How to keep soft pretzels for this reason they continue to be freshOther advice for maintaining pretzels fresher because that longerHow come reheat and revive soft pretzels so they’re an excellent as newHow to keep soft pretzels warmHow To store Soft Pretzels Fresh

Pretzels walk stale an extremely quickly. The an initial time i baked them ns was surprised by just how rapid they ended up being hard.

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But is there any way to avoid this from happening? ns was figured out to find out.

I experiment a couple of different methods to uncover out the best means of keeping soft pretzels fresh. Ns bought some fresh pretzels, covering them increase in various various ways, stored them all in the same cupboard, and left them. 24 hours later, i reheated the pretzels in the microwave and also did a taste test.

Here are my results.

To store soft pretzels fresh, wrap castle in plastic wrap followed by aluminum foil. This help the pretzel retain its moisture. For momentary storage (a day) save them in the cupboard. For any longer 보다 a day, freeze them. You can reheat the pretzels in the oven or microwave.

How to store soft pretzels so they stay fresh

A warm, soft pretzel simply out of the cooktop is a treat come behold.

Keeping them that way is all about controlling humidity levels. You want the pretzels to remain nice and also moist, yet don’t want so lot moisture the the pretzel i do not care soggy.

I’m going come be actual here, pretzels nothing last the long. The only method to save them long-term (more than a day) is to freeze them.

But for less than a day, plastic wrap or aluminum silver paper will occupational well – especially if you don’t salt the pretzels (more on the later).

I also tested maintaining them in a record bag, in a bread box, and in a Tupperware covering in a dishcloth. These worked, however not together well.

I uncovered these suggestions online or by talk to mine baker friends.

Freeze lock in a new state

This is the technique I recommend if you desire to get much more than a day out of your pretzels.

The frozen pretzel surrendered the finest results in mine experiment, the whole pretzel to be still soft and chewy as soon as it had been reheated. Almost like it had been fresh out of the oven.

In other approaches the thickest part of the pretzel would be softer 보다 the thin parts.

Freezing a new pretzel is like freezing time.

If you freeze them once they’re nice and soft, they’ll be prefer that once you reheat them.

Freezing soft pretzels is the only means to keep them for more than a day

To frozen a soft pretzel, wait for it to cool, and then wrap it in a twin layer of plastic plunder or aluminum foil. Then put this in a freezer-safe bag.

You want to safeguard your small pretzel babies as lot as possible. Double wrapping complied with by a freezer-safe bag method NO air will be able to reach your pretzel, so it won’t gain freezer burn.

Freezer burn damages the taste and also texture that the pretzel.

Pretzels will last for approximately a month in the freezer. Label the bag so girlfriend know how long the pretzel has remained in the freezer. It’s basic to forget.

There’s no should thaw the pretzels, you have the right to reheat them directly from frozen. Just put the pretzel in the oven or microwave till it’s back to its former glory (for more information ~ above reheating, skip to the ar below).

I always aim come reheat the pretzel after ~ it’s to be frozen, eat it cold when it’s thawed isn’t the same.

How to frozen pretzel bites

If you’re freeze bites it’s a bit very tedious come wrap them all individually. Because that this, I indicate flash-freezing the bites.

Flash freezing pretzel bites ensures the they don’t pole together

Lay the pretzel bites the end on a baking tray and also put the tray in the freezer for an hour. In ~ this point, they’ll it is in frozen enough not to stick together and also you deserve to put them every in a freezer bag. Suck as lot of the air the end as possible (with a straw) and then pave the bag in aluminum foil, or ar it in a container for an extra class of protection.

Store them in plastic wrap or aluminium foil

If girlfriend google how to save bread it will tell girlfriend to stop plastic.

The main reason because that this is to defend the crust on the bread.

Plastic (or foil) traps moisture. Therefore, any kind of moisture the bread produce is trapped and also will rotate a crunchy late soggy.

