Find the end if your number is eligible

Enter her 10-digit phone number to view if it can be transferred when you move to AT&T.

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Your existing phone business will workuntil friend authorize the transport andthe process is complete.


Checking your eligibility will certainly notaffect your current/existingphone service.


Numbers not associated with awireless maker and present AT&Tnumbers are not eligible for transfer.

It’s simple to bring your number once you bespeak online. Simply tell us your wireless account information at checkout, and we’ll confirm v your wireless provider the your number can be relocated to AT&T.

1. Pick Keep mine number in ~ checkout.

2. Enter the phone number you want to carry to AT&T.

3. Verify and include your carrier information. Be sure to get in it properly so us can process the request. If there room errors in the information you enter it may hold-up the number transfer. Online orders will certainly be canceled if no resolved.

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Once we have actually your account information, we’ll start to work with your existing carrier to grant the number transfer. Us won't officially carry your call number to AT&T till you authorize the transfer and the process is complete. Below are a couple of things come know:-If we can't check your transfer immediately, we'll work-related with your existing wireless firm and email you when we have actually an update. Please check your email in instance we need you come take additional steps.-Your current service will continue to occupational until friend authorize us to transport your number to AT&T and the carry is complete.-Don’t publication your present wireless service. Her number have to be energetic so we can carry it come AT&T. We'll call you if us need an ext information or if over there is a problem.-When girlfriend activate, you might experience "mixed service" for approximately 4 hours. This method your old device may receive calls while her new an equipment can make calls. This is due to the time that takes for your phone number to relocate through every the systems in between your existing wireless agency and AT&T. SMS/MMS messages could take approximately 8 hours to work-related properly while this happens.-Data will work-related on your brand-new phone instantly after friend activate.