Whether because that hash browns or some other dish, homemade shredded potatoes taste for this reason much better than their store-bought alternatives. Yet what execute you execute if you have actually gone a bit overboard ~ above prepping them and also have some leftover? Don’t worry; they don’t need to go to waste. Review on for the finest methods of storing and reusing her shredded potatoes.

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The most effective technique of save shredded potatoes is to frozen them. This halts the redox process, and the frozen shredded potatoes can be save on computer for approximately one year. Refrigerated shredded potatoes will only last because that one day and also will walk brown and also quickly shed their structure.

I recommend utilizing an airtight container, choose this one indigenous Amazon, because that both fridge and also freezer storage.

In this guide, I will walk you through exactly how to save shredded potato correctly. Please check out on for some cool tips and also info therefore you deserve to be completely informed top top the topic.

How to save Shredded Potatoes

The best method of storing shredded potato is to frozen them. Not only will this halt the expansion of bacteria, however it will additionally stop the redox process. So her shredded potatoes will be as fresh and white as they were as soon as you first grated them! If friend don’t want to freeze and also then thaw your shredded potatoes, they deserve to be preserved in the refrigerator for at many a day.

How to store Shredded potatoes From transforming Brown

If friend do pick to store your shredded potatoes in the fridge as they are or in a sealed container, they will probably go brown by the following day.

The best method of preventing this native happening is to store them submerged in water. This stop the oxygen in the waiting from hitting the shredded potatoes and can delay the potato indigenous going brown, however won’t protect against it altogether.

Pro Tip:Lowering the PH the the water have the right to also hold-up the redox process, so that is a good idea to add some lemon juice or white alcohol vinegar come the water. Don’t include too much, though, together this will impact the smell of the potato. A ratio of one teaspoon lemon juice/vinegar come 1/2 gallon of water works fine.

Remember that the much longer shredded potatoes remain submerged in water, the much more starch will certainly leak out, and also the much more their framework will it is in damaged. Storing shredded potato in the fridge can be a vulnerable balancing act if you want them to cook up well the following day!

Should You frozen Shredded potato or Sweet Potatoes?

So, you understand it’s best to save shredded potato in the freezer. But should girlfriend actually execute it?

Shredded potato or sweet potatoes must be frozen if you desire them come retain their flavor and structure. Freezing completely stops bacteria growth and oxidization. This means that her shredded potatoes will be fully safe to eat for as much as a year and retain your color, flavor, and structure.

Even if you space using the shredded potato in the next day or two, freezing is the ideal option. Thawing castle is really easy, so over there is no downside to placing them in the freezer.

How to frozen Shredded Potatoes

If you desire your shredded potatoes to it is in perfect when you take it them the end of the freezer, the is a great idea come take part steps prior to you placed them in.

Drain the potatoesDrain and also rinse in cold water to obtain rid of any type of excess starchPat them dryPortion the shredded potato out and also put castle in freezer bags or an airtight container.

For permanent freezer storage, ns recommend obtaining some quality containers favor these discovered on Amazon. Ns really favor the locking tabs the they come with. The way, I deserve to be 100% certain they space sealed properly.

How come Thaw Frozen Shredded Potatoes prior to Cooking

There space two options for thawing your shredded potatoes:

If you are the organized type, you might take out the shredded potato you will certainly need and put the in the refrigerator overnight to thaw.If you are prefer me and also not the organized type, shredded potatoes will certainly thaw in around 30-40 minutes at room temperature. Make certain to drain off any kind of excess liquid and also pat castle down before cooking with them.

If you are roasting your shredded potatoes together they are, you might put lock in the cooktop without thawing them and also just boost your food preparation time.

Thawing your shredded potatoes an initial is the best idea if girlfriend are putting them in a casserole or various other dish. However, because it provides you a opportunity to acquire rid of any kind of excess water, and it will also make sure that there aren’t any type of frozen clues in her finished dish.

How lengthy Do Shredded Potatoes critical at Room Temperature?

Shredded potatoes will only last about 2 hrs at room temperature. As quickly as the air hits the potato’s exposed flesh, the oxidization process starts, and also the potato will certainly go brown or gray quickly. Shredded potatoes left out at room temperature for more than 2 hours should it is in thrown away.

As through all ready food, friend will additionally be fighting againstbacteria growth, which is a speedy process.

Do girlfriend Refrigerate Shredded Potatoes?

You should constantly refrigerate shredded potatoes within 2 hrs of preparation. Bacteria will start to prosper on the shredded potato practically immediately. This sorts of bacteria can cause food poisoning (although the danger is less with vegetables than it is v meat).

How long Do Shredded Potatoes critical in the Fridge?

Shredded potatoes the are preserved in the fridge will certainly last sooner or later or less. Refrigeration will sluggish down bacteria growth, yet it won’t protect against oxidization, and also the shredded potato will start to walk brown and also lose that is flavor and also quality an extremely quickly.

You shouldn’t save shredded potatoes in the refrigerator for any longer than a day if girlfriend still desire them to taste nice.

How come Tell if Shredded Potatoes have actually Gone Bad

As with other vegetables, there room a couple of indications the your shredded potatoes have gone bad. Dark spots on their own don’t median that your shredded potatoes space unsafe to eat, although it does influence their look and also flavor.

Keep one eye the end for:

Mold growthA musty or sour smellWhether the shredded potato is mushy

If you an alert any of this things, or if your shredded potatoes have been preserved in the fridge for end a main or at room temperature for over 2 hours, always throw them away.


It is really easy to make too numerous shredded potatoes, yet the extra does not must be thrown away. However, the is vital to get your shredded potatoes the end of room temperature as conveniently as possible, as this is the ideal setting for both bacteria growth and oxidization.

Shredded potatoes will still oxidation in the fridge, however keeping them in a bowl of water through some lemon juice or white alcohol vinegar can assist to slow-moving it down. They still should be supplied within 24 hours, however.

Freezing your shredded potato is the finest storage option, and also they will store for as much as one year. Thawing her shredded potato is easy. They will thaw overnight in the refrigerator or in 30-40 minute at room temperature.

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Remember to drainpipe off any type of excess liquid. If your shredded potatoes have gone bad, they will certainly smell musty or sour, have actually mold growth, or will be an extremely mushy.