Aside native that, plastic is actually really reliable at keeping the inside of the bread soft and moist due to the fact that it provides an wait barrier.

Since soft pretzels don’t have actually much that a crunch, friend don’t must worry around it walk soggy. You just want to store the bread moist.


In my experiment, wrapping the pretzel in plastic for a day functioned really well. The salt had actually melted (it had melted on all the pretzels apart from the frozen one) however the pretzel itself to be still soft and chewy.

After one day, it to be on par through the frozen one. My partner actually preferred the pretzel wrapped in plastic, yet not by much.

I want to see just how long this technique could save my pretzels fresh for, so I chose to carry out a more test.

I got one more pretzel and also wrapped that in plastic wrap and foil to give an extra class of protection. I preserved it in the very same cupboard as before. After every 24 hour period, I checked on the pretzel to see exactly how soft the felt.

The pretzel lasted approximately 36 hours prior to it obtained too stale to it is in enjoyable. At 48 hours it was okay if you blasted that in the microwave because that 45 seconds, yet you might still call it was stale. Another issue to be the salt, ~ 48 hrs it had totally melted and felt soggy to the touch i beg your pardon wasn’t all that appetizing.

Store castle in paper bags (good in a pinch)

Keeping her pretzel in a document bag lets moisture escape and also keeps the tardy fresh

Paper bags space breathable, for this reason let moisture escape. This method you’ll have actually no chance of a soggy pretzel. If you’ve baked yours with a slight crunch, then this is a an excellent option.

However, due to the fact that the document bag offers only minimal protection against air, the pretzels were especially staler 보다 the frozen ones or the plastic-wrapped ones.

Once reheated, they were edible, but I wouldn’t to speak they taste fresh.

If you try the bag and decide it’s for you I would recommend getting a recycle bread bag (made of linen). It acts as a paper bag, except you can wash it and re-use it.

Great for all eco-conscious pretzel eaters!

Keep the bag in a cool, dried place. The pantry is ideal.

Store the soft pretzels covering in a dishcloth in an airtight container

Wrapping the pretzel in a dishcloth protects the from moisture build up

If you prefer the idea that a crunchy crust, yet want come provide much more protection versus bugs and also outside pests, a plastic warehouse container is a great option.

Wrap the pretzel in a dishcloth prior to placing it in the container.

The dishcloth will certainly soak up any type of escaping moisture and stop it from transforming your pretzel soggy. If friend don’t desire to give up a dishcloth for a day, you have the right to cover the pretzels in document towels instead.

This method yielded similar results to the file bag. The pretzels were okay, yet not amazing.

Keep the container in a cool, dried place. The pantry is ideal.

Use a bread box

Bread boxes (as you could have guessed native the name) room made to keep bread. This consists of pretzels.

Bread boxes usually have tiny holes to enable air to circulate

They carry out optimal problems to ensure your bread commodities last as long as possible.

They permit a tiny air circulate, so moisture deserve to escape, but not sufficient that the bread will certainly dry out too quickly.

You deserve to put her pretzels in naked, there’s no need to cover them. Yet if her bread box is big and empty then the pretzel would benefit from some extra security such as a record bag or a dishcloth.

I placed my pretzel in nude to check out what happened. I had actually some other bread in there but it wasn’t full. The pretzel came out comparable to the record bag method. It to be fine, yet not the freshest.

Bread boxes job-related really well for any kind of kind of crusty bread, as well as other small products. If you perform a the majority of baking it’s absolutely worth investing in one.

I use this bread crate (from Amazon). That looks great in mine kitchen and is easy to open and close. What more do you require from a bread bin?

Don’t have actually a bread box? You deserve to use a microwave as a makeshift one

If friend don’t have actually a bread crate to hand, girlfriend can also use a microwave come temporarily save your pretzels. Simply make certain no-one accidentally turns it on there is no looking.

