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We include commodities we think are beneficial for ours readers. If friend buy through web links on this page, we may earn a little commission. Here’s our process.

There are countless reasons why you might want to easily dry up your chest milk supply. This process of drying up breast milk is referred to as lactation suppression.

Whatever the case, weaning slowly and without tension is ideal for both you and also your baby. The ideal time to wean is when mother and infant both desire to.

Sometimes, you need to discontinue breastfeeding much more quickly than you wish. Several components will impact how lengthy it take away for her milk to dried up, consisting of your baby’s age and also how lot milk your body’s making.

Some women may stop producing over simply a couple of days. For others, it may take several weeks for your milk to dry up completely. That also possible to experience let-down emotion or leaking for months after ~ suppressing lactation.

Weaning progressively is often recommended, but it might not always be feasible. The said, abrupt weaning might be uncomfortable and also lead to epidemic or other clinical issues. Speak with your doctor about your alternatives before trying any type of of these methods.

Cold turkey

Your milk can slow ~ above its very own if you don’t breastfeed or stimulate her breasts. Relying on how lengthy you’ve to be breastfeeding, it might take time.

Keep these tips in mind as soon as trying this method:

Try it: Shop for ice packs and anti-inflammatory medications.


Sage may help with weaning or oversupply issues, follow to one 2014 study. However, there are no research studies that research sage’s particular effect on overabundance milk production.

Not much is known around the security of utilizing sage if your infant consumes your breastmilk after you’ve consumed sage.

You have to start v a small amount that sage and see exactly how your human body reacts. Organic teas comprise sage room available. These might easily it is in diluted until you uncover an amount that works ideal for you.

According to the 2014 study, other herbs that have the potential to dry up breast milk include:


Little is known about the result of these herbs ~ above infants, yet some have the right to be dangerous come a baby. Since herbal substances have the right to cause an unfavorable side impacts for friend or her baby, you should talk with your medical care provider or lactation consultant prior to using these methods.

Try it: Shop because that sage tea (including persons intended for use throughout weaning), chasteberry tea, and also parsley.

Also shop for peppermint oil and also jasmine flowers, which can both be applied topically.

Cabbage leaves may suppress lactation when offered for long periods of time, though more studies space needed.

To usage cabbage:

Take apart and wash the leaves of a green cabbage. Placed the leaves in a container and also put the container in the refrigerator to chill.Place one sheet over every breast prior to putting ~ above a bra. Adjust leaves as soon as they’ve wilted, or about every two hours.

The leaves may assist to reduce swelling together your milk supply diminishes. They’re additionally used to reduce symptoms that engorgement in early breastfeeding.

Try it: Shop for cabbage.

Progestin-only birth manage doesn’t necessarily impact supply. Contraceptive pills the contain the hormone estrogen, ~ above the other hand, may work well because that suppressing lactation.

These results are also notable after ~ milk supply is well-established.

Not all ladies will endure these suppressive effects, but many will. Talk v your doctor about the recommended time for beginning a pill include estrogen as soon as you’re postpartum.

Birth regulate isn’t approved for this use by the U.S. Food and Drug management (FDA), however it might be prescribed in details situations. This is recognized as off-label drug use.

Off-label drug use Off-label medicine use means a drug that’s approved by the FDA for one objective is used for a different purpose that hasn’t however been approved. However, a doctor deserve to still use the medicine for that purpose. This is due to the fact that the FDA regulates the testing and also approval the drugs, yet not how doctors usage drugs come treat your patients. So, her doctor deserve to prescribe a drug yet they think is ideal for your care.

In a little study in 2003 the 8 lactating women, a solitary 60-milligram (mg) sheep of the cold medication pseudoephedrine (Sudafed) was presented to considerably reduce milk production.

In addition, taking the everyday maximum sheep of this medication no adversely affect babies who ongoing breastfeeding as lactation to be being suppressed. The day-to-day maximum dose is 60 mg, four times every day.

Talk to your doctor before you take any OTC medication while breastfeeding. Sudafed is supplied off-label to dried up chest milk and also may cause irritability in breastfed infants.

