If you have a marijuana drug test comes up, among the ways you have the right to guarantee a pass is through presenting a man-made urine sample or a clean sample at the right temperature.

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Here is every little thing you need to know around how to save someone else"s urine warmth for a drug test.

The acceptable Urine Temperature

The exactly temperature range for new urine samples need to be about 37 levels Celsius or 98.6 Fahrenheit. If the temperature falls below or over this range, it is termed as invalid, and also may contact for a 2nd sample collection.

The sample collector exam the temperature the the sample minute after submission. Unlike human being urine, the temperature in synthetic urine fluctuates to adapt to the ecological temperature.

It is therefore essential to keep regulating the temperature regularly prior to submitting the sample. Once the temperature is not preserved in check, synthetic urine deserve to be discolored or destroyed, bring about a failed test.

Here is how to save the pee Sample warmth for a drug Test



To carry urine to the appropriate temperature, you deserve to heat the in a microwave. Place the urine sample in the microwave. The is necessary to ensure friend only warmth the urine to the appropriate temperature as soon as using s microwave, preventing overheating. Consider how an effective the microwave is, and also use the 10-second intervals to it is in sure.

Keep checking the temperature after ~ every 10-second interval come ensure the does no surpass the 37 degrees Celsius or 98.6-degrees Fahrenheit range. As soon as achieves, strap the sample on a heating pad and place it versus your body. This help to maintain the urine at the best body temperature prior to submitting it.

Hand warmers


Hand warmers come in small, disposable packets the emit heat for up to ten hours. You have the right to purchase hand warmers from any department store at one affordable rate. To use the hand warmers to keep a to pee sample warmth for a medicine test, friend will should wrap the hand warmers around the container with the sample.

Hand warmers have the right to take as much as 45 minute to carry the sample to the best temperature and also maintain this temperature for several hours, which is long sufficient to present it for the test.

Body heat

The human body temperature generally ranges in between 36.5 and 37 levels Celsius. This is the best temperature for urine samples for medicine tests. To use your to pee in the right temperature, friend will should seal the urine in a plastic urinator kit bag and keep this bag close to your body before the urine screening time.

Usually, the thigh area is the ideal body part to strap the to pee bag. Maintaining the bag nearby to her body will certainly ensure the absorbs the warmth emitted native the body, happen the sample to the best temperature.

Quick deal with bundle heater packs

Investing in a fast fix bundle heater pack is one of the best ways to insurance you pass a marijuana medicine test. These heater packs space made v special chemicals that cause a warmth reaction as soon as heated. This warmth lasts for up to eight hours, which ensures the the to pee sample stays at the ideal temperature for longer.

It is advisable to acquisition the beforehand enough come ensure you are all set for the drug test.

How easily does pee cool?

Once urine has been excreted from the body, the temperature drops to 35 levels Celsius or 94 come 96 levels Fahrenheit. This is why temperature is the first thing experiment for during a urinalysis. It is necessary to remember the a pee sample should be in ~ the ideal temperature.

If the sample becomes also hot, you deserve to shake the in the party to allow cold air to pass v it, for this reason bringing under the temperature. If a pee sample is too cold, you deserve to strap it about your body together a natural method of happen it approximately the right temperature prior to presenting it because that the drug test.

When maintained in the ideal temperature, the is near difficult to prove that a urine sample is man-made or from who else’s body.

How Long have the right to You save Pee because that a Urinalysis?

If you regularly use marijuana, you can keep clean pee samples at home for future medicine tests. They call for cold zones to for sure viability. Once frozen, you can keep the sample for approximately 6 months. Certain the sample fill is perfect sealed to prevent the opportunity of spills in your freezer.

You can store different quantities for urine samples, relying on how regularly you have to take medicine tests and also how frequently you require fresh samples. As a marijuana user, the is always ideal to have actually a clean sample at hand. Having an ext than friend need likewise ensures you still have samples to current for testing, in instance of accidental spillage of several of them.

You can only usage glass or plastic container to keep urine samples, through glass containers gift the most ideal that the two. They offer a much more airtight seal compared to plastic ones, specifically samples that room to be supplied later. This guarantees minimal air pollution of the sample.

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When making use of fresh human urine, ensure you store it in the freezer, below 4 degrees Celsius if it no in usage within the next couple of hours. This avoids the bacteria in the urine native multiplying and destroying the sample.