Other tips for keeping pretzels fresher because that longer

As well as storing her pretzels optimally, there are a couple of other top you have the right to use to store them together soft and fresh together possible.

Don’t salt the pretzel until you want to eat it (or eliminate the salt because that storage)

This is an essential one.

Salted pretzels end up being stale much faster than unsalted ones.

Pretzels normally contain moisture, and salt is a organic moisture absorber.

This doesn’t do for a good combination when she trying to keep the pretzels fresh. If you save pretzels v salt on, the salt will draw moisture out of the pretzel leaving a dry, hard pretzel in that is wake.

And that’s no all.

Left come right: freshly salted pretzel, salted pretzel after 24 hour, salted pretzel after ~ 48 hours

As the salt soaks increase the moisture, it will begin to melt. The melted salt will render the surface of the pretzel wrinkly and wet.

Wrinkly, wet and hard is not how you desire to explain a pretzel.

If you’re walk to save your pretzels un-frozen climate I highly recommend de-salting them. Or not placing the salt on in ~ all. They’ll last longer and there’s no danger of the salt melting.

You have the right to put the salt ~ above just prior to you arrangement to eat/reheat them.

Make certain you’re no overcooking the soft pretzels

Did you know one the the key differences in between soft and hard pretzels is just how long they’re cook for?

Cooking paint, etc moisture out of the pretzels, for this reason the longer they’re cooked for, the much less moisture castle contain.

Stale pretzels are just pretzels that have actually lost all your moisture.

Therefore, the less moisture her soft pretzels have actually to begin with, the quicker they’ll walk stale.

Taking her soft pretzels the end of the range AS soon as lock are prepared will expand their life. This no going to provide you days extra, yet it will certainly buy girlfriend a good few hours.

If you’re cooking the pretzels for longer to obtain a good brown color, make certain you’re utilizing baked baking soda for the dip. Or even better, food-grade lye. These will certainly brown your pretzel quickly enough the you don’t need to overbake lock to get the deep brown shade pretzels are well known for.

Let the pretzels cool completely before storing

It have the right to be tempting to stuff the pretzels right into their box or bag as quickly as they come out of the oven. After all, wait is the enemy, right?

But if the pretzels space still hot when you save them, they’ll produce a humid atmosphere in your container, and also the excess humidity in the air will certainly render them soggy. This have the right to speed increase how fast they walk moldy.

Wait until the pretzels space cool to the touch, then store them.

Always reheat your pretzel before eating it

Pretzels room meant come be eaten fresh and slightly warm.

After being out of the stove for a couple of hours, the pretzels will feel difficult to the touch, but at this point, you can remedy the by reheating the pretzel.

This permits you to placed some moisture ago into the bread and soften it up.

Eating the pretzel cold doesn’t give you the oppotunity to revive it.

Always shot reheating the pretzel first before proclaiming it as well stale come enjoy. You can be surprised at the results.

How come reheat and revive soft pretzels therefore they’re good as new

If girlfriend reheat her day-old pretzels in the right way, you will do it breathe life ago into them. They won’t be a 100% replica of the new ones, however they’ll be 99% the the means there.

You need to heat the pretzels without dry them out.

You can reheat soft pretzels in the microwave or the oven. Come microwave, pave the pretzel in a damp record towel and microwave the in 15-second intervals. Come reheat in the oven, sprinkle the pretzel with a tablespoon of water and wrap it loose in foil. Warmth for 3-5 mins at 375 degrees.

The most important element here is the humidity from the damp file towel or the sprinkling the water. This re-introduces moisture right into the pretzel and also prevents it from ending up being dry.

If you haven’t salted the pretzel yet, you can include the salt prior to you warmth the pretzel.

Times will certainly vary based on pretzel size and also oven discrepancies, therefore make sure to check the pretzel is done to her liking prior to you take it it out. In general, as soon as your pretzel feeling soft and airy come the touch, the done.

If your pretzels space frozen yes sir no have to thaw them, you have the right to reheat them directly from frozen. Just rise the cooking times slightly.