Try it: Shop for Sudafed.

If friend haven’t breastfed your infant yet, high doses of vitamins B-1 (thiamine), B-6 (pyridoxine), and also B-12 (cobalamin) may work well to suppress lactation.

A study on B-6 native the 1970s verified that this technique produced no unpleasant side impacts for 96 percent the the participants. Just 76.5 percent of those who received a placebo were cost-free from next effects.

More current studies, including ones native a 2017 literature review, have actually presented conflict information about the performance of this option. Follow to the 2017 review, research participants received a B-6 dosage of 450 to 600 mg over five to 7 days.

There’s not lot known about the an adverse effects of taking too lot vitamin B-1, B-6, and B-12, or just how long it’s safe to take elevated doses. You have to talk through your health care provider or lactation consultant before starting a brand-new vitamin supplement.

Try it: Shop for vitamin B-1, vitamin B-6, and also vitamin B-12 supplements.

Cabergoline deserve to be offered for milk suppression. It functions by preventing the body’s production of prolactin.

This medicine isn’t authorized for this use by the FDA, however may be prescribed off-label. Your physician can explain the benefits and also risks.

Some women watch their milk dry up after just one dose of medication. Others may need added doses.

Not lot is known about the safety of cabergoline because that breastfed infants who’s mothers took cabergoline. You must talk through your medical care provider or lactation consultant before taking it.

Some milk-suppressing drugs you may have heard of — such together bromocriptine — are no much longer recommended for this use since of long-term side effects.

Women also used to acquire a shoot of high-dose estrogen to avoid milk production. This practice has actually stopped as result of blood clotting risks.

The following are some approaches you may have actually heard around anecdotally, but which space unproven or possibly dangerous.

1. Binding

Binding way to tightly plunder the breasts. Breast binding has actually been supplied throughout history to aid women stop creating breast milk.

In a 2003 study on non-breastfeeding, postpartum women, the results of binding were compared to those of wearing a assistance bra.

While the engorgement symptoms because that both teams didn’t differ significantly over the very first 10 days, the binding team did experience an ext pain and leakage overall. As a result, researcher don’t introduce binding.

A supportive bra or a gentle binding helps far better support the tender breasts once moving and also can alleviate the discomfort.

2. Restricting fluids

Breastfeeding ladies are often told to remain hydrated to keep their milk supplies. You may wonder if restricting liquid intake may have the opposite effect. This an approach isn’t well studied.

Researchers have found that enhancing fluids may not actually boost supply. There is no clear evidence that drinking much more increases (or decreases) supply, it’s best to remain hydrated regardless.

3. Pregnancy

If you come to be pregnant if breastfeeding, her milk it is provided or the taste of your milk might change. Breastfeeding advocacy team La Leche League describes that it’s common to watch a fall in supply between the fourth and also fifth months of pregnancy.

Since the changes vary by individual, pregnant isn’t a trustworthy “method” for drying up breast milk. Numerous women breastfeed effectively throughout their pregnancy.

Lactation suppression can be uncomfortable in ~ times, but if you suffer pain and also other worrisome symptoms, call your doctor.

Sometimes, a plugged duct will bring about breast tenderness. Gently massage the area when expressing or breastfeeding.

Contact a medical professional if you can’t unblock a milk duct within 12 hours or if you have actually a fever. A heat is a symptom that a breast infection such together mastitis.

Other symptoms of a breast infection include:

Oral antibiotics can help treat this condition before it becomes more serious.

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You can likewise contact a certified lactation consultant. These experts are trained in all points breastfeeding and also can suggest different methods or assist troubleshoot any kind of issues you having.

Drying up her milk it is provided is a highly individual decision and also is sometimes important for a variety of reasons.

If she weaning due to a medical condition (or various other reasons), however still want to provide breast milk because that a baby, there are milk banks across the unified States and also Canada. You can find one v the human Milk bank Association of phibìc America (HMBANA).

The chest milk is tested and also pasteurized therefore it’s safe for consumption. These organizations also take donations from mothers who’ve either shed a son or otherwise wish to donate their milk.