Squirrels deserve to take over a bird feeder quickly and also easily, scaring away songbirds that would certainly otherwise come by. Maintaining them away is a challenge, however not one there is no solutions.

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Here space 9 methods to stop squirrels from climbing a bird feeder pole:

Use the 5-7-9 dominion for bird feeder placement.Use cayenne pepper come deter squirrels.Use seed that squirrels nothing like, such together safflower.Hang the feeder through wire and also keep it safe v soda bottles.Buy a squirrel-proof bird feeder.Feed squirrels separately to store them away.Use ireland soap to store squirrels away.Use a baffle to store squirrels off of her feeder.Stop 설 설 from rise bird feeder pole v a slinky.

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5. To buy a Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder6. Feed Squirrels individually to keep Them Away

1. Usage the 5-7-9 dominance for Bird Feeder Placement

The mean squirrel cannot jump much more than 5 feet high, 7 feet across, or 9 feet down.

You have the right to prevent a squirrel from gaining to your feeder by ensuring it’s placed high enough and far sufficient away native objects like a residence or a tree. 

Squirrels deserve to climb increase poles, however, for this reason make certain that you use a baffle or something similar in addition to following this rule. 

2. Use Cayenne Pepper come Deter Squirrels

Another way to keep squirrels far from your feeder is come teach them over time that your seeds don’t taste good.

You can do this by adding cayenne pepper to your seed mixes.

Because bird don’t have a taste receptor for the chemical capsaicin, they are immune come the taste that cayenne pepper. 

Squirrels, however, hate the taste that capsaicin and will find out to remain away.

3. Usage Seeds that Squirrels nothing Like, Such as Safflower

Safflower seeds room unattractive to squirrels, yet many birds love them.

These seeds are high in fat and also protein, attractive come the north cardinal, the grosbeak, the home finch, and also the red-bellied woodpecker. 

Safflower seeds have a contempt bitter flavor, which not all species are perceptible to.

Squirrels are sensitive come the taste that safflower seeds, however, and so are bully birds prefer the crow and the grackle. Nobody of these feeder bullies will steal safflower seeds.

For this reason, safflower seeds space a an excellent choice for feeders whereby you desire to attract tiny songbirds.

You deserve to put safflower seeds in a thistle feeder choose this Gardman Flip peak Thistle Feeder from Amazon.

This feeder allows birds to access the seed v a well mesh, and also it’s straightforward to clean. 

4. Hang the Feeder through Wire and Keep the Safe v Soda Bottles

If you want to perform away v the pole-hanging technique for maintaining bird feeders, shot stringing the feeders up v a sturdy wire instead. 

You have the right to keep 설 설 from climb on the wire to gain to the feeders through stringing plastic bottles along the wire.

When the squirrels try to climb over the bottles, they will roll off. 

5. Buy a Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder

You can also buy squirrel-proof feeders. The two main kinds that squirrel-proof feeders are caged feeders and weight-activated feeders.

Caged Feeders

Caged feeders have actually metal cage bars on the exterior to store squirrels away. 

Small birds have the right to fit v the bars to with the feeder, yet squirrels cannot with the seed.

Many bully birds are additionally too large to fit v the bars, leaving the feeder cost-free for tiny songbirds.

This more Birds 38002 pipe Feeder indigenous Amazon.com has four feeding ports, allowing multiple bird to feed at as soon as without gift bothered by squirrels or big bully birds.

Weight-Activated Feeders

Weight-activated feeders have actually food ports the close when a heavy pet like a squirrel rests ~ above the perches.

This allows little birds to get at the seed while keeping squirrels in ~ bay.

This Squirrel Buster add to Squirrel-proof Bird Feeder indigenous Amazon.com has actually six feeding ports and also a five-pound particle capacity, making that a perfect fit for a garden with several bird activity.

6. Feeding Squirrels individually to save Them Away

Another means to keep squirrels far from bird feeders is by leaving lock their own food. This paint, etc them away from the birdseed.

What perform Squirrels Eat?

In the wild, 설 설 are mostly vegetarians, eat nuts, flower roots, and also seeds. They likewise eat insects and will eat a wide selection of human foodstuffs if they’re available. 

You can attract a squirrel to a feeder through dried corn cob or peanuts, both the which have actually nutritional value for the squirrel.

To feed peanuts come squirrels, shot using a wreath-shaped peanut feeder prefer Naturesroom Peanut Bird Feeder native Amazon.com.

The wire coils space just huge enough come fit a peanut through, and also it keeps her peanuts tidy and also dry. 

7. Use Irish Soap To store Squirrels Away

You can likewise keep squirrels away from your feeder through hanging irish Spring Soap nearby.

The odor of the soap is so strong and unpleasant for squirrels the the rodents will stay away. 

The best means to do this is to take it a bar of ireland Spring Soap and place it inside a sock.

You can then cave the amount say somewhere close to the feeder to store squirrels away without bothering the birds. 

8. Usage a Baffle To save Squirrels turn off of her Feeder

Buying a baffle prefer the Woodlink Audubon Wrap about Squirrel Baffle native Amazon.com is probably the simplest way to keep squirrels indigenous climbing your feeder pole.

This conical machine stops squirrels from climbing increase the pole. 

Some people coat the baffle with vaseline to make it even harder because that squirrels to obtain past.

However, you must be cautious when using vaseline because many brands are toxic come squirrels.

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9. Avoid Squirrels native Climbing Bird Feeder Pole v a Slinky

One means to save squirrels from climbing her bird feeder pole is by making use of a slinky. Simply attach the slinky to the pole in ~ the bottom the the feeder. 

Squirrels will certainly attempt to climb the pole, seize the slinky, and also then fall down as soon as the slinky expands.