Reheating in the microwave


The microwave is the quickest option. It takes less than a minute, for this reason it’s perfect if you’re in a hurry.

I discover 30 seconds is the ideal amount the time because that me, however it relies on exactly how you choose your pretzels.

If friend want, you can swap the damp record towel for a wet paper bag. Both work well.

A downside of microwaving is the it won’t bring earlier the nice crunch the the pretzel crust.

For that, you need the oven.

You have the right to pop her microwaved pretzel in the toaster oven for a minute or for this reason to fresh it up. However if crunch is really essential to you, opt because that the oven.

Reheating in the oven

Loosely wrapping the pretzel in foil and adding a splash of water helps to save the pretzel moist

To reheat a soft pretzel in the oven, sprinkle a tablespoon that water over it and wrap it loosely in foil. Bake for 3-5 minutes at 375 levels Fahrenheit.

I typically go for this option since it keeps the outside of the pretzel crispy and also the within super soft.

If you like a yes, really crispy exterior you deserve to forgo the silver paper wrap and just placed the pretzel in uncovered.

If you want to add a bit of flavor here, you can. Instead of water, you have the right to use melted butter and include extra toppings such together cheese and also herbs.

You can additionally play around with the temperature and also time. The lower you collection the temperature, the much longer you’ll need to heat the pretzel.

My ide of 3-5 minute at 375 levels is a hybrid that Auntie Anne’s and Philly Pretzel Factory’s advice. It works for me.

How to keep soft pretzels warm

So, you’ve got a party coming up and want to do pretzels, yet don’t desire them going cold. You desire warm, new pretzels

Side note, can I acquire an invite to that party?

Keep the pretzels in the oven

One method to store your pretzels warm is to leave them in the oven with a tray of water in the bottom. The warm from the range will warmth the pretzels, while the water will prevent them from drying out.

If you’ve simply cooked the pretzels, the oven should be quite warm currently so you won’t require it rotate on (unless that goes cold). But if the oven is cold, put it top top its lowest heat setting.

This willkeep the pretzels warmth without cooking them.

If you’re worried about the pretzels getting too brown ~ above top, you deserve to cover them through foil.

This method is an excellent for next or huge amounts that pretzels since you have the right to fit a lot that pretzels in one oven.

Use a slow-moving cooker

If friend don’t have actually a fill of pretzels, then you can put your sluggish cooker to great use.

If that anything favor mine, it’s gathering dust!

Set the slow cooker come warm, loose wrap the pretzels up in aluminum foil, and put castle in the slow-moving cooker. Don’t pave them as well tightly due to the fact that you want air to have the ability to circulate, this will protect against condensation from forming in the foil. Too much condensation will make her pretzels soggy.

If you desire to be 100% sure the pretzels won’t go soggy cut a little slit in the foil.

You deserve to leave the pretzel warming because that a good couple of hours this way.

Use a bread rock (or a homemade version)


Never heard of a bread stone?

Neither had actually I until I began investigating how to keep my pretzels warm.

A bread rock is choose a warm water bottle for bread. That a terracotta brick that you heat in the microwave or oven and then it gradually releases this heat, i beg your pardon you have the right to use to warmth your pretzels (or any form of bread).

How lengthy the rock stays warm depends ~ above how big the rock is. You have the right to expect anywhere between 20-45 minutes, so this is a short-term solution (of course, you can always reheat the rock again).

Most human being use the rock along with a bread basket. Ns recommend this collection from The Crabby Nook. You acquire the stone and the basket in one, all you require is a big dishcloth.

Place the dishcloth in the bottom the the basket and also heat the stone. Then place the stone and pretzels in the basket, and also loosely plunder the dishcloth over the top. Through the Crabby Nook set, the rock will radiate warmth for about 45 minutes.

