You can keep seagulls away native your residence / yard / garden v the aid of shiny objects, decoys, sound emitters, various smells and also some very closely placed spikes.

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Seagulls can be extremely persistent and destructive around your yard but they have the right to easily been scared away v some cute techniques.

Seagulls room deceptively clever and will not return to a place of danger.


An amazing and brand-new product is the bird repellent gel. This gelatin is subtle and deserve to be used to any surface

It plays with senses that the birds – smell, sight and touch. The gelatin emits ultraviolet light that is invisible come humans but create the emotion of fire come birds. 

In combination with this, the gelatin smells the peppermint oil i m sorry is offensive to birds but often rather pleasant to humans!

This product is a discrete alternative to typical spikes/nets however does come at a little of a cost. 

They carry out last in between 2-4 years and also are a an excellent solution to any kind of seagull problems!

2. Decoys


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As hog-wild together seagulls often appear to be, they are rather easy to fear off. Just like most various other birds, seagulls room afraid of their natural predators’ faces.

Seagulls natural predators are mainly birds of food such together owls and eagles. Castle are additionally afraid the foxes and coyotes too. 

This Owl Decoy has functioned for many of my friends that have had trouble with seagulls. The head also turns! This owl decoy be worth a go before using spikes or nets roughly your home!

3. Spinning Wheels


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Items the bounce and spin in the wind room an reliable bird deterrent system. 

Ones that space shiny are even more effective.

An reliable option is to buy spinning wheels that relocate in the wind or v by harnessing the power of the sun
This durable solar powered ornament is a great option because that something more permanent
But if you’re searching for a simpler option, you can’t go wrong v the cheaper plastic wheels.

If you are a comfortable person, probably you can make the rotate wheel yourself. 

4. Nets / Spikes


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Although spikes and also nets cannot protect against seagulls from flying over your house, the birds space prevented indigenous perching on your roof or chimney.

Spikes are much easier to install because they generally come pre-assembled in multiple sections. These stainless stole spikes come in a pack of 10 systems that space individually 1foot in length. 

Using wires deserve to be one alternative but please be careful when working v them as they are very sharp and also easy to record yourself on. Please ensure the whoever is installation the wires is experienced

Another choice is a polyurethane net. This nets come in a variety that sizes and are an extremely effective and easy to install. If you decision to go with this bird deterrent mechanism please make sure you room working safely.

5. Glowing Tape


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 In situation nobody told you yet, birds tend to continue to be away from reflective materials.
This is no to say the birds do not like to check out themselves in the mirror; the is simply that the lights reflected by such materials are as blinding come seagulls as they space to us.

A great way the integrating part shiny items is by the usage of tape. Glue some shiny tape come the roof present or garden fence. Confetti can work too!

6. Sound Emitters

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Audio gadgets that dram the sound of predatory bird or seagulls distress contact are also an extremely effective too.

Sound emitters may additionally just use a high frequency sound that only pets can hear to fear them away.

These devices can be relatively expensive compared to various other methods, however they room practical and also easy come install. 

7. Water Guns

A motion-activated squirt pistol is a fun way to save seagulls away. Most devices of this kind use infrared beam in between the sender and also receiver. 

When the infrared is obstructed, the receiver – which additionally acts as the blaster – shoot a small amount the water to hit a perching bird. 

However, the mechanism only works when the infrared is aligned, for this reason you must mount both the receiver and also sender carefully.

 The keyword below is “fun” as it covers just a straight line in a brief distance.

We do not promise 100% success rate with this one however it deserve to be one incredibly fun activity to install v children and also witness the birds obtain a surprise!

8. The shade Red

If you have actually spent a good amount of time warding off seagulls, girlfriend should notification that the birds have actually a red point out on the underside the the beaks. 

That being said, the Guardian reported the a man efficiently prevented seagulls and also crows from coming all over near his home thanks come a bright red panel. 

It is still fairly unclear how seagulls respond come the color red, therefore you may want to try this method only as soon as your fences carry out in truth need some repainting.


The industry is filled v a generous variety of bird deterrent systems, which have to work well for seagulls.

Bear in mind the while seagulls have the right to be a persistent nuisance, you should stay far from any an equipment that can actually placed the bird to threats of entrapment, injuries, or death. 

These migratory bird are defended by federal and state laws. There space safe efficient seagull deterrent solution available.


What smells have the right to scare seagulls away?

There are many smells that have the right to repel seagulls away. Garlic, Cayenne Pepper and Peppermint Oil space all recognized to be offensive to birds and also all take place to be organic products. 

Follow this article come learn more about what smells keep birds away.

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