Fact: Sterling silver- is a versatile steel for jewelry, and also it comes v a wallet-friendly price tag. That said, between neglect and also the general nature that sterling silver, it"s straightforward for it to shed its luster and tarnish over time, whether it be with oxygen exposure, oxidative reaction that take place with sulfur, or something as basic as her body"s oils. High humidity levels, air pollution, and contact with chemicals found in deodorant, hairspray, lotions, perfume, and bleach can also cause tarnishing.We recognize you"re devoted to making certain your lover sterling silver pieces remain as great as new, so we"re laying out all of our ideal tips for maintaining silver jewelry looking that best.

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store Sterling silver in Ziploc Bags to stop Tarnishing

Ziploc bags have the right to be one easy means to save your sterling silver- from tarnishing, as long as friend lock the end the air. You have the right to do this by place the jewelry in a Ziploc bag, closing the halfway, and also squeezing every the wait out before sealing. Simply make sure the bags you usage don't contain abrasive products (like Mylar or polyethylene).

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If you discover using plastic bags to keep your sterling silver jewelry not exactly practical (or you have an ext than a few pieces to store and don't want your jewelry crate to resemble your kitchen warehouse drawers), you're far better off using specialized jewelry bags.

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