If friend don’t have actually a basket you can use a bowl, plate, or pan. If you just want to purchase the stone, this one is make in the USA and also will additionally last 45 minutes.

A homemade different to a bread stone is dried beans or rice.

Make a DIY heat pack by heating dry rice or beans in a dishcloth and microwaving

Both of these will absorb heat when you microwave castle or warm them in the oven. They’ll then stay nice and warm for around 20-30 minutes. To contain them, you can wrap them in a thin cloth before heating them.

Use a specialized pretzel warmer

If you in the organization of pretzel making and this is a regular problem, then you could consider investing in a food warmer (sold ~ above amazon). Warning: they nothing come cheap.

As well as pretzels, you can put pizzas, warm dogs, and burgers in. Basically, any kind of food you desire to save warm.

If you just care about pretzels climate you can obtain a specialized pretzel warmer. You can hang the pretzels up to display screen them. Everybody will certainly be queuing increase to gain their hand on your pretzels with one of these!

Par-bake the pretzels and finish just before serving (or just reheat)

If you have actually the time and also opportunity, this is a good way to offer up super new pretzels, also though friend did most of the job-related the work before.

Bake the pretzels until there room 5 minute of cooking time left, then take lock out and also store them as per mine advice above.

When the time involves serve them, every you have to do is popular music them in the range (or toaster oven) because that 5 minutes and also they’ll come out great as new. No-one will be any the wiser.

To conserve a couple more minutes, you can chef the pretzels every the means through in advance. Then simply reheat them prior to serving.

What to perform with stale pretzels

Stale pretzels don’t have to go to waste. Think the them favor stale bread.

Anything you’d use stale bread for, you can use stale pretzels for. The pretzels will certainly level up her dish. It’ll it is in a lot of tastier than just using plain bread.

Some principles for utilizing up stale pretzels include:

Making croutonsMaking breadcrumbsMaking stuffingMake bread pudding (sweet or savory – correctly savory bread pudding is a thing!)Use lock in meatballs or meatloafSprinkle the crumbs over a pasta roasted or saladToast them and also make crunchy pretzelsUse them for bird food (lucky birds!)Make Knödel, a german bread dumpling

Pretzel breadcrumbs ~ above mac and also cheese… INSANE.

Should friend refrigerate soft pretzels?

Pretzels don’t have to be refrigerated, they should be preserved at room temperature. Pretzels will actually go stale faster in the fridge than they would at room temperature. In ~ cold temperatures, the strength in the pretzels will start to recrystallize, transforming your snack hard.

Staving turn off mold is one reason world like to refrigerate bread.

But together pretzels don’t last much much more than a work anyway, friend don’t must worry around them walk moldy.

As component of my experiment, I put one pretzel in the fridge wrapped in plastic wrap. ~ 24 hours it was super hard and barely enhanced after i reheated it. I don’t introduce it.

Can ns freeze soft pretzel dough?

Yes, you have the right to freeze soft pretzel dough. That will store for up to 3 month in the freezer. Wrap the dough strict in plastic wrap and also then aluminum foil. This will safeguard it from freezer burn. Permit the dough to thaw before shaping the pretzels and baking.

I favor not to shape the dough before I frozen it because it’s much easier to save that way. Shaping the pretzels before will conserve you time later, however it’s lot harder to wrap and also protect shame pretzels.

You can also refrigerate the dough for approximately 24 hours. You have the right to shape the dough while it’s still cold, however leave that to rest for a while before dipping it in your baking soda solution. This will provide it a possibility to puff up.

Do soft pretzels walk bad?

Soft pretzels room a type of bread, and also just like bread they can go moldy and also become unsafe to eat. If you deserve to see any spots of mold top top the pretzel, nothing eat it.

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Soft pretzels will additionally go stale (hard) an extremely quickly. Stale pretzels no unsafe come eat, yet they’re less appetizing. You’ll have the ability to feel v your hand if the pretzel is stale. It will certainly be hard when you try to squish it rather of soft.