Okay, for this reason you placed a snapshot frame up on the wall. You obtain out your level (everyone should have a level in their house– no discussion), slap that on top, adjust the picture frame so it’s level, and walk away. But 15 minutes later your husband (substitute “child” for “husband”, if necessary) goes out right into the garage and, unintentionally, SLAMS the door come the garage, shower the wall, and causing your perfectly level snapshot frame to be level no more.

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Never are afraid though! my trick will assist your photos maintain your state the levelness.


Are you all set for my secret weapon?

Cabinet bumpers.


I love these little things. They’re rubbery therefore they take the wall, and they’re clean so they don’t mark up the wall.

You can uncover cabinet bumpers at big box shop or here.

You just stick two bumpers top top the 2 bottom corners of your photo frame, so one bumper per corner.


Hang your photo frame. Slap her level ~ above top. Readjust until it’s level. Then give the bottom corners through the bumpers a small push.

Note: execute this in ~ the very same time with both hands. Ns was holding mine camera as soon as I take it this photo so my ideal hand to be occupied.


Does this method mean ns never have to go back and readjust my picture frames? No. Occasionally I will notification that a picture frame is a small off therefore I’ll do the adjust. However I have to fix photo frames with bumpers less frequently than those without bumpers.

I understand some human being use poster putty however that’s no really plausible v my walls since they’re textured. The putty would acquire into the little grooves for this reason I’d have to scrub the walls to get the putty off. And some putties have actually stained my wall surfaces in the past.

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So over there you have it! just how I save my snapshot frames right so i don’t have to constantly readjust them.