and also cause permanent discoloration or dulling that the paint. Any wood furniture wax that meets your standards of quality should do the trick. For also distribution, spray wax onto a cleaning rag and also then use over the surface of your kitchen cabinets.

With a little love and also care you have the right to keep your kitchen cabinets looking brand-new for countless years come come!